Can someone please explain to me, AGAIN, how it is that Donald Trump, his supporters or the Republican Party, in any way, represents a danger to our country?  Because from where I’m standing, the growing threat to the survival of this country is coming squarely from just one direction, the Democrat Party.  And I can’t help but wonder as I hear more and more outrageous promises being made by Democrats, any of which if they were ever actually kept would be highly detrimental to the American people, if there will ever be a line, that once crossed, will cause the American people to finally understand what it is that today’s Democrat Party is truly all about?

And as much as I hate to keep bringing up this crazy bitch, ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters, there is simply no one better suited to be the ‘Poster Child’ for what the modern day Democrat Party has now become.  Because anyone who thinks the Democrat Party of 2019 is the same Democrat Party it was 15 or even 10 years ago, let alone the same party that elected JFK or ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton, is very sadly mistaken.  It’s now the party of loons like ‘Mad Maxine’, ‘The Squad,’ and any number of other leftist kooks.  And this party that was once the party of the ‘common’ man, now has that very same ‘common’ man firmly in its sites, and it’s looking none too good.

And she was out proving that yet again just this past Monday when she appeared as a guest on “OutFront,” a program on the Communist News Network (CNN), and hosted by one of CNN’s resident bimbos, and someone who I’m sure views herself as a bona fide ‘journalist,’ Erin Brunett.  And it was during her appearance that ‘Mad Maxine’ said she believed Russian President Vladimir Putin made a secret deal with Donald Trump to get him elected in exchange for Trump lifting U.S. sanctions on Russia.  Now of course ‘Mad Maxine’ pointed out she has no facts to back up her claim.  But why bother with facts when all you need when appearing on CNN are mere accusations?

Burnett said, “Republicans, to this point, they say that your party has been looking to impeach President Trump when he was elected because you don’t like him. You have looked for item after item, and finally, you have found one. You did say less than two weeks into his presidency, that you wanted to see him impeached, congresswoman, for other reasons than we are obviously sitting here now talking about. What do you say to your Republican critics, when they say, ‘well look, they have been saying this since the beginning, so, you know, they’re just looking for excuses?’”  Yup by golly, Ms. Burnett, the bona fide ‘journalist,’ doing her best to strike a serious tone.

‘Mad’ Maxine answered by saying, “Well, they say these things because they cannot refute the facts. As a matter of fact, when I observed this president and the way that he conducted himself during the primary elections, the way he called names, the way he lied, the way he talked about grabbing women by their private parts— I never thought we would hear president talk like that. And also, I had done some research. I knew about his alignment with Putin. I knew about Manafort and what the relationship was. And the fact that he had been sent there by Putin, in essence, to head up the president’s campaign.”  Ah yes, another work of political fiction.

‘Mad Maxine’ went on to say, “Because I believe, even though I don’t have the facts to prove it, I believe that Putin wanted to lift the sanctions. He’s always wanted to lift these sanctions that were placed on him because of his interfering and incursion into Crimea. So I believe that they wanted to elect President Trump.  And Trump, I believe, agreed. I will always believe this, that he agreed that if he got elected, he would lift those sanctions. He would like to do it. He’s not been able to do it.”  What ‘I’ believe is that Barry ‘O’ was the most corrupt individual ever to be elected president.  But it matters not what I believe, just as it matters not what she believes!

She continued, “When they talk about we’re just making things up, and he talks about this as a witch hunt, there are too many facts. This president will not condemn Putin for hacking into the Democratic National Committee. Will not condemn him for hacking into our election system. These are facts. Seventeen of our intelligence agencies have said this. Are these patriots or not? What do they think about our democracy being undermined by the president of the United States of America? If they want to say we just don’t like him, they don’t really care about what happened to this democracy, don’t have an appreciation for the Constitution.”

So once again we have CNN, providing ‘Mad Maxine’ a platform from which to spew her bogus accusations against President Trump.  Accusations that she freely admits are all in her head, and yet in the very same breath insists she knows to be true.  How did we come to be at this crossroads, where our government has become infested with so many who are so blatantly corrupt?  We have in office a man who is arguably the best President since Ronald Reagan persecuted by those not only of the opposition party and their allies in a ‘fake news’ media willing to interview anyone willing to make up an insane accusation against him, but also by many within his own party.

‘Mad Maxine’ has no proof to offer, only her idiotic accusations.  Her co-conspirator in the impeachment circus, ‘Pencil Neck’ Schiff, states he had absolute proof of crimes, yet never actually produced it.  Mueller found no proof of crimes after what was described as being a three year ‘investigation.’  Absolutely NOTHING that the Democrats have claimed has produced any crimes by Donald Trump, and only process crimes by his associates, that had no relevance to the president.  The Democrats have lost any semblance of credibility and should be simply ignored from this point, until the 2020 election.  Then the Democrats should be retired then convicted en masse.

And let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?  If Putin had wanted anyone to be elected president, there’s no question that it was Hitlery.  After all, who is it that has a proven history of selling out U.S. interests so long as the price is right and Clinton Inc. gets their cut?  Hitlery, of course!  And ask yourself, if you were Vlad Putin who would you want to see as President of the United States, Hitlery, who most definitely can be bought, or a rather unorthodox, to say the least, billionaire who couldn’t be bought?  Again, I would think that the choice would be a rather obvious one.  Let’s face it, when it comes to Hitlery absolutely everything has a dollar sign attached to it.

Not only is this woman scary, but she truly is little more than a raving lunatic.  Look at our booming economy, look at the favorable trade agreements, and the fact that the most wanted terrorist in the world has been put on his way to meet up with his 72 virgins.  All of these things have been accomplished in spite of having a Democrat controlled House that has been obsessed with impeachment of the president since January 20, 2017.  It doesn’t take a great imagination to understand just how different, and not for the better, America, and perhaps even the world, would now look had it been Hitlery, and not Donald Trump, who had won the 2016 election.

The Trump administration is, in fact, pursuing concrete policies pushing back on Russian aggression that Barry ‘O’ & Co. had fervently opposed. During President Trump’s first year, the administration approved the provision of lethal weapons to Ukraine, shut down Russia’s consulate in San Francisco as well as two additional diplomatic annexes, and rather than rolling back sanctions, Trump signed into law additional sanctions on Russia, expanded LNG sales to a Europe dependent in Russian gas imports, and increased the Pentagon’s European Reassurance Initiative budget by 40 percent.  And yet the president continues to be called a puppet of Putin.

Yet if we are to believe ‘Mad Maxine,’ which is something that we would do at our own peril, Putin put Donald Trump in the White House to get sanctions lifted, but the last time I checked those sanctions were still in place.  But here’s what I believe, I believe the people, after quietly enduring eight long years of Barry ‘O’ came to the realization that ‘passing the socialist torch’ to Hitlery just MIGHT have been the final nail in the coffin of our country.  And they saw in Donald Trump as someone who, while being a bit unorthodox in his approach, loved this country as much as they do.  And as such was not going to try to “fundamentally transform” it into something else.

And it has been not only the nonstop effort to remove the president from office, but also the continuing effort to malign those who voted for him and continue to support him by labeling us as racists, white supremacists and even Nazis for doing so.  Democrats may have, at one time, had a chance of winning the White House in 2020 but I do believe that they have badly blown it.  More and more people are beginning to see the light and are able to see what it is that the Democrat Party now truly stands for.  And they see that it does not bode well for the country.  And for that I would now like to take this opportunity to personally thank those like ‘Mad Maxine!’

It’s at this point in time that America faces a very uncertain future.  While I feel a bit more confident, with each passing day, that President Trump will in fact win re-election, to think only in those terms is to be more than a little shortsighted.  We need to be willing to look beyond 2020, and we need to look for those candidates more in the mold of Donald Trump, philosophically speaking, than someone like a Mitt Romney or some other squishy RINO.  We will need to search out those who desire to ‘Make America Great Again,’ and those who are not easily intimidated and are willing to fight for what they know is right.  It won’t be easy, but it needs to be done, now.

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