Hirono 2

Well the talking points have now been issued and, like the good little America-hating buffoons that they are, Democrats, as well as their many allies in the ‘fake news’ media, are dutifully sticking to them, no matter what.  And it’s in their continuing defense of mass murderer, Qasem Soleimani, that they now claim the President’s ‘only’ possible rationale for killing this guy is their ‘wag the dog’ scenario that has the president using the death of this mad man as a distraction from their bogus attempt at impeachment.  Which now seems to be crumbling right before their very eyes.

And apparently it was ‘Crazy Mazie’ Hirono’s turn earlier this week when she appeared there at ‘fake news’ HQ, aka the Communist News Network, on Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Situation Room.”   And it was then that ‘Crazy Mazie’ accused President Trump of having ordered the airstrike that killed Iranian General Soleimani to cause “chaos in the Middle East” to distract from his ongoing impeachment.  Yup, by golly, crafty old ‘Crazy Maxie’ was able to see right through what the president was doing.  Seriously?  This is the best Hawaii could do?

The not-so-bright ‘Crazy Mazie’ said, “I conclude that there is ongoing chaos within this administration. Clearly that the Iraqi Parliament wants us to leave, and this letter actually seemed to comport with it, and only to be told moments later, it is a mistake. So, you know, we have asked earlier what is the end game? I don’t think that there is an end game that this administration thought about, because this is the way that the president makes his decisions. And here we are with chaos in the Middle East.”   She concludes?  And on what, exactly, does she base her silly conclusion?

She went on to say, “We are sending close to 10,000 more troops into the Middle East. Where they are going to be stationed, we don’t know. We are sending B-52s, and rather than de-escalating the tensions that are already there I think we have done the opposite.”  She added, “I think that the president is so concerned about the impending impeachment trial that this is a heck of a way to distract us, and using basically the lives of our troops and not to mention the civilians in this area.”  That anyone saw the wisdom in electing this moron, is what’s truly frightening.

Well, well, well….what a surprise. While the President wrestles with the life-or-death issues of the day, the moronic thick-as-thieves Democrats whine on and on and on about their fraudulent attempt at impeachment which would now seem to be going absolutely nowhere, and by their own hand.  We now seem to have progressed from there being some dire need to remove this president as quickly as possible to where Democrats now seem to waiting for what they would hope to be a more politically opportune moment to perhaps have more of an impact on the coming election.

‘Crazy Mazie’ is another of those mentally challenged members of Congress, like ‘Mad Maxine.’  If you’re so inclined you can look her up on Wikipedia you’ll see that she has accomplished little in her life.  It will list her miserable childhood, then all of her education, then her many political positions.  Unlike President Trump, who built up a very successful business, ‘Crazy Mazie’ has spent much of her adult life living off the taxpayers.  And apparently she now thinks that she’s someone in need of being listened to, but, more often than not, she’s worthy of being completely ignored.

‘Crazy Mazie’ is a joke, a clown, a brainless twit, and has been throughout her entire political ‘career.’  She’s yet another example of a well-entrenched Democrat who has no reason to fear losing an election due to the fact that her constituents are overwhelmingly brain-dead Democrats.  ‘Crazy Mazie,’ ‘Mad Maxine,’ ‘Botox’ Nancy and others can sit back and spew their venomous rhetoric comfortable in the knowledge that they will face no consequences for doing so.  Their statements are counterproductive but that matters not, because it’s all about getting the president.

But let’s face it, what is there that really needs to be distracted from.  No one really cares about their silly impeachment because it’s all a sham. The Democrats are using the Iran issue, to keep those few people they have left focused on their sham impeachment.  The Democrats know the impeachment is nothing but a lie. The American people are waking up to the fact that the Democrats are nothing more than a band of traitors, catering to terrorists and illegal immigrants. The Democrats have done NOTHING to help the American people. They are completely out-of-touch.

Democrats and Moslems have long been nothing if not bothers-in-arms.  After all, they are both enemies of America and both represent a very real threat that must be eliminated.  Islam is a racist, seditious, discriminatory, deceitful, tyrannical, and terroristic criminal enterprise, against ALL Non-Muslims.  Which makes very clear how it is the ideological sibling of the Democrat Party in that the party is a racist, seditious, discriminatory, deceitful, tyrannical, and politically criminal enterprise that stands in firm opposition to those who love freedom and support our Constitution.

And I am having a bit of a difficult time trying to figure out the logic regarding their claim that the president is somehow trying to distract from their attempt to impeach him.  Why would President Trump want to distract the voters’ attention away from impeachment?  His campaign donations have soared during the attempted coup by the Democrats and his approval ratings have really never been better. I would think a distraction in the Middle East is the last thing on his agenda.  He successfully had the military carry out an attack on a terrorist identified by the last administration.

Let’s be very clear here, the Democrats, including ‘Crazy Mazie,’ oppose Soleimani’s death not because they feel the president didn’t follow the proper protocol for taking him out, or even because they’re worried about some massive regional war.  They oppose it because they favor all who, like themselves, hate America.  That is the ugly, unfiltered truth. Democrats hate this country, and have shown a continued willingness to ally themselves with anyone who shares their rather twisted view of a world without a strong, both economically and militarily, free and sovereign America.

It’s kind of sad really, but the longer I live the more disgusted I become with the caliber of those we continue to elect to Congress.  Is the average American voter really that ignorant?  Research does show that most are uninformed, lazy, or back bench water carriers.  And I find it laughable that Pelosi is described as a brilliant tactician when what she is is an incoherent, bumbling imbecile who sounds like she’s drunk.  And Schumer has demonstrated time and again he’s simply clueless. And then look at the collection of morons running for president on the left. God help us.

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