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The longer this impeachment sham continues the more obvious it becomes, or at least it should, how the Democrats are desperately pinning on it all their hope of being able to defeat President Trump in the upcoming election.  Because it is, quite literally, all that they have.  And make no mistake, winning is really what this is all about, it’s not about saving the Constitution or the Republic.  Imagine you’re an older American who has been a lifelong Democrat, how is it that you must feel after witnessing your party being reduced to what is nothing more than a carnival freak show?  An odd assortment of lunatics so consumed by their hatred of one man that they appear willing to destroy themselves, and possibly the country, in their attempt to destroy him.

Take for instance good old Charlie Schumer.  It was Charlie who recently told MSDNC’s Rachel Maddow that he thinks that the House impeachment managers, particularly Adam ‘Pencil Neck’ Schiff, are doing “just an incredible, incredible job” in capturing the attention of Republicans, who only “get snippets from Fox News.”  Fox News, is he serious?   He can’t really be talking about the very same network that faux ‘journalists’ with names like Wallass, Baier, Cavuto, Roberts, McCallum and Hemmer now all call home.  Can he?  The same network that hires hacks like Andy Napolitano as a supposed judicial analyst?   Contrary to what Charlie may think, ‘Fox News’ now has quite the cadre of ‘NeverTrumpers’ working there at the network.

And yet, Charley has no issue whatsoever with either the Communist News Network (CNN) or MSDNC who actually have been behaving in the manner he claims Fox News is.  It has been those two networks that have consistently demonstrated that they are all in, and have been since the beginning, when it comes to impeaching the president, as they continually find fault with everything President Trump says and/or does.  On Thursday, for example, MSDNC’s ‘Morning Joe’ reveled in polls indicating that impeachment was actually working against Donald Trump.  Yet Charlie chose to blast the cable network that oddly enough still advertises itself as being “fair and balanced” but does give President Trump some level of credit, at least occasionally.

And appearing on Maddow’s rating challenged program on Wednesday night, it was fellow MSDNC propagandist Chris Hayes who asked Charlie if there was any truth to media reports that “a notable number of senators” are not in their seats for long stretches of time at the impeachment trial.  He said, “And I just wonder if you feel that the body is living up to the moment on both sides of the aisle, that there’s a level of attentiveness and seriousness that you’d like to see.”  Charlie responded, shooting down the reports Hayes mentioned, “I’ve rarely seen more than ten members out of their seats at a given time, and we’ve had all members there for most of the time.”  Right, they’re all glued to their seats held in place by all the riveting bloviating.

Charlie said, “The attentiveness that most impresses me is the one I mentioned before, that I think might have the greatest impact, that a lot of our Republican colleagues who have never heard the whole story, have never heard a narrative and have gotten so much of their news from Fox News, which is so deliberately biased and leaves out most of the major facts, is really indicative.  So, no, I think the room is a very, very positive thing, and I was amazed. I look around and a lot of times admittedly the Republicans are sitting in their seats and they’re to talk each other, or they’re not looking, they don’t want to look at it. When Schiff had his last 45 minutes, they were all glued to him, and that says something, I hope and think.”

Charlie made two points about what he described as being Schiff’s “tour de force” speech on Wednesday.  He said, “One is, this is the first time many of our Republican colleagues have heard all the facts put together in a very cogent way. Most of them get the snippets from Fox News, which really doesn’t tell much of the story at all, and they distort it. But here for the first time they saw the whole thing.  He went on to say, “And when Schiff did his last half hour, his last 45 minutes, they were all intently looking at him. I look around, and most of the time they sort of don’t want to hear the argument because of the pressure they’re under to go along with Trump.”  Right, they were intently looking at him thinking that he was more than just a little nuts!

Charlie said, “Even though I think a good number of them know in their hearts that he’s wrong and that Donald Trump did all the things that were laid out tonight. But tonight they were rapt on him (Schiff). And you never know how this is going to work. Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump will do everything to prevent four people (Republicans) from joining us in our quest for witnesses and documents.”  Charlie said, “But with powerful speeches like Schiff, with Republicans hearing the whole narrative and the whole story for the first time, who knows what happens?”  Now while I didn’t watch any of the proceedings, as I work for a living, I heard there were no ‘powerful’ speeches, all there was, was a lot of idiotic political theater.

Charlie’s second point was, “public pressure matters.”  Democrats are urging the American people to pressure our four wobbly RINOs (Collins, Murkowski, Romney and Gardner) to join the Democrats in demanding witnesses and documents.  He said, “I am very hopeful that what happened tonight will move the public and they will move some Republican senators in our direction.”  And he added, “And it’s going to be a process. Am I certain we’ll succeed?  Far from it. But do I think there’s a chance if we keep at it? Yes.” He said, “But if we don’t and it’s still apparent to the American public what an unfair trial this is, how they’re so afraid of the evidence, it will make the value of an acquittal zero. And so either way, there’s a good outcome.”

Charlie said, “But obviously we prefer a fair trial and we’d hope that we can get four Republicans with everything that’s happening to be for witnesses and documents. The fact that the public’s with us, the fact that they’re moving in that direction, may help push Republicans in that direction.”  He noted that Democrats have made “witnesses and documents the central issue” in the Senate trial — documents and witnesses that the House, in its rush, did not obtain.  He said, “We’ve won over, as you mentioned, a majority of the American people.  And if we keep pushing and fighting, we may have a chance to actually get them (the four Republicans). I’m not certain. I wouldn’t bet all the house on it. But I won’t say for sure it’s not going to happen either.”

Good ole Charlie Schumer, ever the disingenuous, notoriously unprincipled, America-hating and rabidly leftwing scumbag.  He says that those on his side prefer a “fair trial.”  But what part of this entire, three year-long, witch-hunt has been in any way fair?  And why should we think that at this stage of the game the Democrats are now suddenly concerned about fairness?  That’s ludicrous!  Look back at what these very same Democrats were saying during the impeachment of ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton and the hypocrisy become glaringly obvious.  It’s why they have, and will continue to have, zero credibility regarding this entire charade.  I mean, how stupid does Charlie really think we are?  I may have been born at night, but it certainly wasn’t last night!

And about these supposed polls that claim to point out how impeachment seems to be gaining some level of traction with the American people.  Now I could be wrong on this but most of the polls that I’ve seen, and I know we should take all polls with a rather sizable grain of salt, make it pretty clear that the ONLY people buying any of this crap are Democrats, despite the fact that no crime has been committed.  Those would the very same crazies who eagerly gobble up all of the rhetoric spewed by Democrats and the ‘fake news.’  And, who knows, Charlie may very well succeed in getting all four of the aforementioned RINOs over to his side, which wouldn’t surprise me in the least.  After all, all four have made clear their dislike for this president.

Try to imagine, if you can, what we would have seen coming from the Democrats had the Republicans dared to pull on Barry ‘O’ what they are now trying to pull on President Trump.  It was in Barry that we had a man who was, quite possibly, the single most corrupt individual ever to be elected president, and therefore deserving of being impeached.  And while there have been many claims that there was not so much of a whiff of corruption during Barry’s eight year reign, those of us who were paying attention know differently. Barry, however, had a couple of things going for him, he was a Democrat and the Republicans that could have attempted to remove him were too scared to even try out of fear of being called…racist.

And so here we are, with the Democrats again doing what it is that they do, to slander their political opposition knowing full well that their accomplices the ‘fake news’ industry will never, ever call them out on their treachery.  Democrats insist upon making comparisons between President Trump and President Nixon as if there is some similarity between the two men.  But when compared to Barry ‘O,’ Nixon was a saint, as Barry got away with doing things that Nixon would have never dared to have even attempted.  So the one guy who does get impeached is the one guy who has committed virtually no crime.  Well, other than to defeat she who was “the most qualified person ever to run for president,” and therefore not to be defeated.

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