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So look, I’m not trying to be mean here, really I’m not, because after all there is going to come a time in all of our lives when we’re going to be forced to admit that we just ain’t quite as sharp as we used to be, and when those who love us will take from us that which we cherish most, usually the car keys.  Because with the keys goes our ability to be both mobile and independent.  Age is something that comes to affect us all, and can do so in very different ways.  For instance, looking a President Trump you wouldn’t think that he’s 73, meanwhile when looking at ‘Doddering Joe, who will turn 77 in a little over a week, he most definitely looks his age.

And it’s becoming all the more obvious, or at least it should be to anyone who has actually paying any attention, that as time goes by ‘Doddering Joe’ just does not look to be up to the task of being president.  And while he’s nowhere near being ready for the White House he most certainly is ready for the ‘home.’  I suppose that a certain amount of his supposed ‘gaffes’ that come pretty routinely can be chalked up to being harmless slips of the tongue.  But there is also a growing number of these ‘gaffes’ that really should cause most reasonable people to pause, and to question the wisdom of actually voting for this guy to be our next president.

It was during a campaign stop in Concord, New Hampshire, that ‘Doddering Joe’ took the opportunity to criticize the ownership of magazines that hold “100 clips.”   Ironically, it’s leftists like old ‘Doddering Joe’ who often refer to ammunition feeding devices as “clips” instead of magazines, but ‘Doddering Joe’ used the word “clips” in place of bullets.  But, he did realize his mistake and correct himself.  CSPAN published video from the campaign stop, where ‘Doddering Joe’ said, “I believe in the Second Amendment, but nobody says you can have a magazine with 100 clips in it.” He quickly added, “100 bullets in it.”  He knew what he meant.

Also, it has been during the current presidential campaign that ‘Doddering Joe’ has demanded that the U.S. Senate vote on Democrat gun control and he has also outlined a plan calling for AR-15 and “high capacity” magazine owners to either surrender their rifles and feeding devices to law enforcement or to register them with the government.  And ‘Doddering Joe’ also supports people being able to sue firearm manufacturers for crimes committed with their products. The manufacturers of firearms that are legally made and sold are currently protected from frivolous suits via the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (2005).

And then in making it pretty clear that he really has no concern for either those of us who legally own guns or our Constitution, ‘Doddering Joe’ said, “No other outfit in history has gotten this kind of protection,” and he claimed the suits would result in “change overnight,” if he were elected president.  Such an idiotic claim makes virtually no sense.  Read the warning label on the side of just about ANY of your basic lawn chemicals and it tells right there who it is that gets in trouble if that product is used in any manner other than what’s stated in the product’s directions.  And it sure ain’t the maker of that lawn chemical, it’s YOU the user.

It’s all nothing more than yet another attempt by those on the left to seize from law abiding citizens their God given right to protect themselves and the ones they love from those who the Democrats, like ‘Doddering Joe,’ insist upon releasing to roam free among us.  All of this drivel comes from those who are literally surrounded, pretty much 24/7/365, by guys, and some gals, all of whom have guns.  These people don’t give a rat’s behind about those of us who are not able to afford the same luxury and therefore are forced to either rely on the police who may, or may not, arrive in time, or on ourselves when it comes to protecting our loved ones.

And those who insist upon telling us that ‘Doddering Old Joe’ is actually a moderate are just as feebleminded as is ‘Doddering Joe’ himself.  At the risk of repeating myself all of this supposed concern, when it comes to guns, has little or nothing to do with public safety, and everything to do with control.  The Democrats are on a mission, a mission to control every facet of our lives. Today it’s guns, tomorrow it’s what we are allowed to eat, how many children one is permitted to have and even where we are, or are not, allowed to live.  And make no mistake, ‘Doddering Joe’ is all in when it comes to advancing the Democrat hardcore left agenda.

This is the problem with lifetime politicians. They get into office at a young age and then spend the rest of their lifetime enriching themselves as well as their family and friends. Then they descend into dementia before our eyes and often die in office. After which, we’re all told about the magnificent job they did during the thirty, forty or fifty years they spent in office.  Meanwhile, most of us see nothing and benefit even less from them having devoted their life to public service.  ‘Doddering Joe’ is the poster child for why the Founders of this great country only wanted people to serve a couple of terms and then go back to REAL life, job and home.

And I guess what causes me to be concerned is if by some strange miracle it is ‘Doddering Joe’ who turns out to be the guy Democrats end up choosing as their guy to go up against President Trump, does anyone have any doubt that for his vice president the party will likely select for ‘Doddering Joe’ someone who is considerably younger, as well as someone who is likely to be pretty far to the left. My only point in bringing this up is to suggest that if ‘Doddering Joe’ does turn out to be the Democrat nominee I think it would behoove voters to pay far more attention, than perhaps they typically would, to whomever his running mate turns out to be.

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