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Let me just start by saying that it’s a very rare event when I spend any amount of my time watching anyone on the Communist News Network (CNN). So imagine my surprise when cruising the web and I happened across a recent, and rather remarkable, claim made by none other than CNN’s Don ‘La-Moan.’  And what was this remarkable claim of his?  It was that no one should view him as being some sort of partisan or, for that matter, even a liberal Democrat.  Because, or so he claims, he is actually neither.

Apparently, our esteemed Mr. ‘La-Moan’ would like us all to believe that what has been his continuing, and very clearly one sided, commentary regarding the ongoing circus that is the impeachment of President Trump comes not from someone who possesses the least bit of political bias, or animus, and should, therefore, be viewed as completely objective.  Now that would be hilarious if it weren’t so dishonest, and a little dangerous. Dangerous because he’s so very clearly misrepresenting himself.

‘La-Moan’ made his bold claim last week during a conversation with one of his colleagues there at CNN, Chris Cuomo.  It was then that ‘La-Moan’ said, “I’m not a partisan. I know people think that I’m some liberal Democrat. I’m not.”  He went on to say, “They used to think I was a conservative Republican. I’m not. But I don’t think the Republicans are serving themselves well right now with their defenses or lack thereof of a credible one.”  A conservative Republican?  Sorry, not buying that!

Cuomo and ‘La-Moan’ were discussing the Trump impeachment proceedings and the president’s phone call to the Ukrainian president that sparked the process.  And it was in discussing complaints coming from Republicans about those testifying in both the closed-door and public impeachment hearings that Cuomo said, “I can’t take their outrage seriously.”  To which ‘La-Moan’ said, “On this one, I think, Republicans are on the wrong side of history.”  And added, “They are the most hypocritical.”

The House Democrats have now held two weeks of public impeachment hearings in an effort, they claim, to determine whether or not the president attempted to withhold military aid from Ukraine in exchange for an investigation into ex vice president ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden, one of those currently seeking to be the Democrat selected to take on President Trump in next year’s election.  And despite the fact that the hearings have not gone well for them, those in the media work to claim otherwise.

It’s pretty common knowledge that CNN colluded with the Democrat Party and, more specifically, Hitlery in an effort to destroy Donald Trump even before the 2016 election.  And it has been ever since that the network has continued to assist in every way that it can to bring a premature end to the Trump presidency.  And all because three years later those on the left remain unable to accept a defeat that they really never saw coming.  And so they continue their anti-Trump agenda at all costs.

And yet those like ‘La-Moan’ continue to wonder why so many Americans view the network as lacking credibility when it comes to all things related to this president. They deny their obvious partisanship while at the same time being blatantly biased. If they would simply admit to being liberal Democrats we could have an honest discussion, but because they simply can’t bring themselves to so, there is no way forward.  They are not what they profess to be, because they hate our president.

Don ‘La-Moan’, Chris Cuomo and ‘Little Andy’ Cooper, aka ‘The Three Stooges’ of ‘fake news,’ have all said that they are not liberal and not partisan.  However, merely saying so does not make it so.  They constantly ignore stories and facts that refute their entire premise that the president has somehow committed some sort of crime. What they are truly outraged over is the fact that President Trump has called them out for what they are, a ‘fake news’ organization.  And he refuses to back down.

‘La-Moan’ is truly delusional.  This is how people, who believe what they say is worth listening to, behave when a majority of Americans makes clear their disagreement by choosing to simply ignore these self-professed geniuses.  They just can’t help it, they continue to see themselves as being correct and everyone else as being incorrect.  And whenever they get caught in a situation where they can easily be proven wrong they simply concoct reasons that they feel explains their own version of the facts.

When I was a kid, if I lied to my parents I very learned very quickly I had made a serious error in judgement.  I guess that’s why, as an adult, I personally place such a high value on INTEGRITY with regards to the people in my life, both personal and professional.  In my opinion people like ‘La-Moan,’ and others on the left in both the media and in politics, have sold their souls.   Together they form one of the most harmful elements in our society due, primarily, to their rather broad reach.

This continues to be a big problem with so many on the left.  Those who are both in and out of politics.  They continue to make utterly ridiculous statements and because they able to do so with a straight face, they fully expect to be believed.  They think so highly of themselves and are so self-absorbed that they think whatever comes out of their mouths will immediately be seen as gospel.  Never in my life have I seen such a group of narcissistic individuals who have zero interest in telling the truth.

In ‘La-Moan’s’ own rather limited mind he’s right.  Because, you see, from his rather skewed point of view he sees himself as being ‘mainstream’ and as a bona fide ‘journalist.’  And it’s everyone with whom he associates himself with that see also themselves in very much the same way.  They are the centrists, mainstream political types with absolutely no axe to grind and who merely ‘report’ on the day’s events.  Now those of us living in the real world tend to view things just a tad differently.

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