Wallace 15

It was earlier today that those who chose to waste 60 minutes of their life watching this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” got to once again watch ‘Commie Chris’ Wallass, from atop his high horse, sounding like anything but an unbiased and objective ‘journalist.’  It was during the program that Wallass asked White House adviser Pam Bondi if President Trump understood a free and fair press covers both sides of the story.  Wallass said, “President Trump tweeted late yesterday that we, Fox News Sunday, should not even be doing an interview with James Comey or with Adam Schiff.”  Personally I agree, as it serves no purpose to provide liars a platform.

Wallass asked, “My question, Pam, is does the president understand that it’s the duty of a free and fair press to cover both sides of the story?”  Bondi said, “Of course he does. I think he so tired of hearing all these lies and frankly.”  Had I been Ms. Bondi I think I would have directed the question right back it him.  Because if there is anyone who obviously has a poor understanding regarding the role of “a free and fair press” it would have to be Mr. Wallass and his many colleagues in the business of ‘fake news.’  Yet gust last week it was Wallass who said, “I believe President Trump is engaged in the most direct, sustained assault on freedom of the press in our history.”

The First amendment says that Congress shall make no laws abridging a free press. Apparently in Mr. Wallass’ world that means ‘journalists such as himself have the right to print or say anything they wish.  However it also grants to we the people the right to criticize how it is that supposed ‘journalists’ report the news.  My understanding was that the press should fairly report both sides of an issue and let me determine the truth, such as it is.  Yet virtually none of today’s so called ‘journalists,’ including Mr. Wallass, ever just report the facts. Instead they merely spew what are little more than talking points in their attempt to sway public opinion in the direction of the left.

So the question that truly needs to be answered is a relatively simple one.  That being, how many of those involved in today’s media truly understand their role? The answer to that question, at least from the perspective of those considered to be the consumers of what those in today’s press provide, is a very resounding no.  What we the people see are members of the press who have abused and forgotten what their role was originally intended to be.  And the sad fact it that anyone in the profession journalism who is incapable of speaking the truth that is backed up by genuine facts SHOULD be told in no uncertain terms that their services are no longer needed.

And when Wallass uses the worst “in HISTORY” claim against President Trump, he reveals either historical ignorance or intentional deception as his ethic.  Because Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, LBJ and, more recently, Barry ‘O’ were actually far worse than President Trump regarding their own abuses of the press.  Wallass wants you to see him as being an honest, unbiased, astute, and objective newsman fighting vigorously for freedom of the press.  Sadly it’s nothing that could be further from the truth.  Because the ‘real’ Wallass is nothing more than a highly biased, bigoted and leftist propagandist afflicted with a near terminal case of Trump Disorder Syndrome.

Journalists, using what would likely be Wallass’ own definition, interpret their freedom as being freedom from criticism or any sort of public pressure.  And they no doubt view their freedom as being above the rest of us. They often use their “freedom of the press” as a right to disclose classified materials, to leak supposed insider information as if it were actually news, when more often than not, at least as it relates to President Trump, it’s little more than gossip, rumor or innuendo from some unidentified source.  They can say whatever they want and yet they continue to claim that by criticizing them the President is somehow actually attacking them.

It’s become nearly impossible today of find anyone who can actually be referred to as an genuine ‘journalist,’ including Mr. Wallass.  A degree in ‘journalism’ does not a journalist make.  More often than not what it makes is an ‘activist’ with a degree in journalism.  Politely put, modern day ‘journalists’ seem to have developed an appalling lack of curiosity and, if we’re being honest, are more than a little lazy.  For a group of people whose job it is to ask questions and investigate, that should be all you need to know.  Today they tend to be satisfied with merely regurgitating whatever leftist talking points they have been provided, and calling it…‘news.’

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