Climate Change 33

What are the true believers in the next great apocalypse to befall humankind to do when it’s fewer and fewer people who continue to buy into their ‘Chicken Little’ nonsense and refuse to fall in line behind the notion that in order to somehow save the planet our country, and apparently ONLY our country, MUST first be made to experience what any reasonable person should see as being economic ruin.  It has been over the course of my life that we have gone from ‘climate change’ involving a coming ice age, and after that never materialized we were again warned of ‘climate change’ only this time not involving global cooling, but ‘global warming.’

And it has been ‘global warming’ that, for decades, those on the left have been desperate to convince us, most recently by telling us that we only have 10-12 years left, that we must make the ‘necessary’ sacrifices if we are to have any hope of saving the planet for (wait for it)…‘the children.’  But still too few people are paying this nonsense the level of attention the true believers feel it deserves.  They’ve tried calling this global catastrophe ‘global warming,’ then referred by the more generic, but no less threatening, term of ‘climate change,’ and still the true believers have failed to generate the necessary hysteria needed to turn people into believers.

The cult of ‘climate change,’ and make no mistake that’s really what we’re dealing with here, seems to be experiencing yet another identity crisis, of sorts.  Some in the movement believe that the term ‘climate change’ simply is not frightening enough and that it simply doesn’t conjure up the necessary imagery regarding what the true believers appear to feel is now heading in our direction.  Therefore, they feel, the movement is in need of a rebranding, of sorts, in order to properly rouse the world’s population into action against what a great many non-believers continue to view as being nothing more than a fake calamity, and with very good reason.

It was early in the 21st century that ‘global warming’ was seen as being the term of choice for those doing their best to scare the public into believing that what we were then faced with was a coming disaster that, if we were to have any hope of surviving it, would necessitate a world government. But when the world ceased warming, a new catch-all phrase was needed, so ‘climate change,’ was created to keep the world’s populace fearful than man-made carbon dioxide was destroying our ability to survive. And it’s now that the true-believers are worrying that neither term, ‘global warming’ nor ‘climate change,’ is sufficiently horrific to keep the public properly terrified.

So, in my own little way, I thought I would offer up a few suggestions regarding a few names for this coming non-calamity-calamity we are said to be facing.  And in so doing I found myself wondering if perhaps terms like ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming,’ though scientific in nature were just a bit too neutral sounding.  Do they do enough to grab attention and stir people into action?  I mean, for one thing, what does the term ‘climate change’ really mean?  Most folks view climate on a local basis and expect it to change.  As for ‘global warming,’ if the Earth isn’t warming, as it wasn’t during the first part of this century, the use of the term is a misnomer.

So, what are those suffering from ‘climate hysteria’ supposed to do?  In my search to come up with more appropriate sounding nomenclature I managed to come across what I thought might be, at least potentially, some viable alternatives.  Terms like ‘global meltdown’ or ‘global melting’ might be a couple of possibilities.  Or perhaps terms like “climate collapse” and “climate chaos” would be seen as being sufficiently terrifying.  Now keep in mind here these suggestions were arrived at only after the briefest amount of time spent searching.  And that’s not to say that there could very likely be far more applicable metaphors out there still waiting to be discovered.

Let’s be honest, rebranding is what ad agencies do to sell inferior products that aren’t selling.  And as we all know, any product wearing the moniker of “new and improved” is one to be avoided.  If for no other reason than because such a product is rarely new or, rarer still, improved.  Let those who claim to believe in global warming/climate change lead by example. Not only should they cease flying in their private jets, they should cease traveling altogether.  Moreover, they should turn off their electricity and other utilities and only eat what they find in their yard. By doing so, they would greatly reduce their carbon footprint, and if they want to reduce it to zero, they should stop breathing.

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