Omalley 2

Once again we have another Democrat who, after apparently garnering a little courage from some nearby bottle, made it crystal clear why it is that so many Americans, at least those who work for a living, now call into question the sanity of those politicians who are members of the Democrat Party.  And while not currently in office himself, which is a good thing, he does possess the same warped mentality of those who are.  And of course I’m speaking about Martin ‘Marty’ O’Malley, a leftwing hack as well as someone who would seem to have a bit of a drinking problem.

You see it was Marty who recently saw it as being a good idea, I guess, to essentially force Ken Cuccinelli, acting deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, to leave a popular D.C. pub on Wednesday evening after he, Marty, raised his voice and chose to berate Mr. Cuccinelly regarding the Trump administration’s immigration policies.  Both Mr. Cuccinelli and Marty appeared at the ‘Dubliner’ in the nation’s capital, a choice pub for Gonzaga High School graduates.  Apparently, both men attended the school, graduating five years apart back in the 1980s.

And it was an apparent witness to what was Marty’s, possibly alcohol fueled, outburst that apparently told the ‘Post’ that Marty was “shouting.”  And it was this same witness who then went on to say, “I don’t think Cuccinelli was responding.  I think he’s like, ‘Time to go. Just got here and I’m leaving.’ He pretty much retreated.”  And it was also according to the witness that Marty said “something about [Cuccinelli’s] grandparents.”  Perhaps Marty had had a bit too much to drink since we all know that Democrats are notorious for not being able to hold their liquor.

But it was according to Marty, via a text to the ‘Post,’ that while he did admit to “shouting” he said he raised his voice “just to be heard” in the establishment.  Marty said, “We all let him know how we felt about him putting refugee immigrant kids in cages – certainly not what we were taught by the Jesuits at Gonzaga.”  And he referred to the former Virginia attorney general “the son of immigrant grandparents who cages children for a fascist president” – “cages” that were “built by President Obama’s administration,” as the president has frequently noted.

I in no way fault Mr. Cuccinelli for taking what was obviously the path of least resistance, since it would have likely been a waste of time trying to respond to what was likely a very intoxicated Marty.  But that said, Marty is like any typical schoolyard bully, once you stand up to them they tend to be a bit less aggressive or choose go in search of another whom they see as being a far easier target.  And from my own experience it’s nearly always a waste of time and effort to try to argue with a drunk.  But still, Marty did deserve to be taken down a notch or, perhaps, even two.

And it’s those Democrats who are now enthusiastically applauding Marty’s very juvenile, rather sophomoric, and perhaps alcohol induced, tirade that was really little more than a belligerent attempt on Marty’s part to embarrass Mr. Cuccinelli at a Thanksgiving Eve school reunion, that seem willing to ignore that which was Marty’s disastrous record as both mayor of Baltimore and even worse record as governor of Maryland.  A record that makes clear he’s not any better at running a city, or a state, than he is, apparently, at holding his booze.  Which come as no surprise.

So on this particular evening, Mr. Cuccinelli chose to be a better man than I.  After all, better to ignore a petulant know-it-all, especially one who’s had perhaps a bit too much to drink, and just leave him to his virtue signaling for an adoring liberal crowd.  Mr. Cuccinelli likely had three possible choices: leave the guy to act like a spoiled brat, stay and try to have a discussion that would have likely left him screaming hysterically, or, my preferred option, to punch him squarely in the mouth. But then this boob isn’t worth an assault charge, so I’m thinking he made the right choice.

And for those who may not remember, it was Marty who served as mayor of Baltimore from 1999 to January 2007 and was governor of Maryland from 2007 until January 2015. It was during Marty’s tenure as mayor that Baltimore experienced a boom in murders.  In 2007, 282 people were killed in the majority-black city after the murder rate had been falling in the preceding years.  Marty also willingly turned a blind eye as Democrats welcomed in wave after wave of MS-13 gang members into the state’s neighborhoods and schools.  He made his priorities very clear to all.

And it was also during Marty’s reign as governor that Maryland’s median wages rose by a mere 2.2 percent, while housing prices rose at a much higher annual rate of 3 percent.  He did such a magnificent job as governor that the voters in this bluest of blue states actually chose a Republican, albeit a rather liberal Republican, to be his successor in 2014.  So is it any wonder that since leaving the governor’s office nearly five years ago that Marty has tried, and failed, to regain some level of relevance within the Democrat Party.  So we can why it is that he perhaps drinks a bit too much.

If nothing else, Marty’s record in office shows the devastating effect that Democrat policies always have on average American families.  On one hand Democrat politicians claim to be supportive of working class Americans, but in reality their policies are designed with only one purpose in mind, that being, or course, to hold people down so Democrats are better able to control them.  Marty also attempted to raise income taxes on Maryland’s wealthy residents, and it was many of these same people ended up leaving the state resulting in Maryland losing well over $100 Million in tax revenue.

It’s Mr. Cuccinelli who runs the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency and is currently serving as the acting deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. That task is made rather difficult, if for no other reason than, because he’s trying to balance competing demands from business groups and employees, while at the same time being forced to fend off, from Democrats like Marty, all manner of ‘emotional’ criticism and, as we saw from Marty, personal attacks not all of which come from those whose only excuse is that they’ve imbibed a bit too much booze.

In contrast to the lunacy advocated by those, like Marty, on the left, Mr. Cuccinelli has worked with President Trump to enforce a moderate immigration policy that protects Americans’ economic interests from the business pressure for more workers and renters.   It was at an October breakfast organized by the Christian Science Monitor that he told those reporters present, “The president has made no secret of the fact that he believes immigration, first and foremost, is set up to work for America — that means economically and for the people here.”

And it was then that Mr. Cuccinelli went on to say, “There is a lot of pressure in various sectors to utilize more immigrant labor for employment, whether it is for high-tech or low-tech in the economy … [but the president] has also made clear that is is important to protect ordinary American workers and to not displace them.”  And it would seem to be in that regard that so many Democrats, again like Marty, could not seem to be more disinterested.  The Democrat Party is no longer the party of the American worker, no matter how strenuously they may claim otherwise.

Democrats always blame the consequences of their actions on the Republicans. They do it to President Trump nearly every day. Every time the Democrats claim to have the president right where they want him, it backfires on them.  We went from Russia, to Mueller, to Ukraine, and even that is now dissolving right before our eyes. You would think Democrat voters would get tired of being lied to by their Democrat overlords and their media lapdogs, but strangely they don’t seem to.  And I guess that might drive just about anybody to drink.  Maybe it makes it easier for them to cope.

The Democrats have basically spent three years doing nothing. They’ve achieved nothing.  They haven’t made things better for Americans, if anything they’ve made things worse. They don’t seem to be able to handle the responsibilities of governing. They behave like spoiled brats doing little more than to throw one tantrum after another. They are Hell bent on spending other people’s money but not in handling it responsibly. They attack the person, rather than the argument. They are essentially have nothing. They are just massively damaging and not the least bit helpful.

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