For as long as I can remember I’ve been lectured by some dolt on the left about how they are somehow better than I.  I’ve been called selfish, uncaring, mean and, of course, ‘racist’ all for no other reason than because I have placed, and continue to place, a priority on my being able to take care of my family and to keep them safe in the best way that I could.  And I’ve also been seen as worthy of being chastised, and because I happen to care more about what kind of life it is that my children will have than I care about the lives of those who seek entry into my country and very often for no other reason than to take advantage of our very generous social services.

And it is truly a very rare event when any of those doing the lecturing actually practice what it is that they preach.  For instance, the four leading 2020 Democrat presidential contenders have demanded more refugee resettlement in American communities, but oddly enough it’s ‘their’ own hometowns that seem to be considered as being off limits when it comes to such settlement and have taken little-to-no refugees over the last decade.  ‘Crooked Joe,’ Sanders, Warren, and Buttigieg have each vowed to massively increase the flow of refugees from abroad and into the United States if we’re actually stupid enough to elect any one of them president.

And yet, and as is typically the case with these people, it’s their hometowns in each of the states where they have residences, that have largely passed the burden of refugee resettlement onto neighboring states and communities.  For example, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, where ‘Crooked Joe’ and his wife have a vacation home, resettled zero refugees between 2009 and 2019.  Delaware, in fact, has resettled only 82 refugees since 2009, a figure that makes it one of the least likely states in the nation to resettle refugees.  In Wilmington, Delaware, where ‘Crooked Joe’s’ primary residence sits, less than 50 refugees have been resettled in the last decade.

Likewise when looking at Warren’s home residence of Cambridge, Massachusetts, has managed to resettle less than 50 refugees over the last decade, even as she has called for more than a 700 percent increase in refugee resettlement, a policy that would likely have absolutely no impact whatsoever on where she lives.  And it’s South Bend, where Buttigieg has lived his entire life, that has resettled only about 106 refugees between 2009 and 2019, even though neighboring Indiana towns have had to absorb more than 19,800 refugees in that same period of time.  So am I the only one who happens to see a bit of a trend developing here?  It all seems pretty obvious to me.

Meanwhile, Burlington, Vermont, where one of Sanders’s ‘three’ homes is located, has resettled less than half of the 3,087 refugees that have been admitted to the state since 2009 despite being the state’s largest city. This indicates that close to 2,000 refugees have had to be absorbed in small Vermont towns outside of where Sanders lives over the last decade.  The small town of North Hero, Vermont, where Sanders’s lakefront vacation home resides, has taken zero refugees between 2009 and 2019.  So the home regions of Biden, Sanders, Warren, and Buttigieg resettled just 0.22 percent of the total number of refugees, more than 655,000 that were settled.

There are at the present time nine different refugee contractors who are responsible for the resettlement of all refugees for the State Department every year.  These refugee contractors have a vested interest in ensuring as many refugees as possible are resettled across the U.S. because their annual federally funded budgets are contingent upon the number of refugees they resettle.   Refugee resettlement costs American taxpayers nearly $9 Billion every five years, and that’s according to the latest research.  Also, over the course of five years, an estimated 16 percent of all refugees admitted will need housing assistance, and that too is paid for by taxpayers.

The Democrats, and the left in general, being hypocrites by nature, of course have no desire whatsoever in sharing any of the burden that they seek to foist upon the rest of us. This is the established ‘limousine liberal’ syndrome adjusted to the current, and ongoing, ‘refugee’ situation.  By the way, and excuse me for asking, are these people really “refugees,” or are they merely economic migrants who have succeeded in getting so-called  ‘refugee’ status in looking to gain for themselves a free ride?  It’s just that I’m getting more than a little tired of being viewed as the cash cow for the planet just because we’ve become rather lax about who comes into our country.

But isn’t this how it always is with those on the left, the ones screaming the loudest about wanting to allow into the country more and more immigrants and expecting those of us who don’t want them here, to take them in.  And then when we dare to object we’re accused of being racist?  Look, the ulterior motive here for Democrats is, of course, to work toward saturating Red counties with these freebie seeking immigrants, diluting the voting population in the hope of turning red counties blue.  And like it or not, if we don’t stop this we won’t recognize America in 25 years, or less.  It will be a dysfunctional, lawless, bankrupt country taking orders from China.

Personally, I would be in favor of shutting down ALL immigration, both legal and obviously illegal, until we can sort out who’s here and deport as many as possible of those who don’t belong here. Then those who are here legally will be given an appropriate amount of time to assimilate or be asked to leave.  Until that time there is no need for more immigration.  We are not the worlds welfare system no matter how much the Democrats want to adopt the California model that would result in making the U.S. a welfare magnet for every parasite looking for a free ride and who’s not hesitant in the least when it comes to taking advantage of others.   NO MORE!!!

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