Democrats 47

I am now in my late 60s and if I were someone who had been a lifelong Democrat, which thankfully I am not, it would be at this particular moment in time that I would have to be asking myself just what is it that has become of my party?  I only say that because we now have two perfect examples that prove how the Democrat Party has now pretty much left the tracks entirely.  One, of course, is the ongoing impeachment circus that seems to be going nowhere and the other is the continuing freak show that involves those vying to be the one to represent their party in the next presidential election.  I don’t understand how anyone can take any of them seriously.

I mean from supporting the insanity of doing away completely with our southern border, to free healthcare for those in this country illegally, to a cost prohibitive scheme called ‘Medicare for All,’ to supporting the idiotic, and biologically impossible, notion that there is somehow more than two genders, to supporting the entire concept of manmade ‘climate change’ and the ‘Green New Deal,’ to supporting that which is infanticide, I would like to think that it has become impossible for any rational individual to vote for just about anyone running for just about any office under the banner of today’s Democrat Party.  None of it makes any sense.

And then when you add the events of just this past week regarding the circus surrounding the so-called testimony of those descried as ‘witnesses’ in the continuing impeachment saga together with what was the most recent Democrat presidential debate, if that doesn’t convince one that the Democrat Party has become anything other than an odd assortment of crazies, I don’t think anything will.  And how is it that such idiotic behavior could result in anything other than to make it increasingly difficult for most intelligent people to support any Democrat regardless of what office it is that they happen to be seeking, especially the office of president.

Now I will admit that I have not tuned in for a second when it comes to the watching of any of these ‘impeachment ‘hearings,’ nor, to be perfectly honest, have I watched any of the Democrat ‘debates.’  Instead, I’ve gone in search of ‘highlights’ from whatever reliable and unbiased sources I could find, which, of course, would exclude such regular network sources as ABC, CBS, NBC or cable networks CNN, MSNBC and, for the most part, even Fox News.  And, frankly, I find it rather sad, that it’s become impossible to get anything other than ‘fake news’ no matter where you look.  Our supposed ‘news’ organizations provide nothing more than leftist propaganda.

And to be honest, if I were a Democrat, I would be more than a little reluctant to admit that fact to anyone simply because of all the craziness that’s now going on within the Democrat Party, as evidenced by the impeachment sham and this cadre of some the most unserious candidates ever to run for public office.  I mean some of the proposals we hear coming from those seeking to be our next president are ludicrous to say the least and border on complete insanity.  And you have to ask yourself, how is it that any of the things being proposed would have a positive affect the lives of average Americans? You would think that at some point commonsense has to kick in.

And it was last night during Democrat ‘debate’ number five that those tuning witnessed the combining of the two more recent claims to fame for the Democrat Party.  That being the complete lunacy surrounding their deranged determination to impeach President Trump and the insanity that now seems to form the basis of the party platform on which whomever the Democrat candidate turns out to be will run on come the 2020 election.  When placed together what we have here is one glorious example of why one would have to be a completely brain dead moron to ever vote for whomever it is that ends up being selected to run against President Trump.

And it was essentially right out of the gate that Rachel Maddow, one of the four all-female debate moderators, apparently thought it a good idea to put the candidates once again on the record as supporting the level of insanity involved in the pointless endeavor to impeach the president.  And she did so by referencing the impeachment proceedings and how during his ‘testimony,’ ambassador Gordon Sondlund had buttressed the case for impeachment with what she described as being his “bombshell” testimony in the marathon impeachment hearing earlier in the day. And she then went on to ask if the candidates would vote for impeachment?

Liz Warren immediately piped up saying, “Of course I will.”  And it was Amy Klobuchar who cited President Trump’s “impeachable conduct” and how he is “sucking up to Vladimir Putin every minute of the day” and “leaving the Kurds for slaughter.”  And it was Sanders who said, “Sadly we have president who is a pathological liar,” adding that Trump was the “most corrupt” president of all.  And then it was a rather shaky ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden who said “Trump doesn’t want me to be the nominee” and “Vladimir Putin doesn’t want me to be president,” which seemed to work for the studio audience.

And of course Kamala ‘Headboard’ Harris had to make her two cents known and blasted the “criminal living in the White House,” whose presidency was a “criminal enterprise,” including the vice president, Secretary of State and “chief of staff.” Therefore, Harris said “Justice is on the ballot.”  Mayor Pete told the audience it would be a “tender moment,” when Trump was gone. And Mayor Pete said he was the “right person to take on Donald Trump.”  And not to be outdone was billionaire Democrat Tom Steyer who decried the “criminal in the White House” and charged that he was “a fraud and a failure on the economy.”  Really, Tom?

Andrew Yang took a more indirect approach when asked what he would say as president in his first call to Putin.  He said, “Sorry I beat your guy.”  And he would tell Putin, “the days of meddling in American election are over.” Candidate Tulsi Gabbard blasted the “Bush-Clinton-Trump policy” of regime-change wars, which might have left some puzzled. Gabbard also went after Buttigieg, who recently announced he would send U.S. troops to fight drug cartels in Mexico. Mayor Pete claimed “I was talking about US-Mexico security cooperation” and not an invasion of Mexico. And he told Gabbard he would not have sat down with a murderous dictator like Assad.

The more we hear from Democrats, whether it’s those involved in the circus that is the purely political attempt to impeach this president or the increasingly nutty bunch of Democrats now running for president, it is they who, far better than I ever could, continue to make the case that it’s not only crazy to vote Democrat, but how doing so is increasingly dangerous and on any number of different levels. Those involved in the ongoing impeachment scam are behaving as if this is some third world country, not America.  And those running for president in their desperate need to drag our country even further to the left will promise absolutely anything in their quest for votes.

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