It’s in Carl Bernstein, a guy who is now well into his 70s, that we have a guy who continues to expend a great deal of both time and energy in what is a continuing effort, on his part, to prove that, yes, he is someone whose opinion really does matter especially when what’s being discussed is the ongoing attempt to impeach President Trump.  But it is in his profession of ‘journalism,’ and I use the term loosely, that Bernstein is little more that the equivalent of a ‘one hit wonder.’  Yet he and, apparently, CNN still think that there are those who actually care about what he might have to say as it relates to our continuing impeachment circus.  But I hate to be the one to inform him, and they, but the honest truth is, no one really cares.

Anyway, it was just this past Monday, there at ‘fake news’ HQ, aka the Communist News Network (CNN), during a broadcast of the network’s “Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin,” that Bernstein, now employed by the network in the capacity of ‘political analyst,’ made the claim that he has apparently been in contact with what he described as being “quite a few” Republican Senators who are now genuinely concerned that President Trump might actually be serving the “interest of Russia and Vladimir Putin.”  Now if that is in fact the case then I’d have to say that Mr. Putin is not getting much in return after putting ‘his guy’ in the White House.  And dare I say that Vlad would have been much better served if Hitlery had been elected president.

And so it was in doing his best to sound like he actually knew what he was talking about that Mr. Bernstein said, “I don’t think there is any question, as we have seen throughout the Mueller investigation, and the idea that there is no collusion as the president claims, that is not necessarily the case. What we have seen through these impeachment investigations is what has so many Republican senators—and I talked to a few, quite a few and so have other reporters, they are deeply disturbed at what they have learned again about the president of the United States’ willingness to serve the interest of Russia and Vladimir Putin. Throughout the Ukrainian adventure, his dealings with Ukraine.”  And we’re supposed to take this boob seriously?  Fraid not!

And yet Bernstein continued, “Here is Ukraine, the only country that has been directly attacked aside from Georgia by Soviet forces or proxies, in this case, this is a real war in which 13,000 I believe? Thirteen thousand have died. The borders of Europe after World War II have been immutable until the Russian aggression. And when we have a president in the United States who not only has excused it but has sat by passively and gone along with what Putin has wanted him to do. So the larger question of Trump’s obeisance as we saw in Helsinki, the great mystery is why does he continue to do Vladimir Putin’s bidding?”  And you have to ask yourself, what planet is it that he is living on?  Because it most definitely isn’t the one the rest of are on!

Bernstein said, “As we saw most recently by the invasion of Turkey and Syria, shoving the Kurds into mortal danger and ending the role of the Kurds that have been so crucial to the security of what we were speaking to aspire in Syria.”  He added, “The question is, and senators are asking this, is this president witting, unwitting or half witting about his going along with and serving — let’s make no bones about it — he has served the interest of Vladimir Putin. Part of what this impeachment investigation is about, is we see now how he has continued to serve the interest of Putin in the most important hotspot in the world in which the Russians are involved, and we have a role to play that he seems unwilling to play.”  Has this guy not been paying attention?

Let’s be honest here, Bernstein’s ONLY moment in the sun, journalistically speaking, occurred almost 50 years ago and he has been desperate to recapture at least some of that lost glory ever since.  And far from being some masterful work of investigative ‘reporting’ back then Bernstein was simply fed the entire Watergate narrative by another FBI leaker by the name of Mark Feld.  Feld was then a FBI Deputy Director and should have been prosecuted just like the current ‘whistleblower’ who is less a ‘whistleblower’ that a disgruntled employee.  So if nothing else Mr. Bernstein would now appear to be a part of history repeating itself as the parallels between the two investigations involving government informants seem to more than a little similar.

But to be perfectly honest, I have no doubt that there are likely at least a few RINO senators who do believe that.  Folks with names like Romney, Sasse and Collins immediately come to mind.  Not because it’s the truth, but because they simply want President Trump gone, and the sooner the better.  After all, he’s seen as an outsider.  And worse, an outsider who threatens the status quo of deeply entrenched corruption which would appear to be rampant within our government and that involves those who inhabit ‘The Swamp.’  And that alone is seen as being sufficient for doing all that is seen as being necessary, including the manufacturing of all sorts of fictitious scenarios, to create the perception of wrongdoing on the part of the president.

Bernstein repeatedly made the claim that President Trump somehow “serves the interest of Putin” during his little diatribe but never says how or why.  And as expected the bimbo host of the show never challenges him to provide any proof.  Also, Bernstein makes no mention of how Barry ‘O’ did nothing when Russia annexed Crimea.  And he makes no mention of how Barry ‘O’ refused to arm the Ukrainians but sent blankets and MREs instead of even defensive weapons.  And he fails to mention that one of Barry’s first acts as president was to cancel the missile defense shield in Eastern Europe.  And he makes no mention of Barry’s “I can be more flexible after the election” hot mic comment.  And yet we’re supposed to be worried about Trump?

The Democrats and their many allies in the ‘fake news’ media, are doing their best to wear us all down by barraging the president, as well as those of us who support him, with all manner of accusations and lies, hoping to get us to the point where they hope we will simply surrender and say, “Ok, go ahead, impeach him!” just to get it over with.  But we must never give up and we must never surrender because there is simply too much at stake.  It’s all a sham!  There is simply no there, there.  This is about far more than bringing about the removal of a duly elected president.  It’s about sending a message, a very clear message to any future outsiders who might, at some point in future, dare to even consider wanting to be the next Donald Trump.

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