So as the Democrats continue with their witch hunt/smear campaign against President Trump, they also continue to be under the impression that if they can only keep their string of lies going long enough there will eventually come to be a growing number of Americans who will become convinced that they’re not really lies at all and actually do provide a basis for the Democrats desperate attempt to bring down our duly elected president and in so doing, essentially void the result of the 2016 election.

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House,” it was Rep. Eric Swallowswell, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, who said during the upcoming public testimony in the House’s impeachment inquiry American viewers will understand President Trump was trading “defense dollars for dirt.”  He made those comments regarding the administration’s supposed request for investigating the Bidens with the administration of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

He said, “Defense dollars for dirt. That’s what was going on here. But I think Bill Taylor laid out something, you know, in his transcript, which is important. He said that undoubtedly, without the security assistance, more Ukrainians will die. We’re a very compassionate people.”  And he continued, “Even more so sometimes, I thought over the last few weeks, there was concern about the potential genocide of the Kurds by the Turks and that really bothered, you know, Republicans and Democrats.”

And Swallowswell went on to add, “When people start to hear in public that every day, dollars were held up for the Ukrainians, those were Ukrainians who were dying in the eastern part of their country.”  And he said, “We are going to put the best case forward. I think the allegation is extortion, essentially. And we are going to put credible witnesses forward. It’s pretty clear that all the arrows point in the direction that the president was leading the scheme.” Lies, lies, and even more LIES!

This dolt ended by saying, “But I think the best case also is a fair case. It’s not just the facts behind the case. The public has to perceive it as the president had his day in court.  And then it’s in the Senate’s court. But all I can do as one of the investigators now is to put forth a fair case.”  I would only like to point out to our esteemed Mr. Swallowswell that the ONLY thing real Americans understand, or believe, is that the TRANSCRIPT is just as clear today as it was on the day the president released it.

So look, either this boob, Swallowswell, is completely ignorant of, or has simply chosen to ignore, the fact that there is a treaty that exists between the U.S. and Ukraine, one that was signed by ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton, someone whom I quite sure is likely a hero of his, that actually allows both countries to request criminal investigations and help with possible crimes from either country. This specific treaty provides for mutual aid in any and all criminal cases for both countries.

And also, let’s not forget the FACT that, at least at this point, ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden can’t actually be considered as a political rival of President Trump.  If we’re going to be accurate, which I’m sure Swallowswell wants to be, ‘Crooked Joe’ is actually still trying to become the Democrat nominee.  So at the present time his ‘actual’ political rivals are Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and the rest of the second and third stringers picking up the rear. So once again the Democrats misstating the ‘facts!’

And what ‘this’ American believes is that President Trump was sending a message to the new Ukrainian President that there is a new Sheriff in town and that he should feel free to investigate corruption even, or maybe especially, if it involves Americans and that the Trump Administration will support him.  Imagine ‘Crooked Joe’ interfering in Ukrainian Internal affairs, making demands, threatening to withhold aid, and yet a similar call doesn’t come from the guy then in the Oval Office.  Why is that?

What Americans understand is that because Hitlery was made to suffer a humiliating defeat at the hands of a complete political novice, an example must now be made of the man who dared to defeat her.  Hitlery was never meant to lose, it was her turn, dammit!  Hence the rationale for continuing this scam laughably made in the name of protecting the Constitution.  So who is it that you’re going believe, the party of liars like Hitlery, ‘Crooked Joe’, ‘Pencil Neck’ Schiff and Pelosi, or your own eyes???

The transcript of the phone call makes pretty clear, or should unless you’re some political hack, the scam being perpetrated on the American people, as has all of the witness testimony taken thus far by Shifty’s committee.  And I’ll tell you something else, this American does not understand the insanity of Democrats who appear to have been driven insane over the fact that they lost an election that occurred three years ago and are determined to overturn it because they hate the man who won it.

And I guess I would like to ask Mr. Swallowswell just who it is that the American people are expected to see as the REAL criminal here.  I mean would it be ‘Crooked Joe’ who used his position as vice president to first buy his ‘cokehead’ son a seat on the board of a Ukraine company for which this same ‘cokehead’ received $80,000 a month for doing absolutely nothing and then, AND THEN, had the gall to later brag about getting the prosecutor who was investigating his son’s company fired?

Or, does he, along with his fellow Democrats, actually expect the American people to believe that the REAL criminal here is President Trump, who did nothing more than to ask the president of Ukraine to investigate what was, apparently to everyone but Mr. Swallowswell and his fellow Democrats, a blatant act of political corruption.   Are the American people really stupid enough to believe these lying Democrats?  But wait! They did elect the America-hating racist, Barry O-Bummer, not once, but TWICE!

Because the ONLY evidence, at least thus far, of anyone violating U.S. law involves ‘Crooked Joe,’ yet the Democrats are trying to impeach President Trump for nothing more than asking the new Ukrainian government to look into the actions of the Democrat National Committee (DNC) and the former Ukrainian government regarding the influencing of the 2016 election and the Biden’s association with a corrupt Ukrainian company that ‘Crooked Joe’s’ cokehead son was involved in.  Impeachable?

Where’s the concern from Democrats like Swallowswell for Americans regarding rising drug traffic and crime associated with the massive influx of illegal immigrants into this country, including many from known terrorist countries?  It would seem that both he and they are far more concerned with what’s happening thousands of miles from our southern border as they have clearly put what they see as being what’s best for their party over what the rest of us see as being what’s best for our country.

What we are witnessing today is nothing more than the dying gasp of a political party that is bereft of ideas when it comes to how best to serve the ‘American’ people.   As well, it’s another desperate attempt by the Democrats to cover the tracks that lead right back to them as being the perpetrators of what is, in fact, nothing more than an attempted coup that began before Donald Trump was even sworn in and would seem to involve a former president working to remove from office the current president.

And so it is my fervent hope that this idiotic, manufactured and utterly politically transparent impeachment attempt WILL, and in rather spectacular fashion, blow up in the faces of ALL those involved.  But I suppose in this political environment nothing can ever be seen as being for certain or, for that matter, taken for granted.  But the Democrats must not be allowed to get away with what is such an obvious attack if for no other reason than that it sets a very dangerous precedent.  Not that they care.

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