Harris 6

Look, in the first place you’d have to be a complete moron to have ever thought that Kamala Harris, despite all of the idiotic references made by her many cheerleaders in the ‘fake news’ media regarding how she was somehow reminiscent of Barry ‘O’, was EVER going to be the Democrat selected to go up against Donald Trump.  And yet, and as expected, the failure of her presidential campaign should, in no way, be seen as being in any way her fault.  Because, you see, she’s a woman and on top of that she’s a black woman, and so it was from the very beginning that the deck was most certainly stacked against her.  She, quite simply, never had a chance.  And yet…

You see, Harris dropped out of the presidential race on Tuesday after having spent over $25 million in her attempt to become the next president.  Which sort of begs the question, who was it that was stupid enough to donate that much money to old ‘Headboard’ Harris in what had to be seen, by anyone with a brain, as being a lost cause practically from the very beginning.  The latest campaign finance report issued on September 30 showed that Harris had spent $25,877,003, with $10 million cash on hand. The campaign likely spent millions more in the two months since the last report, but the exact numbers will not be revealed until January 2020.

Prior to her announcement, Harris canceled a high profile fundraiser on Tuesday at a New York law firm.  The New York Times and the Washington Post recently reported problematic divisions within the campaign with little leadership, a narrative that clearly hurt her ability to fundraise.  Although some Democrats questioned Harris’s decision to attack ex vice president ‘Crooked Joe’ for his past opposition to federally mandated public busing, other strategists saw the attack as proof she had the skill to take on President Trump in the general election.  Harris began the race polling in double digits in the summer, after a big campaign rollout in California.

Among those who seemed to be working very hard to place blame anywhere other than on the candidate herself was fellow candidate Julián Castro, who said during an interview with CBS on Tuesday that some media outlets had held Harris “to a different standard, a double standard,” that was “grossly unfair and unfortunate.”  Castro commended Harris for her candidacy and stated that she is “one of the most qualified people running.”  Now, personally, I’m not quite sure how it was that he was able to arrive at such a conclusion, but then we all know that Democrats have a rather peculiar notion of what does and does not qualify one to be president.

That being said, Castor did go on to say, “I will say that the way that the media treated Senator Harris in this campaign has been something else. In the last few days, to see articles out of Politico, the New York Times, the Washington Post, that have basically trashed her campaign and focused on just one small part of it, and I think held her to a different standard, a double standard, has been grossly unfair and unfortunate.”  I am curious though, to what “different standard, double standard” it was, exactly, that Harris is supposed to have been held to?  And how is simply reporting in issues within the campaign considered as “trashing her campaign?”

And it was also on Tuesday, during a broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” that yet another 2020 presidential candidate stood up for the departing Harris.  ‘Con Man Cory’ Booker stated that he was “angry,” and it’s “a damn shame” that Harris had dropped out and that the party is “spiraling” towards potentially having a debate stage without any ‘diversity.’  ‘Con Man Cory’ said, “I’m a little angry, I have to say, that we started with one of the most diverse fields in our history, giving people pride, and it’s a damn shame now that the only African-American woman in this race, who has been speaking to issues that need to be brought up, is now no longer in it.”

And it was from there that ‘Con Man Cory’ went on to say, “And we’re spiraling towards a debate stage that potentially…could have six people with no diversity whatsoever. The way this is shaping up, especially with the rules of the DNC, it is preferencing millionaires and billionaires and a lot of other things that don’t ever translate into viability in Iowa.”  By all means, we must have diversity above all else, says the black man running for president who, if recent reports are correct, may soon be following Harris out the nearest exit.  Whether, or not, one is qualified for any position should have nothing whatsoever to so with the color of one’s skin.

And never to be left out when it comes to an opportunity to throw around accusations of racism, it was also on MSNBC during Tuesday’s broadcast of “Deadline,” that network host Al ‘Bull Horn’ Sharpton was asked to provide his most highly sought after opinion on the subject of Harris’ departure.  According to Sharpton, Harris had to drop out of the 2020 presidential campaign in part because of racism and sexism.  Sharpton said, “First of all, I think that she ran a great race. I think that she is a great candidate.”  He continued, “But she is dealing with an environment where you have for the first time, that you have these kind of rules that are different.”

And it was then that ‘Bimbo Host’ Nicolle Wallace asked Sharpton, “What rules?”  And Sharpton went on to explain, as only he can, by saying, “Certain amount of money, certain amount of polling to be in the debates. And when you have a Tom Steyer who is fine, raised great issues, but this woman is a U.S. senator, was attorney general of the state and was a district attorney.  Steyer could come in and buy commercials and up his polling. And I think that the real problem the Democrats are going to have is the next debate, you have no black on that stage. The Democratic Party cannot have a stage where black voters do not see themselves reflected.”

Look at the people at the top of the Democrat Party, they are a laughingstock.  Just ten years ago they all would have been laughed off any debate stage.  Harris is as sleazy and corrupt as a human being comes.  Castro is a Marxist while Bernie is an old dinosaur of a communist.  Biden is a corrupt old pervert who enjoys children rubbing his hairy legs and Warren is a leftist fraud.  Buttigieg is a sickening little pervert and Booker has delusions of grandeur.  Yang is another communist and Bloomberg is an embarrassingly pathetic apologist.  Together they form quite the freak show.  I cannot believe that an entire party has now been hijacked by this traveling circus.

The problem with almost every so called ‘person of color’ who runs for higher office is that they run as a minority candidate, representing their particular race or ethnicity, usually winning in districts that ‘look like them.’  A winning candidate on the national level has to have broad appeal and give voters the confidence that they will treat everyone equally, regardless of race.  Once the Democrats understand that, they might decide to stop race-baiting and instead start discussing real issues. Either that, or the so called ‘people of color’ in the Democrat Party will wake up, leave the party, and start celebrating the reality that we are one human race and ALL Americans.

And why is it, exactly, that every time some ‘person of color’ fails to succeed in any political contest the very first conclusion that everyone jumps to as being the only possible explanation is the fact that he, or she, as a ‘person of color,’ was either somehow treated unfairly or is said to have been held to a different standard?  And it’s in the case of Ms. Harris that perhaps people just didn’t like her because of her past record, her policies or perhaps even her winning personality.  The reason she failed doesn’t have to be anyone’s fault and it doesn’t have to be because the voters hate women. Maybe it’s that they just hate HER and not women in general.

And just as with Barry ‘O’, I did not not vote for him because he was black.  I chose not to vote for him because I did not support any of the policies that he seemed to be so very much in favor of.  And because he made it very clear that one of the primary reasons he was running for president was so that he would then be provided with the opportunity to “fundamentally transform the Unites States of America.”  And I felt then, just as I feel now, that America is not in need of being transformed, fundamentally or in any other way.  America is not perfect, but it is the greatest experiment in human freedom that has ever been conceived, and Democrats hate it!

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