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As I have said before, on what has likely been a number of occasions, especially when talking about Mr. Wallass, the nut never falls far from the tree.  Example, it was as the impeachment votes were being counted on Wednesday, that ‘Commie Chris’ Wallass actually referred to the Democrat Speaker of the House, Pelosi, as a “master politician.”  But in truth Pelosi has demonstrated time and again that she is, in fact, little more than the village idiot.  Her district is in a shambles and she has been in Congress way beyond her ‘sell by’ date.  And yet it’s Wallass who has continued with his effort to portray as being something other than what we ALL know her to be.

So again as the votes were being counted in the House Mr. Wallass said, “What you’re really seeing today … is a clash between two master politicians.”  And he went on to say, “Nancy Pelosi is a master politician and her ability to herd the cats to keep all of her caucus, which goes from far left to, a little bit to the right, she has been able to keep them all on board.”  And he added, “Conversely, Donald Trump and it has been pointed out earlier today that in every other impeachment there were at least some members of the president’s party, not a lot, but some, who broke with, from him and voted to impeach. That hasn’t happened with Donald Trump.”

Wallass said, “His ability to basically subsume the Republican Party, so that no one, whether it’s in, certainly in the House, and perhaps we’ll see in the Senate is going to break with him and he has the consistent, constant control of his own party is a real testament to his abilities as a master politician. So, this is a real clash between the two of them. And it’s not going to end today.”  Look, if there was any validity or substance to any of the Democrat’s charges that President Trump has committed an impeachable offense, you would most certainly see Republicans, and likely a considerable number of them, abandoning the president and rightfully so.

But Wallass is nothing if not a complete and total moron. The sole reason that no Republican has broken ranks has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with President Trump, and Wallass knows it.  As we have all seen there is ZERO evidence of any wrong doing on the part of President Trump, he has done nothing wrong.  The charges are beyond ridiculous and everyone knows it.  To the point where there were at least three Democrats in the House who chose to side with the Republicans and against their own party regarding the vote that took place in the House just yesterday.  So it would seem the only bipartisan effort was actually against impeachment, not for it.

And here’s a little factoid for ya.  Have you ever noticed how liars always seem to provide cover for other liars, as evidenced by how Wallass seemed to go a bit out of his way in paying compliments to Pelosi.  Unable to distinguish truth from lie, Wallass also tried to also label the inexperienced outsider as also being a master politician.  Really?  No, in fact the President is simply filling in as the people’s master plumber sent to clean out the over-flowing septic tank of political corruption, a condition that has only been worsening for decades with no one taking any interest in trying to fix it.  And because no one else seemed willing to volunteer, he ran for the job, and got it.

With Pelosi, this supposed ‘impeachment’ process has essentially become personal, primarily because President Trump intentionally made it personal.  He knew instinctively that because of her ego, often reflected in her own remarks regarding her legislative abilities, she couldn’t stand being called out.  And, he knew, also instinctively, that she was liable to make mistakes and enraging her with personal attributions would only serve to make it more likely for her to do so.  That’s a chess move that worked and, I would argue, is working in his favor.  Although I’m quite sure that someone as smart as Mr. Wallass would likely disagree with my assessment.

President Trump’s attacks on Pelosi are more than a retaliation for her attacks on him and her challenging of the president’s legitimacy and resulting authority. They were designed to do just what they did, enrage her, drive her to the edge of reason and to give her the room to make some sizable blunders, which she has done.  I know there is much talk going around about how this whole impeachment circus will likely prove to be nothing more than a political fiasco for the Democrats, and I hope that that proves to be true.  But we’re not going to know that for sure until next November.   After all, if 2016 showed us anything, it’s that we can’t afford to trust the polls.

And the continuing narrative that ‘Fox News’ is somehow the “propaganda arm for the White House” is simply ludicrous, to say the least. Fox is now nothing more than a participating member of the ‘fake news’ media complex that now effectively controls over 90 percent of the legacy media.  As I have said before their moniker of being the “Fair and Balanced” network has long been nothing more than a joke.  And with the election of Donald Trump it’s become even more of a joke, to the point that where there is now very little about the network that makes it even worth watching.  Besides Wallass, there’s Baier, Cavuto, Napolitano and Henry to name just a few.

‘Commie Chris’ Wallass’ real gripe is that President Trump hasn’t yet seen fit to raise the white flag, as so many of his Republican predecessors have in the past, whenever being beat down by a biased and rather bigoted ‘’fake news’ media.  President Trump has chosen to, instead, expose the ‘fake news’ media for exactly what it is, ‘FAKE NEWS’ that has become little more than a wholly-own subsidiary of the Democrat Party, and a dishonest propaganda machine working overtime to push a leftist Democrat agenda on the America people, by telling the same lies over and over.  President Trump is building America while the Left seeks only to destroy America.

And there is nothing the least bit “masterful” about what’s going on regarding this impeachment lunacy.  It is instead a version of insanity that has now come to affect a rather large group of grossly over-paid politicians who were voted into their positions to work for the people, but who, once in office, found it far more profitable to work for themselves.  After all, why bother working to create value for the people of America when you can work to create value for yourself?  Perhaps in November of 2020 their lack of willingness to work improve the lives of those who put them into office will be justly rewarded, with many ending up being shown the door.

And let’s be honest here, our leftist ‘fake news’ media complex, of which ‘Fox News’ is a member, is openly biased for the Democrats and their America-killing policies.  They don’t even pretend anymore.  They simply make up stories originating from supposed “anonymous sources” and publish what they know to be falsehoods as the truth.  A ‘free press’ doesn’t mean they can ruin people’s lives with lies and whip their idiot lemming followers into violence against Republicans.  Our ‘fake news’ media needs to be confronted head on and they need to be held accountable for publishing life-ruining crap that they never even bothered to verify as being true.

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