Alexandria Occasional-Cortex, who has been an official Democrat member of Congress for roughly 10 months seems to be the one now firmly at the controls of the Democrat Crazy train and as it heads straight for the cliff and she shows no willingness to apply the brakes.  And it would seem that it’s a growing number of Americans who continue to have a difficult time taking any of this ongoing impeachment insanity seriously, seeing it for exactly what it is, a concocted attempt to undo the 2016 election.  A notion not shared by a majority of those within the Democrat Party.  Big surprise!

And it was in acting as the voice of her party that during Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” Occasional-Cortex boldly declared, after President Trump’s tweet about former Ambassador to the Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, that Republicans were “beclowning themselves” trying to defend the president.  “Beclowning?”  Remember the video this moron once made referring to our three branches of government as: The president’s chamber, the House, and the Senate?  She never even mentioned the Judicial Branch instead making two branches out of one, the Legislative Branch.

And it was host Chris Hayes who said, “It’s not surprising the president did that.”  To which Occasional-Cortex responded by saying, “No, not surprising at all. I’m sure, and it certainly seemed my Republican colleagues were scrambling after he sent out those tweets trying to provide some kind of cover. I mean, it’s — they’re really beclowning themselves at this point trying to find a way to somehow preserve their careers and futures while protecting this president, and they’re going with the latter.”  And she was the best the people of her district could find to represent them in Congress?

She’s a bimbo, a twit and an absolute pinhead. She always has been and she always will be.  And all of this is nothing more than another attempt at projection.  The only ones looking foolish and/or desperate, and I do mean the ONLY ones, are Occasional-Cortex and her fellow Democrats.  And if we had an actual ‘news’ media comprised of bona fide journalists, and not merely a bunch of propagandists, who chose to report on what is honestly being attempted here by the Democrats, instead of choosing to add fuel to it, this charade would have long ago ended due to a lack of interest.

In truth, if it’s anyone who is “beclowning” themselves it would be those both taking part in, as well as endorsing, this continuing ‘Schiff Show.’  What’s taking place here is the setting of a very dangerous precedent, one where in the future when a party comes to control both houses of Congress, but loses its shot at the presidency, it can simply choose to impeach the victor, invaliding the will of the people by overturning an election.  It’s an especially dangerous precedent since the Democrats are doing so based not on some crime that was committed, but based solely on policy differences.

This moron was voted into office because 93% of the registered voters in her district elected to stay home on Election Day. She won because her leftist supporters dragged in enough voters to give her roughly 4% of the 7% that actually showed up at the polls. Those who claim to be making a statement by sitting out an election should learn a lesson from this.  Those like Occasional-Cortex would just as happily accept their victory if the only persons to show up at the polls that day were themselves.  If you’re not happy with the selection of candidates, write someone in, but you MUST vote!

And isn’t it interesting that of the four members of the so-called ‘Squad,’ of which Occasional Cortex is one, three have been accused by ethics and campaign finance watchdog groups of mishandling their campaign and election monies.  These four members of the House all came into office at the same time, January 2019, and almost immediately became media darlings, yet less than a year later they are ALL fading and fading by their own shallow incompetence. All four will shortly be in their first do or die re-election campaigns in their districts in the coming 2020 election.

And it’s all four these geniuses who will be facing some pretty serious opposition in their districts as they seek re-election, and from both Democrats AND Republicans.  Which should tell you a lot because, ladies and gentlemen, these four women of the “Squad” have done absolutely nothing for the people of their district, in fact, depending on who you talk to, they have made their districts even worse while they’ve been busy pushing their hard line socialist, dead end theory politics. It just might be that the “Squad” will march right off the cliff like political lemmings.

What’s going on here is that we have a traitor class in this country, in Congress and out, now trying to blow enough smoke to cover up what it is that they’re truly up to.  They are well-educated, well-paid, and highly influential. They work in the media, universities, big business, politics, entertainment, and even in churches.  In short, they occupy important positions in the most powerful institutions in our society and possess disdain for those who love their country.  And we have all come in contact with these traitors, in grade school, again in college and even in our workplace.

Let’s face it, President Trump has had to endure the most vicious attacks made against a president that I have ever witnessed. More than were directed at G.W. Bush and far more than were directed at Reagan.  We support and admire the fact that he punches back, and punches back hard. Democrats, NOT the president, are responsible for how divided the country has become. They lose their minds when things don’t go their way and they don’t get everything they want, and then turn into ravenous animals and accuse others of what they’re actually doing. It’s nothing short of insane.

It was once said of Barry ‘O’ that he was the ‘One’ for whom we had been waiting.  As far as I’m concerned it’s the same that can be said of President Trump, at least for conservatives, for the very simple reason that he is the only Republican president in my lifetime who has taken the fight to those in the Democrat Party as well as to those in the ‘fake news’ media.  He has awakened many Americans and shown them that the American dream is still alive.  Democrats hate President Trump, and those of us support him, because he has thoroughly exposed them for the evil liars that they are.

But none of this is to say that the Republicans haven’t, in the past, “beclowned” themselves, but their defense of President Trump is not an example of that.  But what was an example of such behavior is when they were in charge of the whole shootin’ match, when for two full years the controlled Congress AND the White House and yet they did nothing.  They could have held all those like Holder, Rice, Brennan, AND Hitlery accountable and chose not to!  Remember how effective the Republican Congress was under the leadership of Ryan and McConnell?  That’s ok, neither do I?

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