And so it was that, earlier this week at ‘fake news’ HQ, aka the Communist News Network (CNN), during Thursday’s broadcast of something called “The Situation Room,” we had the same guy, Lyin’ Dick Blumenthal, who lied about having served in Vietnam, actually arguing that President Trump’s “abject criminality” in his dealings with Ukraine was exactly why the Founding Fathers created the process of impeachment.  The Democrats have thrown everything they could against the wall and now think they have something that has finally stuck.  And nowhere amongst all of those things is the real reason the Democrats continue to push for impeachment.  And that of course be because he dared to defeat she who was not to be defeated.

So what we now have, and for the very first time, is an attempt to impeach a sitting President who only ‘crime’ is that he defeated his Democrat opponent in what was the last presidential election.  And make no mistake, that’s really what this impeachment circus is truly all about.  President Trump is hated by those on the left to a degree never before seen because he continues to be very successful in pointing out how it is that the Democrat Party possesses nothing but the utmost contempt and hatred for America and for those Americans who love their country.  And while Democrats will never admit that that is what drives them, make no mistake, their goal is the destruction of America which requires the destruction of Trump.

And yet Democrats continue to claim that their only purpose in any of this ongoing impeachment insanity is based solely on doing what’s best for the country.  And it was Lyin’ Dick who said, “I know from having talked to a number of my colleagues, I know her misgivings reflect the strong reservations that a number of my Republican colleagues feel about this charade and sham that apparently McConnell wants at the behest of the White House. For him to say that he will not be impartial, that he will take his cues from the White House, that he will be acting hand in glove, as Senator Murkowski said, with President Trump, that in effect puts the defendant in charge of his own trial.”  A Democrat quoting a RINO, gee how fitting is that?  Right?

And it was Lyin’ Dick who went on to say, “And that offends a number of my Republican colleagues. And, frankly, there’s also a court of appeals here. The court of public-opinion. They’re at home right now, and they are hearing from their constituents, as I am here in Connecticut, that they want a full and fair trial. I think they’re going to want to be avoiding the appearance of being puppets, enablers of an unfair and sham proceeding.”  He continued, “Certainly on these initial votes that set the rules for this trial, her courage could be contagious. But remember that these witnesses and documents may, in fact, contain very incriminating additional evidence.”  What a sad, disgusting and pathetic little man Lyin’ Dick is.

Lyin’ Dick said, “And that’s profoundly important in a trial that involves such abject criminality, in effect, holding hostage taxpayer funds, military aid for an ally fighting for its life in return for personal support and favors. That kind of bribery and abuse of power is exactly what the founders sought to prevent through the impeachment proceeding. And I think that witnesses and documents are not only necessary for a full, fair proceeding, but also could present very strong additional evidence. By the way, I think the evidence right now is overwhelming. I’m willing to listen to more evidence if the president has any evidence that shows his innocence, but right now, as a former prosecutor, I could say I rest my case.”

I give these people a lot of credit, they can tell some real whoppers all while keeping a straight face.  It’s an established truism that whatever the Democrats accuse the Republicans of doing, is most likely exactly what they are themselves doing.  And there are few who are better at lyin’ than Lyin’ Dick.  Democrats have now gotten themselves so worked up, because of their hatred of this president, that they’ve become more willing, even eager, to say in public that which they once only said behind closed doors. They’ve been drawn from the shadows so that all of America is finally able to see them for who they truly are.  And who they are, are anti-America and anti-American scumbags who, quite literally, seek to destroy their country.

And unlike what would have been a bona fide impeachment process, Democrats provided to President Trump no real opportunity to defend himself, they were far more interested in simply railroading him.  The Founding Fathers warned us against just such an abuse.  They warned us against partisan impeachments. They were aware that impeachment could be pushed through by an “intemperate or designing majority in the House of Representatives.”  They also warned against postponing the trial, which is exactly what old Nancy Pelosi is doing.  Citing the Founding Fathers in order to somehow justify this sham is both offensive and ridiculous. The Founders would likely have hung these sham impeachment perpetrators for attempting a coup.

I’d like to know Lyin’ Dick’s position regarding Hitlery’s rather questionable behavior?  Or does she simply get a pass because she’s a fellow Democrat?  Or ‘Crooked Joe’ on videotape bragging about threatening the then President of Ukraine regarding a certain prosecutor investigating the company that was paying his son 80 grand a month for doing nothing?  Does he get a pass as well?  Or Barry ‘O’ who was involved in a string of scandals that were essentially ignored by all including the ‘fake news’ media.  Obviously, Barry got a pass too.  But the guy who doesn’t get a pass is the same guy now getting impeached for adhering to a treaty signed by ‘Slick Willy,’ the purpose of which was to ferret out corruption between the U.S. and Ukraine.  Why?

For someone in such a lofty, and austere, body as the U.S. Senate to hurl such an accusation as “abject criminality” at another human being when no crime has been either committed, or produced by the accusers, is beyond the pale.  And what does it say of this Senator for having now sunk to such an obvious political level?  Is he merely deranged?  Is he simply an idiot?  Or, worst of all, is he nothing more than a basic, every day, common partisan political hack?  Clearly it does not lay good light on a profession that is already considered below that of a used car salesman and of course sheds a very dark shadow on this man in particular if not entire Democrat Party.  But then that is what the modern day Democrat Party has now become.

And just what “abject criminality” is it that this moron is actually referring to anyway?  Democrats, as you are likely aware, always speak in such generalities without ever providing any sort of actual specifics as though everyone already knows what is being referred to, but the point of fact is that there is nothing that is being referred to. When pressed, they always refer to actions that are not criminal in nature but with which they disagree OR they simply make stuff up or attribute to President Trump the actions of the previous Democrat administration, such as pictures of children in ‘cages’ that swept the internet but were in fact taken during Barry ‘O’s reign. They know all this and are inveterate liars manipulating the public.

One would think that with so much “abject criminality” on display that the House Democrats might have troubled themselves to list a specific crime in their articles of impeachment.  Sadly, they couldn’t be bothered to propose a single one.  Instead, they deliver articles of impeachment that is all wrapping paper with nothing inside. Then they hold up the wrapping paper and crow over their generosity.  Democrats are deliberately trying to destroy our country for no other reason than because they lost the 2016 election, and not because anyone cheated.  They lost because they had a shitty candidate who thought there was no way she could lose.  But lose she did.  And both she and her party have yet to accept it, more than three years later.

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