Wallace 16

To tell you the truth I’m really beginning to wonder if Chris Wallass might actually be getting paid under the table by the Democrat Party.  I mean, if you’ve spend any amount of time listening to this boob, he’s less of journalist than he is a Democrat spokesperson.  And, for me, why Fox News continues to keeps him around is a real puzzler.  It just goes to show you how the ‘Murdoch boys’ of Fox, are less interested in ratings than they are in ‘fake news,’ as Wallass, the last time I checked, has the lowest rated show on all of Fox News.  So the fact that he remains at the network continues to say much more about those in charge than it does about Wallass himself.

You see it was Wallass who rather passionately argued on Thursday, during his network’s coverage of the impeachment show trial of President Trump, that House managers had made what he described as being a “powerful” case against the president.  Wallass said, “You can say if you think it’s impeachable or not. They have made a powerful case. They have a lot of witnesses. They have a lot of graphics. They have a lot of evidence. I can’t imagine what I have for 16 more hours, and I wonder, to some degree, whether when the White House gets its turn, they are going to be disadvantaged by this because yes, they will have new things to say.”

Wallass then went on to say, “We haven’t heard them nearly as much as we have the House Democrats, but this will be on top of the 24 hours we have already gone through with the House Democrats.”  And he continued, saying, “And I wonder how patient senators are going to be for another 24 hours, although they probably won’t use all of that for the defense of the White House.”  Look, all that the Democrats continue to make very clear is the fact that have hurt feelings and lots and lots of hate.  And it would seem that anyone with half a brain and an open mind (which Wallass has not) can plainly see that President Trump has done nothing wrong.

So despite all of the enthusiasm that we now see coming from Wallass about this being an open and shut case, the Democrats still have yet to present any actual evidence of a crime or wrong-doing by President Trump.  Again they seem ‘stuck’ on Russia, Russia, Russia even after super sleuth Mueller spent 40 million tax dollars and over two years of digging and came to the conclusion that there was NO collusion and NO obstruction. Schiff has been saying for more than three years that he has ALL the evidence needed to impeach President Trump yet he comes to the Senate and somehow needs more evidence?  Where’s all the evidence he claimed to possess?

Wallass is nothing if not a political hack disguised as a ‘journalist.’  And he’s obviously someone who thinks the Democrats’ hatred of President Trump is somehow sufficient when it comes to forming any sort of a basis for all of this impeachment nonsense.   All he does is to regurgitate childish gossip.  Fox News is again proving itself to be as irresponsible as the other networks in continuing to allow such unprofessional behavior on the part of their ‘journalists.’  Wallass’ interpretations are downright silly. Senators are going to lose patience?  Then what?  Wallass continues to cheerlead for a conviction that he knows is not going occur despite the Democrats’ best efforts.

Keep in mind here that it was Wallass who thought, after hearing the testimony from that nutjob Christine Blasey Ford, that Judge Kavanaugh was toast, yet he sits on the high court today.  Wallass claims that the Democrats “have a lot of evidence.”  But for the life of me I don’t know what he’s talking about.  And while I suppose there might have been a time when I once cared what he had to say, over time I’ve grown rather tired of his bullshit and no longer care what he has to say about anything, especially when it comes to his thoughts regarding the supposed guilt or innocence of President Trump.  It’s obvious that he’s become a sympathizer for the other side.

Wallass is a leftist clown just as his old man was.  He no longer even attempts to play at being “fair and balance” and his willingness to justify an impeachment that came about courtesy of nothing more than hearsay ‘evidence’ makes clear just how much a dupe he’s become.  Abuse of Power?  Really?  Do the Democrats REALLY want to go there with the memory of President Trump’s Democrat predecessor still so fresh in the mind of many Americans?   And just where exactly was Wallass was during all of ‘those’ years?  So we have yet another example of Wallass’ hypocrisy and a reason why he’s no longer worth the time it takes to listen to anything he might have to say.

Let’s face it, Wallass long ago lost whatever objectivity, or credibility, he may have at one time possessed.  There is simply no case that can be made against the President for ‘abuse of power.’  And something I am quite sure that Wallass is likely aware, it has been throughout our history that just about EVERY president, at some point during his time in office, has been accused by the party in opposition, of having abused his power.  And yet the Democrats, and their cheering section in the media, think President Trump is worthy of impeachment because they perceive him to have abused the power of his office.  It’s pure insanity, driven by hate.  And it’s sad.

Wallass, I think it safe to say, has always hated Donald Trump. I remember that being obvious back when he moderated one of the debates and also on the night they all had to, and rather begrudgingly so, declare that, yes, he had actually defeated Hitlery.  All of the Trump haters are coming out of the woodwork and dancing around with glee because they believe the president is going down.  But I remain confident that their laughter will once again turn to tears when he is acquitted and yet again when he is re-elected.  It’s all so frustrating how Democrats can lie and cheat and exploit and manipulate and steal and can continue to get away with it all.

And why is that, exactly?  Well it’s because those involved in the media today no longer adhere to what was once deemed to be the purpose of their chosen profession.  That being, of course, to be the watch dog over those in government and in that capacity act as the guardians of our democracy.  But, something you don’t need me to be telling you is that the vast majority of those involved in the media today no longer see that as being their primary mission in life, as ‘journalists.’  What we have today is activist-journalism, with many of those in the media, like Wallass, who see it as being their mission to sway public opinion, essentially by any means necessary.

The only “powerful case” that Wallass and the Democrats have clearly demonstrated, is their now rather extreme case of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome.’ They have all been driven quite mad, to the point where, because of their hatred of this president, they’ve been driven from the shadows and are now revealing their true leftist selves, something they have worked very hard for decades to keep from ever seeing the light of day. President Trump has done more for our country, in what has been a shorter period of time than any of his predecessors. Yet according to these people he must be destroyed and removed from office.  And it seems to matter not how that gets done.

And finally, it’s anybody with more than a single brain cell that knows Wallass is little more than a ‘useful idiot.’  His only interest, at least when it comes to all things President Trump, seems to be in making it abundantly clear how there is virtually no difference between him and any of the clowns who appear regularly on either the Communist News Network (CNN) or MSDNC, or those who chose to write for such rags as the New York Times or the Washington Post.  President Trump is right when he calls these people out for being our enemy.  Perhaps that’s the reason for their willingness to side with the Democrats in their effort to impeach him.

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