Napi 6

When is it, do you suppose, that it will finally dawn on those at Fox News that when we want to hear leftwing propaganda, we already have plenty of options.  And that we really don’t need them to force down the collective throat of the American people, courtesy of boobs like ‘Judge Nappi’ Napolitano, their own supposed ‘Fair and Balanced’ brand of the aforementioned propaganda.  It becomes more obvious every time this dolt opens his mouth that he bears a rather sizable grudge against President Trump for no other reason than because the president had the good sense to laugh him out of the Oval Office when he came asking for a seat on the Supreme Court.

You know, I swore after the last time I wrote about this twit who calls himself a ‘judge’, that I wasn’t going to bother wasting any more time on him because, frankly, he’s just not worth it.  But I felt I simply couldn’t allow his most recent anti-Trump rant to go by without making some sort of a comment.  You know, they say, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” but perhaps we should come up with something new for ‘Nappi.  How about, “Revenge hath no limit when perpetrated by a sniveling, back-stabbing, crybaby, wannabe ‘Judge’ when he doesn’t get what he wants!”  Because that’s what this is really all about.  Nappi feels he’s been slighted.

You see, it was on Tuesday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” hosted by yet another of Fox News’ many resident Trump haters, Neil Cavuto, that ‘Judge Nappi,’ supposedly the network’s senior judicial analyst put his less than exceptional ‘legal mind’ to work and proceeded to dismiss entirely the Republican argument that if President Trump did attempt a quid pro quo with Ukraine, it would not rise to level of impeachment.  Now look, I have no idea what Fox is paying this boob for his supposed ‘legal expertise’, but there has to be someone who is not only smarter than he is, but also someone who might be just a tad bit more objective than ‘Nappi.’

‘Nappi’s’ fellow NeverTrumper, Cavuto said, “Republicans will probably counter judge, ‘Well yeah, but the aid wasn’t—they did eventually get it, all be it delayed. I guess why I’m raising that is some go so far as saying even if there was such an arrangement, a quid pro quo it’s not impeachable.”  To which ‘Judge Nappi’ responded by saying, “It is clearly impeachable. Because the president requested something that’s criminal to ask for. ‘Can you help my campaign?’” Cavuto said, “But he didn’t say it.”  Nappi said, “Of course he didn’t say it that way. But he basically said I need a favor.”  Now I’m no legal scholar here, but “clearly impeachable?”

I have no doubt that Nappi would enjoy much adulation from both those who work at and who routinely tune into CNN or MSNBC, yet for those watching Fox News ‘Judge Nappi’ has become yet another on what has become a rather long list of on air personalities whose appearance draws the immediate response of turning the channel.  Make no mistake, there has come to be quite the cadre of Trump haters at this once ‘Fair and Balance’ ‘news’ network.  I’m sure most folks are familiar with names like Wallace, Baier, MacCallum, Williams, and Hemmer just to name a few and all of whom, I assume, pride themselves as being totally objective ‘journalists.’

To make the claim that the president’s actions were “clearly impeachable” is truly a stretch, even for a boob like ‘Nappi.’  President Trump clearly did nothing wrong.  There is no comparison between the ongoing ‘Fake Impeachment’ and that of either Nixon or Clinton and yet the Democrats, assisted by those like ‘Nappi,’ continue to make the case that they are remarkably similar.  Meanwhile, it was Hitlery who paid the DNC who paid lawyers who paid Fusion GPS who paid Christopher Steele who paid the Russians to write a Fake Dossier on candidate Trump.  That was somehow legal yet President Trump asking Ukraine’s President to assist AG Bill Barr is NOT?

Fox News has long been a very enthusiastic passenger on the impeachment bandwagon, going all the way back to day one of this continuing farce.  And in so doing they have assembled for themselves quite the ‘crew’ of supposed ‘journalists.’   Folks who apparently have no qualms whatsoever about stooping to the level of spewing, on a 24/7 basis, every absurd Democrat talking point handed them.  And yet they have no problem ignoring completely how it was that ‘Crooked Joe,’ on video, bragged about extorting Ukraine by threatening to withhold a billion dollars unless the prosecutor investigating the company on whose board his son sat was on got fired.

The Democrats and their RINO allies, supported by the majority of those in the ‘fake news’ media, are attempting what is, in reality, nothing other than a coup.  And yet where were many of these very same people, ‘Nappi’ included, during the entire eight year reign of Barry ‘O’.  They were simply sitting on there on the sidelines not saying a word as Barry was free to simply ignore our Constitution and began issuing all manner of illegal executive orders.  And it is only now that all of these supposed defenders of our Constitution managed to find their voices as they attempt to bring down a duly elected president whose only ‘crime’ is that he won an election.

I find the fact that ‘Nappi’ continues to think that he has any level of credibility whenever it comes to intelligently discussing any issue, no matter how remotely it may have to do with President Trump, pretty ironic.  And while Fox may continue to refer to itself as being ‘Fair and Balanced’ it’s after spending only a few minutes watching nearly any of its program that one would come to realize that it is anything but.  So I think it fair to say that the time has come for us all to admit that Fox News is lost.  They have made it quite clear on which side they are on when it comes to this continuing impeachment circus.  ‘Nappi,’ like the rest, is only saying what he’s paid to say.

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