The Democrats, for some, have long been considered as having their shit together as a political party.  They have enjoyed much success in their decades’ long effort to destroy America with much help coming from those who remain blissfully ignorant, easily manipulated, willfully uninformed and also, to a certain degree, poorly educated.  And then came Donald Trump, who has managed to drive the Democrats so completely over the edge that many of those who the party depend upon to vote for them are now daring to question the motivation behind this Democrat effort to impeach the president.  Look, most reasonable people are able to see what’s going on here which requires an example to now be made of he who dared to beat them.

You know, if I didn’t know any better I’d swear that we now have ‘The Key Stone  Kops’ in charge of running this continuing cluster-f*ck of an impeachment process.  I mean how is it, exactly, that House Democrats could have complete control of the witness list, control over what Republican members could talk about, refuse to allow President Trump’s lawyers to be part of the process, have something like 96 percent of the media coverage cheering them on like teenage girls at some boy-band concert and still lose ground on Impeachment?  In fact, they’ve done such a good job of convincing America that President Trump should be removed that his approval numbers have actually gone up, considerably.  But how can that possibly be?

Now you would think that after the amount of time the Democrats have spent on this rather one-sided affair that President Trump’s fate would have long ago been pretty much sealed.  After all, give just about any fairly competent prosecutor that same amount of time with the rules of evidence thrown completely out the window and they would have little trouble making Mr. Rogers look like another Charles Manson.  But instead, and all thanks to Schiff & Co., of talking about how the president’s goose is now officially cooked, many folks are talking about how this entire impeachment is beginning to look like just another turkey, and how, oddly enough, it’s the Democrats’ whose goose now appears to be cooked.  And pretty thoroughly so!

And it was someone with far more knowledgeable than myself who provided us with a few reasons how it is that the impeachment crazy train may have come off the tracks.  The Federalist‘s Mollie Hemingway lays out in wonderful fashion 7 reasons “How Republicans Won Round One of Impeachment,” and her list is: “1. It was completely unclear what crime, much less what high crime, Trump was accused of committing.  2. The hearings were boring and complicated.  3. Adam Schiff lacks credibility.  4. Democrats’ witnesses kept making Trump’s case for him.  5. GOP members stayed on message about the unfairness of the proceedings.  6. The media generally overpromised and underachieved.  7. The general wackiness of the Resistance.”

Ms. Hemingway is, of course, spot on in her assessment, starting with the lack of any crime.  After all, what crime is it that President Trump is supposed to have committed? With ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton, we all knew, he lied under oath.  Since the day he was elected Democrats have been shouting about how “Trump’s guilty!”  But if you asked them what he’s guilty of the response you’re likely to get is, “Uh, we have to ask our focus group and get back to you on that.”  Who has time for such nonsense, certainly not the American people!  The Democrats are purposing a punishment for a crime that they have yet to prove was even committed.  They seem to think that the mere fact they say it was committed is sufficient to demand the ultimate punishment.

And what we have here, in this guy ‘Pencil Neck,’ is nothing more than the head ‘Keystone Kop.’  And yet the Democrats continue to cast him as being the lead in their continuing little impeachment drama.   In truth ‘Pencil Neck’ Schiff is nothing more than a partisan hack who has spent the last three years lying about how President Trump has made himself unworthy of the office to which he was elected.  The problem is that ‘Pencil Neck’ looks and acts rather like the sleazy lawyer who gets the child molester off on a technicality. The soft-spoken henchman who advises he’s got 57 ways to make you talk, each more painful than the next.  And boy, does he love his job.  He’s driven not by of love of country, but by hatred of one man.

I can only assume that Democrats must think we’re all as stupid as they and their millions of supporters are.  I mean you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be able to recognize that what this ruse of an impeachment inquiry is truly all about is the fact that Democrats, deep down inside, know they simply can’t win in 2020. So they are now pinning all of their hopes on being able to smear President Trump to the extent that he becomes much easier for one of their own, and it matters not which one, to defeat him. But I have to believe that this plan of theirs will not only not work, but may actually backfire to the point where they not only lose to President Trump, but also lose their majority in the House and lose seats in the Senate as well.

Now Democrats can go to great lengths to rig the process, which they most certainly have done.  But if still during the rigged process they prove nothing, how is it that they can expect to gain any level of significant support from anyone other than those in the ‘fake news’ media and there in ‘The Swamp’ who have a considerable stake in the desired outcome?  The Democrats, and now a good many in the media, have gone from innocent until proven guilty, to guilty until proven innocent, and now to simply being guilty without the need to prove anything.  And I have to think that there are still left among us enough people who are not willing to go where the Democrats are trying to take us regardless of how it is that they may feel about the president.

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