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You’re going to have to excuse my confusion, but perhaps I would be better able to understand the inner workings of the Democrat Party if I were unlucky enough to be one of them but, my confusion notwithstanding, I thank my lucky stars every day that I am not.  So, the reason for my aforementioned confusion?  Well, if you listen to any of those now claiming to support ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden’s run for the presidency, they all seem to be working very hard to convince as many people as they can that he is the ‘ONLY’ ‘moderate’ Democrat who is now in the running and therefore is the ‘ONLY’ one capable of defeating President Trump.  But how does one do that when the candidate himself seems to adamantly deny that he is in any way a ‘moderate?’

But seriously folks, who among those with a brain actually believes that ‘Crooked Joe’ is in any way someone who can be, or should be, viewed as a ‘moderate’ regardless of the issue being discussed.  During the years he spent in the Senate ‘Crooked Joe’ did seem to be quite determined to keep his crazier side well under wraps.  But apparently it was after spending eight years in fairly close proximity to Barry ‘O’, it now appears that more than a few of Barry’s more unseemly qualities seem to have rubbed off on him, to the point where “Crooked Joe’ appears to be in total agreement with Barry’s prior assessment of things especially when it comes to how our country is in need of what are some pretty “fundamental” alterations.

So it was during an Iowa town hall sponsored by the folks at the Communist News Network (CNN), on Monday night, that ‘Crooked Joe’ finally ‘came out’ revealing himself to be just as nutty as his Democrat competition.  He said, “My proposals on education, climate change, healthcare are as radical and change-driven enough as anybody else’s plan, anybody else’s plan.”   He said, “The difference is, I believe, and I don’t criticize the other people who don’t agree with me. But the idea, we’re talking about fundamental change in education; fundamental change in the way we deal with health care; fundamental change in the way we deal with the environment; fundamental change in the way we deal with the criminal justice system.”

And ‘Crooked Joe’ then went on to say, “So there’s nothing, I love this thing about, well, Biden’s the moderate. Tell me, if I had — if tomorrow I was able to change the system like I’m calling, what do you think history will write? Was it moderate change? I don’t think so. I don’t think so.”  He said, “And we can get it done. We can get it done. It will be hard as the devil. It may take more than four years for some of it, but we can get it done by driving it home to the American people and letting them know what we are for. Everybody knows who Donald Trump is. We got to let them know who we are — who we are. We choose science over fiction. We choose hope over fear. We choose truth over lies…”  Science over fiction, and truth over lies?  Since when??

Actually, ‘Crooked Joe’ sounded quite offended that anyone would dare to describe him as being someone who is a ‘moderate’ and proceeded to reject the mantle of moderation while responding to a question about what change in American society makes him proudest.  ‘Crooked Joe’ said, “Well, there’s a number of things I’m proud of.”  He went on to say, “One, I think leading the fight to change the culture of how we treat women in America with the Violence Against Women Act. I’m proudest of doing that. It’s about a cultural change. It’s not just the act. I had great difficulty getting it passed. Even, I had opposition from women’s groups initially because they thought it was going to take the focus off of choice and gender issues.”

Frankly, ‘Crooked Joe’ sounded more than a little desperate as he then went on to say, “Another thing I’m incredibly proud of, every American president, Democratic president since Roosevelt has tried to come up with a comprehensive plan for health care. Well, Barack and I did it. Barack did it, but I helped a lot getting it done.”  And he went on to add, “I also am very proud of the fact I was able to be the guy who sort of led the effort on the arms control agreement for nuclear weapons with Russia, which this guy is now blowing. So there’s a lot of things that I’ve done that I’m very, very proud of.”  Was ‘Crooked Joe’ also proud when millions of people were lied to, multiple times, about how if they liked their doctor they could keep their doctor?

‘Crooked Joe’ speaking about making “fundamentally changes” when it comes to such things as education, in the way we deal with healthcare, in the way we deal with the environment or in the way we deal with the criminal justice system was eerily reminiscent of Barry ‘O’s desire to “fundamentally transform’ the United States of America.  And so, just like his buddy Barry, ‘Crooked Joe’ apparently sees the need to make some fundamental, and dare I say radical, changes to America all in an effort to transform it into something that would, without question, bear very little resemblance to what it was that the Founders originally had put in place envisioning what they hoped  our country, but would resemble a Third World country.

What we have in this boob, ‘Crooked Joe,’ is someone who is little more than a leftist clown whose policies will accomplish nothing more than to advance an agenda the goal of which is the complete destruction of America.  So if that’s what you’re looking for in a presidential candidate, then rest assured, ‘Crooked Joe’ is most definitely your man.  I would like to think that most intelligent people understand that when it comes to today’s Democrat Party, the destruction of our country remains their primary goal?  If not we learned nothing from the insidious changes promulgated by Barry ‘O’ that resulted in long-lasting and, in many cases, irreversible damage done to America?  And now this ‘non-moderate moderate’ wants to inflict even more damage?

And finally, as I said early besides being a little confused, I must say that I find it rather ironic that ‘Crooked Joe’ rejects the one label that is the very reason why he remains a viable candidate.  For many Democrats ‘Democratic Socialism’ isn’t yet something they are willing to commit to, and are therefore looking for a more ‘moderate’ voice from within their party.  And now with ‘Crooked Joe’ essentially admitting that he too has gone over the ‘Dark Side, those folks who once thought it relatively ‘safe’ to vote for him may now be left with no other option than to either vote for no Democrat or to, God forbid, resort to voting for President Trump.  I can only assume that whoever is advising ‘Crooked Joe’ can’t be all that bright.

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