I can’t be the only one to take note of the fact of how Democrats always react with such glee every time they, and those in the ‘fake news’ media, have succeeded in convincing enough people to vote for those who support the Democrat Party’s continuing agenda to destroy America.  And of course there also appears to be no shortage of wealthy accomplices, like billionaires like George Soros, Tom Steyer to name just a couple of those on the ‘Dark Side’, who are always very willing to fund the left’s drive to reduce America to what would be just another Third World country.  And apparently we now have a sufficient number of ‘Americans’ who care very little about what will likely be left of our country for future generations to enjoy.

I have a very hard time understanding why it is that anyone of even average intelligence is able to see the wisdom in voting for ANYONE who proudly calls themselves a Democrat.  These days being called a Democrat is synonymous with being someone who wants to see America destroyed.  Whenever I see someone who claims to be a ‘proud’ Democrat, in or out of politics, I KNOW that that person is both someone I cannot trust and definitely someone who I can’t believe.  And frankly, that’s a bit sad.   To meet someone, even for the very first time and, based solely on their political persuasion, have literally no doubt that they are someone who is patently dishonest and unable to be trusted says a lot about where we are in 2019.

But that is what we have long been conditioned to believe.  Look, the Democrat Party has a rather long and storied history of lying to people, especially to minorities.  Minorities that, for whatever the reason, have continued to believe whatever it is that they are told by those in the Democrat Party.  There are a few voices of reason among those in the various minority communities, but more often than not they are simply drowned out by those whom the Democrats keep on the payroll for that very reason.  Blacks especially have been convinced, for decades, to vote against their own self-interest and in exchange for what I’m not exactly sure.  But even after having gotten the shaft for decades from those they vote for, they continue to do the same.

And with the arrival of Barry O-Bummer onto the scene it was blatant dishonesty that seemed to become acceptable, even encouraged, behavior by just about everyone in the Democrat Party.  And it was most certainly a pretty rare event when one of these people would make an appearance on any supposed ‘news’ programming and be challenged on what even the host of the show KNEW to be a lie.  And yet it’s all discussed as if the lie is a matter of fact.  For whatever reason, the vast majority of those who are members of today’s ‘press’ have decided to move beyond merely reporting the ‘news’ to the point where they actually manipulate the ‘news’ in order to direct public opinion in the desired direction.  And that simply is not their job.

As I have tried to point out before, the Democrats have provided us with multiple glimpses into the future they have in mind for us if they are ever handed complete control of government.  Look at any of our largest cities or at what the once ‘Golden State’ of California has now become.  California, under solid Democrat rule, is the perfect example of poverty by Democrat design.  Crime, energy prices, rent and the general cost of living are all through the roof, along with a tax burden that is one of the highest in America.  Californians now pay 40 percent more than the national average for their energy.  All of this is the predictable result of state laws and regulations that the elites can afford but that make the rest of California poorer.

And it’s California that the Democrats want to use as the example for what they wish to inflict upon the rest of us.  And is that really what most responsible people want to force upon their children?  I would like to hope not, but in today’s environment can you ever be sure?  And for those who think that such a thing could never happen here in America, I would only caution, “Look around you,” it has already started.  And the ONLY thing that will prevent it from going further is for a well-informed populace to take a stand against those who comprise the forces of darkness.  And it is in that regard that I fear I may only be pissing into the wind because it seems that no matter how dire the warnings, there will always be those willing to vote for Democrats.

Democrats care nothing about the country.  Absolutely NOTHING!  Because you see, the only thing, and I do mean the ONLY thing, that matters to Democrats is being in power, and to be able to dictate to all but themselves how we must live out our lives.  They see government, and not God, as being the source of ALL rights to be enjoyed by the ‘governed.’  And remember, it’s what the government giveth that the government will not hesitate to taketh away.  And the fact that their policies will wreak all manner of havoc upon our economy, our ability to defend ourselves and upon society in general matters very little to them.  Because the only thing that matters to them is the fact they are in charge of whatever mess it is that they themselves have created.

And for anyone who may doubt what I’m saying, or may see fit to accuse me of misrepresenting what the Democrats are truly up to, I would only say, look at what it is that those Democrats now running for president are promising to do if elected, and understand that there is simply no way to cover the cost of any of it.  They are promising ‘free’ healthcare to those in this country illegally, promising Medicare for all, promising to simply write off all college debt and the list goes on and on.  And yet there is nary a word about how they plan on covering the cost of any of these things.  People must be able recognize these grandiose promises for exactly what they are.  A scheme to bring about a complete and total financial collapse in this country.

So it is with a great deal of apprehension that I look forward to what likely lies ahead over the course of the coming 12 months.   We have in President Trump a man who came into office determined to make this country great for EVERYONE, and not simply those in power.  And yet he continues to be villainized by Democrats courtesy of all manner of rumor, innuendo and outright lies.  We have the best economy in decades, our military is essentially being rebuilt and he is working to secure our southern border despite the best efforts of the Democrats, and their allies in the ‘fake news’ media, to limit, to the greatest extent possible, his level of success.  In 12 months the fate of the country will be in the hands of the voters.  I truly do hope we’re up for it!

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