Well with the recent exit of Kamala Harris from the Democrat presidential sweepstakes, the Democrats now seem to find themselves in a rather precarious predicament, and a lot of people, at least those on the left, are simply not all that happy about it.  You see, there are now many on the left lamenting the current lineup for the upcoming debate, which currently has six candidates qualifying, all of whom are…white.  Oh-oh, what are the Democrats to do?  After all, diversity is the key to success, and without it how can we ever expect to attain that ever elusive utopia.

Harris exited the race on Tuesday as one of the seven Democrat candidates who had met the fundraising and polling thresholds required in order to qualify for the December 19 debate.  In order to qualify, a candidate must report at least 200,000 contributions and reach four percent in four Democrat National Committee (DNC) approved polls or reach six percent in two qualifying early state polls.  So it would seem that what’s called for here is a little Affirmative Action by relaxing the requirements so ‘people of color’ will then be able to participate.

Only seven candidates, Harris included, had matched those requirements as of Tuesday: Joe Biden (77); Bernie Sanders (78), Elizabeth Warren (70), Amy Klobuchar (59); Pete Buttigieg (37), and Tom Steyer (62).  Harris’s departure from this bizarre little cadre of leftwing loons leaves just six candidates currently qualifying, all of whom just so happen to be white.  And so it should come as no surprise that Julián Castro and Cory Booker, both of whom are still in the race, barely, and are ‘of’ color but have yet to qualify for the debate, slammed the current debate stage lineup.

But you have to ask yourself, why is it that the Democrats are now in this situation?  Perhaps, just perhaps, if Democrats were ever to stop trying to pick candidates according to their race, gender or sexual preference, that might have better luck.  Because I gotta tell you, and I say this in complete honesty, whether their candidates are Black/White/Green/Blue, or whether they are straight, gay, bi or other, their current batch of candidates, and I mean EVERY single one, suck!  They’re all nothing but socialists who, in realty, serve no useful purpose other than to themselves.

They all want to steal our money so they can spend it on what they claim is the greater good.  (Translation:  so they can buy more votes.)  And it’s every one of them who believes they can do a much better job with my hard-earned money than I can.  They all loathe God and they ALL, despite their idiotic claims, loathe the Constitution. Moreover, they ALL believe that MY liberty takes a backseat to THEIR ‘values.’  So to us there is not a dimes’ worth of difference between them.  They are not progressives, they are ALL RE-gressives.  And, pathetic whiny losers to boot.

Normally I’d point out that the color of one’s skin doesn’t matter, that the top candidates should be considered regardless of race, gender or skin color, but in this case there really aren’t any good candidates.  All they have is identity politics. Vote for me because I’m the black person, or the woman, or the homosexual.  I guess I would be glad if the Democrat Party were to evolve to the point where they’re not going to run and elect a president just because they are black or a woman, while completely ignoring all of the other far more important qualifications.

Barry ‘O’ pretty much single-handedly destroyed the Democrat Party.  He was the party’s politically correct fraud and failure. All future candidates are measured by the blend of their skin not the content of their character. This is why the Democrats were so high on ‘Headboard’ Harris, she was the right sex the right blended color but a lousy racist candidate, just like Barry ‘O’. The racist politically correct party is now eating their own and it’s a beautiful thing to watch.  But we can also thank Barry ‘O’, because had he not been elected we would not now have President Trump.

I find all of this supposed outrage on the left regarding this ‘all white’ debate stage rather comical.   What does skin color have to do with anything?  People do not act upon their skin color, people act upon their values and beliefs.  White has become a code word, of sorts, for Christians; from a political viewpoint none of them is white. Sanders is Jewish, the rest are Marxists.  Marxism is a religion in and of itself, in that Marxists believe that paradise can be created here on Earth but that it can only be achieved through communism, where one is forced to believe in the State.

And what about the legions of supposed ‘intellectuals’ who not only  support but enthusiastically embrace Communism, Socialism, Progressivism, Globalism, and every other freedom killing ism?  It seems like people reach a certain level of education and want to embrace something ‘new and improved’ to prove just how much smarter they are than all of us common folk.  I guess what I’m trying to say here, is if we just built on what we know works we’d make a lot more forward progress than if we keep trying ideas that have never worked but which keep getting renamed and repackaged.

What is truly great about this country, other than the amount of freedom we all currently get to enjoy, is the fact that each and every one of us, regardless of race, gender, sexual persuasion or ethnicity, is provided with the opportunity to excel.  It is our choice to do so, or to sit back and complain about the unfairness of it all.  And it is the latter that seems to be what those in the Democrat Party prefer for people.  After all, we can’t have people going out and being self-sufficient, can we?  It’s none of those people or, at least, very few of them who ever vote for Democrats.

Democrats in the House promised in 2018, that they would not waste the people’s time by trying to impeach the president. They promised to stand up for Americans’ health care, to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, to help strengthen our economy, and to work ‘with’ the president.  But instead they have abandoned all of what they had promised and have pursued nothing except impeachment.  And it will be those same Democrats who will soon head back to their constituents with NO legislative accomplishments to show for the last two years and expect to get reelected.

And finally, I’m a bit surprised that the Democrats haven’t yet accused President Trump of somehow colluding with Vlad Putin in order to embarrass the Democrats by creating a situation where there will be only white, and mostly old, participants in their upcoming presidential debate.  But I’m sure the only reason they haven’t yet done that is because they’re still working on what would be the best to way to go about convincing the American people that it is in fact President Trump who is to blame and how it is yet one more impeachable offense committed by the president.

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