The lunacy exhibited by those on the left shows no sign of letting up.  They seem to become a bit more unhinged with each passing day.  And it was another example of that that recently came from a guest on MS‘DNC’ who took it upon himself to describe those of us who continue to support our president, Donald Trump, as being members of a ‘cult.’  But let’s be real, if it’s anyone who can be described as behaving as if members of a cult it would be those on the left who supported, and very likely continue to support, none other than Hitlery or Barry ‘O’ despite the fact that they were perhaps two of the most corrupt individuals to EVER hold any public office.

It’s was during Friday’s broadcast of MS’DNC’s’ “Deadline,” that Los Angeles Times’ reporter Eli Stokols said, “The Trump base just doesn’t see Putin as the enemy the same way. If you want to understand why Republicans are looking the other way, why Pelosi’s argument ‘all roads lead to Putin,’ doesn’t resonate, doesn’t change public opinion, it’s because this base of voters is enthralled in this cult of personality.”  He said, “They look at Putin and they say what’s so bad about him because he supports Trump.” He added, “Supporting Trump, in this case, is more important to these voters than whether or not he advances or threatens democratic values around the world.”

I’m sure most will remember how it was, according to Hitlery, that those of us who dared to support then candidate Trump together formed what she referred to as being a “basket of deplorables.”  And it was more recently that ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden, during a speech, once referred to supporters of President Trump as the “dregs of society.”  And now we are said to be members of a cult for no other reason than because we dare to oppose an obviously politically motivated vendetta that has the Democrats claiming President Trump is somehow in need of being impeached.  And in so doing we’re said to be ignoring what’s good for the Constitution and our country.

Now far from being a “Deplorable,” a “dreg of society,” or even a member of some cult, what I am is a veteran, as is my wife.  Both of us retired from the Navy and we both love our country.  I am also the proud father of a beautiful daughter who is a nurse who is married to a former Marine.  Personally, I don’t care for Putin, or his continued aggression, or his opposition to American interests.  But what I do care about is capitalism, freedom, religious freedom and our Constitution.  And oddly enough it’s all of those things about which the modern left has made quite clear that it not only opposes them, but is also very determined in its effort to destroy them.

So if supporting a president who insists upon putting ‘America first, who supports the Second Amendment and the Constitution, who supports our military and our police officers, who is increasing job opportunities for all and ensures that health care doesn’t punish people, has succeeded in making our NATO allies pay their fair share and is working to make trade agreements more fair, if that is what makes me a member of cult, then yes I, and my fellow supporters of President Trump are members of a cult. A cult for America and our families and one we ask all of our fellow Americans to join, standing against the Democrat Party and its leaders.

As I have said before I was initially very skeptical about Trump, and was late getting on the ‘Trump Train.’  He was not my first choice for president at the beginning of the 2016 presidential campaign.  And when, over the course of the campaign, he came to be the last one standing, I, somewhat hesitantly, chose to vote for him.  I have been surprised at how good he has been on a number of issues, and in particular those issues most important to me as a voter.  To the point where that I will be very enthusiastically voting for him again, on his own merits and his spectacular record of accomplishment and of his promises kept.  This is far from a cult of personality.

What the Democrats and their many allies in the ‘fake news’ media don’t seem to understand, for whatever the reason, is that fundamentally the number one reason why so many of the president’s original supporters remain strong supporters is because they, like me, view the Democrat Party as being the true enemy of freedom.  From their support of infanticide, to the level of their corruption, to their addiction to Socialism, to their plan to import replacement voters in what is their desire to bring about one party rule, to their plan to control every aspect of our life through a bogus ‘climate crisis,’ these are people who should never again be put in charge.

These Democrats view it as being their ‘right,’ dare I say their destiny, to rule over ‘We the People.’  And I am convinced that that is the reason they have become so completely unhinged.  Donald Trump, with much help from his supporters, denied them that which they thought was theirs by virtue of their inherent superiority.  They and they alone possess the level of wisdom, and intelligence, necessary to lead, which by their definition means to control.  And it in that effort that they continue to be willing to lie, to cheat, to undermine, to spy, to do whatever they deem as being necessary to achieve that for which only they, and they alone, are suited.

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