Flake 16

Any hope that I may have at one time had that this boob would just quietly fade away never to return has been proven to be little more than wishful thinking on my part.  I suppose I should have known better because it’s his type that never truly goes away until, of course, that fateful day when they finally have the good sense to die.  So it is then that we once again have Jeff Flake, faux conservative and rabid Trump hater that he is, rearing his ugly head to lecture the rest of us on his favorite topic, the president.

Flake recently called on his former colleagues to “put country over party” throughout President Trump’s impeachment trial in a new op-ed for the Washington Post.  Flake wrote, “President Trump is on trial. But in a very real sense, so are you. And so is the political party to which we belong.”   Flake actually went so far as to urge his former colleagues to undergo a “simple test,” which he posed would involve questioning how ex-president Barry ‘O’ would have been treated under the same circumstances.

I guess that’s the part that really tickled me, when Flake asked, “What if President Barack Obama had engaged in precisely the same behavior?” ‘IF’ Barry ‘O’ had been guilty of the same behavior?  Was this guy asleep during his time in Congress, during Barry’s presidency?  Anyway Flake went on to write, “You would have understood with striking clarity the threat it posed, and you would have known exactly what to do.”  What if Obama engaged in the same behavior?  Are you freaking kidding me?

Flake asks what if Barry had engaged in the same sort of behavior.  In truth Barry ‘O’ violated the Constitution more times than any president in history.  His was the most corrupt and immoral administration in history.  There was Fast and Furious, Benghazi, his unleashing of the IRS against the conservatives in our country, turning his intelligence agencies against American citizens allowing them to spy on us, NSA collecting information millions of American’s on the web and the list goes on and on.

And it was also Barry who, on videotape, promised then Russian ‘President’ Dmitry Medvedev he’d have more flexibility after the election and it was Barry who shipped pallets of cash to Iran in the dead of night.  And it is Barry ‘O’ of whom it can be said headed up the most corrupt administration in history.  And instead of calling for his impeachment we had the Democrats, RINOs like Flake, along with those in the ‘fake news’ media providing him with cover.  Barry was our most corrupt president, and yet…

And it was in the very same piece that Flake, who has long been a frequent, and very vocal, critic of President Trump from there within the Republican Party, affirmed that he believes President Trump has engaged in what he called questionable behavior.  Flake stated, “But what is indefensible is echoing House Republicans who say that the president has not done anything wrong.”  And added, “He has.”  But as is always the case, he’s a bit vague when it comes to what he thinks the president has done.

And it’s according to Flake that Americans have witnessed the “appalling spectacle” where House Republicans “bend to the president’s will by attempting to shift blame with the promotion of bizarre and debunked conspiracy theories.”  Flake concluded his silly rant saying, “If there ever was a time to put country over party, it is now,” Flake concluded. “And by putting country over party, you might just save the Grand Old Party before it’s too late.”  Once again he makes clear why he’s no longer in the Senate.

I’ve never really understood his beef with President Trump.  I mean, look at what the president has accomplished in a relatively short time.  President Trump has essentially transformed the judiciary, he’s building ‘the Wall,’ he’s rebuilding the military, forced our supposed ‘allies’ to pay more in covering the cost of their own defense and got the economy booming.  All things that as a conservative you would think Flake would strongly be in favor of.  And yet ‘Little Jeffie’ remains unhappy with the president.

And President Trump has accomplished all of this in the face of what has been a continuing, as well as pretty intense, resistance that has been continuous since his very first day in office, and not only from members of the Democrat Party but also from RINOs like Flake.  Now try to visualize what more the president could have accomplished had those who have spent every waking moment obstructing his efforts been more willing to work with him where they could in order to benefit the American people.

President Trump is not guilty of anything other than defeating she who was not supposed to lose.  And for that alone he must be made to pay a price.  There is a reason so many of us refer to Flake as being a RINO.  It continues to be those like him who put party over country, not those who refuse to swallow the garbage that the Democrats are trying to sell in their ongoing effort to take down a duly elected president by accusing him of perpetrating that which the Democrats themselves are guilty of.

Flake seems to see it as being quite acceptable that the Democrats operate as if there are two sets of laws, one for them and one for the rest of us.  And squishy progressive Republicans, RINOs, averse to confrontation have reacted badly to the new Republican tactic of hitting back at the lies and innuendo coming from the left.  In the past, those like Flake would have simply rolled over and gone along with the Democrats in calling for the need to impeach the president.  But that was then and this is now.

And finally, you can always count on scum like Flake to crawl out from whatever hole it is that they are in at what I can only assume they must view as being the most opportune time to do that which they do best.  That being, of course, to backstab the president.  So it’s in closing that I would like to take this opportunity to cordially invite Mr. Flake to crawl back into that hole of his at his earliest possible convenience and to stay there until he has something relevant, and a bit more constructive, to say.


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