Let me start off by saying, that since I am not a Democrat it’s a great deal that they do that makes very little sense to me.  But then that is to be expended since I am someone who genuinely loves this country and it’s the Democrats, as we all know, who not only hate this country but are actively engaged in destroying it.  Case in point is the recent ‘Impeachment’ of President Trump that was carried out in the U.S. House.   What was the high crime that was perpetrated that supposedly left the majority of Democrats feeling that the only option they had was ‘impeachment?’  Well, since there was none, the Democrats were forced to concoct one.  But they put themselves in the position of not knowing where to go from there.

On Thursday’s broadcast of MSDNC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” Chuckie Schumer, Democrat, claimed that Nancy Pelosi, Democrat, in holding off sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate was putting the Democrats in what Chuckie described as a “win-win” situation.  Chuckie said, “A lot of Nancy’s colleagues went to her and thought it was a good idea. And she thought it through, and she said if I’m not going to know the outlines of the trial, how do I know which managers to choose.”  Chuckie went on to say, “Second, she said I don’t want to send it over to just have a sham trial, and that’s what McConnell is headed for now is sham trial at least if he has his own way.”  Seriously?  And what we saw take place in the House was not a sham?

Chuckie said, “And so I think it’s a good idea to not draw a line in the sand and she hasn’t done that but to say let’s wait, let’s see how things evolve in the Senate. I think that’s working well because when people say why is she waiting because we want witnesses and we want documents. You know, it just drives the message home.” He added, “I think we’ll follow it as goes. Nancy and I will talk constantly over the Christmas Holiday, and we’ll see how it goes. But I think not jumping in and giving them the impeachment articles right away as they are not ready to do the fair trial we want but a sham. And let’s say we don’t win the Republicans over, I’m very hopeful, optimistic, expect we will win some of them over. “

And Chuckie wrapped things up saying, “But if we don’t, we will show that this trial and the no vote on impeaching Trump, on throwing him out of office is really not based on any fact, not based on any evidence, is a sham. So it’s sort of a win-win. I’d rather get the evidence and see what happens. And even if they say things that are not in our favor, we would have done the Constitution a favor by making sure that all the facts get out through this trial and God forbid any future one.”  I love it when Democrats start talking about God and facts, two subjects they know absolutely nothing about.  Democrats hate God, and any reference made to Him, and when it comes to facts, well we all know how it is that Democrats feel about actual facts.

Now the Democrats, since they’re just so darn clever, likely think they’ve got us all hoodwinked, but the truth is that we’re on to them, and have been since the very beginning of what has been their continuing effort to remove the president who we all voted for.  They’ve essentially been driven quite mad, courtesy of their ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), to the point where their primary goal, at this point, regardless of what Chuckie claims, is to avoid, at all costs, allowing the truth to come out.  I suppose for the Democrats to continue to tell lies and avoid the truth is, for all intents and purposes, considered a win-win by them.  But hey, we really shouldn’t be surprised by anything the Democrats do in their continuing quest for power.

Now while I am far from being an expert on the Constitution, I’m pretty sure it states that once the articles of impeachment have been passed in the House they are then to be passed onto the Senate.  And for Pelosi to choose not to do so does little more than to further reduce the already questionable credibility of a process that the Democrats have essentially made up as they went along.  All of the disgustingly political behavior that has been exhibited by the Democrats, going all the way back to the last election, proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that they should never again be allowed anywhere near the national levers of power.  They clearly do not possess the necessary mental fitness to be in charge of running the country.

And in essentially agreeing with Pelosi, Chuckie might as well be admitting that there really is no evidence for either of these supposed impeachment articles, abuse of power or obstruction of Congress.  But even if there was, it matters not for the very simple reason that neither would, at least in the real world, be considered as being a high crime or misdemeanor.  It’s still not yet clear whether Chuckie and Nancy actually realize what it is that they have likely done to themselves regarding the coming election.  Hopefully there does end up being a landslide of Biblical proportions that brings about the removal of Democrats from every elected office from dog catcher up to the U.S. Senate, and grants to President Trump another term.

But the assault on our justice system continues on. The House has done their investigation and voted on their two articles of impeachment and now seem to want the Senate to shore up the weak House case by continuing with more investigations. McConnell has made it pretty clear that it is not the job of the Senate to do the House’s dirty work. It would be like the prosecution presenting the case and then realizing that it is simply too weak to get a conviction so it then refuses to give the closing arguments until the judge and jury agree to allow them do more investigations in order to strengthen their case.  Thereby leaving the trial up in the air. The ACCUSED has a right to a speedy trial, that’s part of ensuring a “fair trial.”

The whole point of this continuing impeachment saga, and I mean the ONLY point of it, is to drag out the issue for as long as they possible can providing to the Democrat Party’s allies in the ‘fake news’ media a reason to continue to smear President Trump.  Make no mistake this was never about actually removing him from office because the Democrat leaders knew there is nothing President Trump has done to truly justify that removal.  But Pelosi was forced into proceeding with an actual impeachment process in order to placate the radicals and to keep her Speakership at least until the next election. Now Pelosi wants to try to drag the farce out even longer since she knows the Senate will simply shrug and throw the charges out.

All this does is show how phony the entire impeachment continues to be because the Democrats have been saying all along how President Trump must be quickly removed from office if we are to have any hope of saving the country from further damage. So why are the Democrats giving President Trump more time to do even more damage?  This development PROVES that the “shampeachment” is a purely political action the purpose of which is to try to influence the 2020 election. The audacity of a political party to use the ‘nuclear’ option of impeachment as a political weapon is beyond stunning. In reality, I think it will be a ‘Lose-Lose’ stunt by the Democrats. They’ll lose the presidential election and they will lose the House majority in November.

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