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I do believe that the little light bulb may now finally be going off in the heads of at least a few Democrats when it comes to how this ongoing impeachment fishing expedition is turning out to be little more than a monumental bust for them and, dare I say, a complete fiasco, electorally speaking.  But that said, there still remains a vast majority of Democrats who are still fully onboard with this scheme, the purpose of which, even they must admit, has much less to do with the fact that the president has actually committed some sort of an impeachable offense, and far more to do with their attempt to simply erase, overturn, or rewrite the official outcome of the 2016 presidential election and to, they hope, to increase their odds of winning in 2020.

Which brings me to Chris Coons, junior Senator from Delaware, who during Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead,” boldly stated that he will weigh the evidence in front of him if there is a trial of President Trump in the Senate, and that he finds it “disheartening” that there do not appear to be the votes to remove the president if the case comes to the Senate.  Right, of course he does.  Coons is another of those on the left who seem unable to comprehend that which a growing number of Americans have no trouble seeing straight through.  He does his best to come across as trying to sound ‘reasonable,’ but if you’ve spent any amount of time listening to this clown, it’s in pretty short order that you’re able to see him for the liar that he is.

Coons said, “Well, as a senator, the pledge I’m going to take is to weigh all the evidence in front of me. So far, I haven’t seen any evidence that’s exculpatory, that would explain the president’s perspective. That’s why I hope he does testify, or that he does have his secretary of State or acting OMB director — or chief of staff, excuse me, testify. I haven’t seen any evidence that gives the president’s side or that explains his conduct as anything other than inappropriate. From what I’ve heard publicly and privately, I don’t think there will be the votes to remove him if this does come to an impeachment trial in the Senate, and to me, that’s disheartening. Because it removes guardrails on presidential misconduct.”

Despite his best attempt to come across as some voice of reason, Coons is simply playing a part in what is likely nothing more than an attempt to imply that this continuing ‘impeachment circus’ truly is all about what it is that the Democrats say it is.  I would argue that what is “disheartening” tends to be in the eye of the beholder.  Because the one thing that is “disheartening” to me is the fact that a guy like Coons, a U. S. Senator, who obviously ought to have the good sense that God gave to him, doesn’t have the sense to know the truth when it is staring him right in the face.  And I find it rather “disheartening” how willing, even eager, the Democrats are to create all manner of collateral damage in their effort to take down the president.

And too, I am “disheartened” by the fact that there are those like Coons who are still able to get themselves elected to higher public office.  They used to operate a bit more under the radar when it came to their more radical, purely ideological, anti-America agenda, but it seems that President Trump has forced them to operate more out in the open.  This phony always tries to pass himself off as somehow being the voice of reason while at the same time it’s no reasonable person who could look at what is nothing more than an absurd lack of evidence and vote for impeachment.  It’s only a radical left wing extremist, like Coons, who would have no trouble doing such a thing.  He’s nothing more than your run-of-the-mill fraud on list of many other frauds.

With his fellow Democrats refusing to allow the president’s side to present any manner of evidence in his defense, it’s become rather difficult for any fair-minded individual to view what’s going on here as being anything other than what it so very obviously is, a blatant attempt to railroad a duly elected president.  And you have to ask yourself if this is any indication of how those in the Democrat Party could be expected to behave when the time comes, and it most assuredly will come, that they would be in control of the House, the Senate, and the White House, and should we be concerned.  I fear that that would be a perfect storm that would result in the end of America, which is the ultimate goal of those like Coons in the Democrat Party.

It’s an insult to the intelligence of average Americans to pretend they’re simply too stupid to recognize that this ongoing ‘impeachment inquiry’ is anything other than a partisan witch-hunt and attempted coup.  All that ‘Schiff & Co.’ has thus far been able to come up with is supposed ‘evidence’ that has its basis in nothing more than hearsay, presumptions, conjecture and outright lies.  Not a freaking shred of actual evidence has been provided that President Trump is guilty of ANY crime.  Not a hint of the president being afforded due process. Nothing close to a presumption of innocence until proven guilty, no transparency in the closed door hearings and Republicans not being allowed to issue subpoenas or call witnesses.

If the Democrats can do this to the president, they can do anything they want to the rest of us.  And dare I say that the effect of the so-called impeachment inquiry has not exactly been what the Democrats had hoped for, and instead providing evidence that the President committed an impeachable offense Democrats themselves have only managed to prove that the complete opposite is true.  But what these hearings have proven to the American people, and very clearly so, is the extent to which the Democrats’ have been willing to go in their attempt to impeach our President through a devious, subversive political strategy to demean and construct evidence against him based on opinions, conjecture, here-say and misinformation.

Ask yourself what sense it makes for Coons and his fellow Democrats to seek to remove from office a duly elected President whose actions have done more to improve the lives of ordinary American’s than any president in decades.  President Trump has done so despite all manner of obstacles put in place by those of the ‘loyal’ opposition.  There is no evidence that any crime has been committed, only second and third hand here-say and opinionated testimony that has been thoroughly refuted by actual facts, transcript evidence, and the admission of witnesses that they never actually heard President Trump say anything to that effect.  Democrats are motivated only by blind hatred in their drive to remove President Trump from office.

The real cause for us all to be more than a little “disheartened” is the fact that the Democrats in the House will no doubt send their findings regarding the impeachment of the president on to the Senate where even more time will be wasted on what is in reality nothing more than the worst piece of political theater to come along in quite some time.  And I have absolutely no doubt that part of the game plan will be for the Democrats to continue in their effort to paint Republicans as blindly following and supporting a dangerous and corrupt President.  Meanwhile the Democrats will paint themselves as being courageous and the proud defenders of Democracy and the Constitution which they will claim to revere. But it’s all smoke and mirrors.

Clowns like Coons feel obliged to adopt a faux moralistic tone in order to negate their failure to prove that President Trump has done anything worthy of impeachment.  They have provided zero proof that President Trump withheld aid from Ukraine in order to dig up dirt on a ‘potential’ political opponent. They’ve provided no evidence proving that that was his intent. They’ve provided no evidence of explicit instructions. They’ve provided no witnesses that could testify firsthand to such intent.  And so they will be forced to try and pass the buck and to pretend that the only reason the president will not be removed from office is because Republicans are an unreasonable, partisan cult, rather than because of their own partisan incompetence.

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