Kasich 8

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before how I’ve never really been much of a fan of John Kasich.  I’ve never seen him as being much more than a backstabbing little bitch especially when he didn’t get his way.  And nothing made that more obvious than his behavior in the 2016 presidential campaign when he appeared quite willing to act as nothing more than a spoiler.  And he has continued to behave in much the same manner going to far as to side with the Democrats in the bogus drive to impeach the president.  And there was a time, though I haven’t heard him mention it recently, that he intended to run against the president in 2020, not necessarily to win, but simply to make it easier for one of those far more ‘reasonable’ Democrats to win.

And it was this past Friday on the Communist News Network (CNN) during a broadcast of “At This Hour,” that Kasich was again seen behaving badly when he said it was “sad” that “party loyalty meant more than anything else, referring to the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. When asked about Republicans supporting Trump after the public hearings, Kasich said, “Let’s think about our country now. It’s a much different time than when I was in Congress, and I was there for 18 years, a long time. We’ve just become more tribal. You know, back in the days when I was there, and it was not when we were using candles to light the room, it wasn’t that long ago, actually, you know, the situation was you always had outliers in our party.”

Kasich went on to say, “Always there were three or four or five that would go their own way. Sometimes I might even be one of those people at times, but you don’t see much of that now. It’s odd to me. Because if you put a lot of people on an island, there’s always somebody who is an outlier. Right now we’re not seeing an outlier, and it seems as though a party affiliation, a party loyalty means more than anything else, but constituents can disrupt that and people’s consciences can disrupt that. We just have to wait and see.”  “Sometimes” he might even have been one of those people?  Let’s be clear, this little rat bastard was never shy about shoving a knife in someone’s back if in the end there came to be some benefit to him for having done so.

He went on to say, “We’ve become so tribal. At some point, people will say I’ve got to be my own person. I can’t tell you when it would happen, but I think at some point it will.”   He added, “It’s sort of like a football game. You watch Alabama and LSU, some are on one side, others on the other. Politics is reminding me more and more of that kind of a football game approach. I hate to say it and again, it makes you sad.”  Actually what makes me less sad than it does mad is how a scum bag like Kasich, and every other RINO who claims to be a conservative, is able to watch what it is that ‘Pencil Neck’ Schiff & Co. are trying to pull off here and be only too happy to side against not only the president, but the 63 million folks who voted for him!

Politicians like Kasich, and there are a lot of them on our side, still seem unable to grasp the fact that THEY and those like them are the very reason that Donald Trump got elected in the first place.  And if Kasich, during his 18 years in Congress, and the others who are still there or have gotten there since he left, EVER did what it was that ‘We the People’ had elected them to do there would never have been a reason for Trump to run, let alone actually get elected!  Kasich and his ilk are completely oblivious to how human beings have acted throughout history. They lack self-awareness as well. He hates President Trump and the millions of people who support him for the exact same tribalistic reasons. We all have a tribe we are a part of.

So once again, according to this boob, it’s the Republicans who must compromise. It’s the Republicans’ fault for sticking with what they believe and want, instead of once again rolling over and giving in to the Democrats.  I have no doubt that were this little POS still in the House today that he’d be standing right there with old ‘Pencil Neck!’ And he would likely cave on every other issue that came up, just to keep the peace.  We don’t elect people to keep the peace, we elect people to do battle, politically speaking, for the causes we believe in. There are still far too many people in the Republican ‘Establishment’ who would rather side with the opposition than with their constituents. The RINOs are always a too quick to side with their Democrat brethren.

Kasich speaks of loyalty?  What about the loyalty to those who put you in office.  And I beg to differ with Kasich on one particular point.  When in public office you no longer have the luxury of being your own person. You are the ‘person’ sent to act on behalf of the people who chose to elect you.  You now owe your allegiance to them, not to some voice you’re hearing in your head. If Republicans vote to impeach President Trump, the country will become another Socialist “shithole,” of that I have no doubt. And the Republican Party, he claims to love, will simply cease to exist. What does he, Romney and every other RINO not understand about what is being perpetrated here?  There is simply no there, there.  Just as there hasn’t been for three years.

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