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Like a dog with his favorite bone, old ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace is not about to let up in his effort to blame President Trump for that which those in the business of spreading ‘fake news’ have essentially brought onto themselves.  And keeping that in mind, ‘Commie Chris’ certainly isn’t one of those ‘journalists’ who ever lets those pesky little things known as ‘facts’ stand in the way of what is nothing more than another juicy bit of propaganda.  But then at ‘Faux News,’ it’s ‘Commie Chris’ who is far from being the only supposed ‘journalist’ who has been only too happy to climb onboard the Democrat impeachment train, acting as accomplices in the ongoing insanity.

And in demonstrating just how out of touch with reality he is, it was while speaking during an event honoring the First Amendment at the Newseum in Washington D.C., that ‘Commie Chris’ took the opportunity to yet again accuse President Trump of being guilty of assaulting freedom of the press.  ‘Commie Chris’ said, “I believe that President Trump is engaged in the most direct, sustained assault on freedom of the press in our history.”  And continued, “He has done everything he can to uncut the media to try and delegitimize us. I think his purpose is clear to raise doubts when we report critically about him and his administration that we can be trusted.”

‘Commie Chris’ said, “Let’s be honest the president’s attacks have done some damage. A Freedom Forum Institute poll this year found 29 percent of Americans think the First Amendment goes ‘too far.’ And 77 percent say ‘fake news’ is a serious threat to our democracy.”   And he concluded by saying, “The bottom line is we’ve seen Presidents come and go. We will endure. So will Freedom of the Press.”  But whether freedom of the press endures has far less to do with President Trump than it has to do with the purveyors of ‘fake news’ themselves.  Those just like ‘Commie Chris’ who seem far more interested in a good story than they are in the truth.

President Trump is the one who has been repeatedly lied about.  He’s been the recipient of countless disgusting comments as have members of his administration, his family and those of us who voted for him in 2016.  And it has been those in the media who have provided some level of cover to those who have been attacking the president.  And so the president is simply fighting back.  Cowering in his office and issuing a stream of apologies and to completely acquiesce to Democrat demands is NOT what this president does.  And if anything it is by doing so the president is actually doing more to support freedom of speech than the liars of fake news.

And that’s what so infuriates ‘Commie Chris’ and his colleagues in ‘fake news,’ those who are used to having politicians, especially Republican politicians, bend over for them.  And President Trump refuses to play that game.  So in the end the ‘fake news’ media ends up as being their own worst enemy.  And it’s about time we had a president on our side who doesn’t kowtow to the media.  They don’t care who they ruin or the damage being done to this country in order to move their agenda forward.  ‘Commie Chris’ is not slamming the press’s right to freedom. He is slamming their unquestionably biased coverage of which ‘Commie Chris’ is a shining example.

‘Commie Chris’ has, for years, been pretending to be ‘fair and balanced,’ and he now simply can no longer contain himself.  He is quite literally busting at the seams, much like a whoopee cushion exploding, over President Trump’s refusal to comply with those in the ‘fake news’ media who still have some level of influence over a great many people in this country.  Now ‘Commie Chris’ is correct in that President Trump is quick to point out dishonest media coverage.  And oddly enough I don’t recall ‘Commie Chris’ EVER being critical when Barry ‘O’ was much more aggressive in his treatment of the media, going so far as to spy on his fellow journalist, Jim Rosen.

President Trump is not the one responsible for the public’s distrust in the media. The media accomplished that all by themselves by with their constant one sided coverage of Barry ‘O,’ Hitlery and every other Democrat.  And the president has done nothing to shut down journalists, unlike his predecessor. The difference in coverage between the current and previous administrations could not be more obvious. They continue to erode any trust they once had with their refusal to report on any of the positive things that President Trump has accomplished, choosing instead to tell all manner of lies in order to create the worse possible picture of President Trump.

What ‘Commie Chris’ doesn’t understand, or simply chooses to ignore, is the fact that today’s ‘fake news’ media is the biggest threat to the freedom of speech.  After all, when you lie to your audience day in and day out, and those in audience KNOW you’re lying to them, it’s only a matter of time before you lose credibility. When the media stops being the enemy of the people maybe they will be trusted again but I doubt it. ‘Commie Chris’ erroneously blames President Trump for what the lying, dishonest, media has done to itself. The reason the press is not trusted has everything to do with the ‘fake news’ media and virtually nothing to do with President Trump.

Freedom of the press has its basis in the responsibility to tell the truth, not to simply make it up as you go along and not to ‘create’ news in an effort to sway public opinion or to push your own views. That is not ‘journalism,’ that is nothing more than pure propaganda.  The role of those in the media is not to advocate for one party or the other or to push one policy position over another.  The role of those in the media is to provide to us, the American people, usable news and information regardless of whether or not they agree with it.  But it’s so many in the media today, like ‘Commie Chris’, who seem to think that their purpose is to

As it’s as long as those in the media, like ‘Commie Chris’, want to spend more of their time lying to us that to accurately report on the news then I don’t seen much changing in how a growing number of American view those in the media.  Those in the media have a decision to make, either they continue to spend their time reporting on the news or they continue to lie to us day in and day out.  And if they choose the latter what happens on that day when they are really are telling us the truth and about something truly important and we simply don’t believe them because we’ve been conditioned not to.  It’s then they will be like the little boy who cried wolf.

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