Napi 5

You know, it’s really kind of sad when someone you’ve always thought of as someone who made a lot of sense, suddenly goes completely mad.  And what makes it all even sadder is when you find out the reason that he went mad, and has since become nothing more than a vindictive old f*ck, is because he wasn’t given that which he thought he truly deserved.  And of course he of whom I speak is none other than ‘Judge Napi’ Napolitano who actually thought himself worthy of being on the Supreme Court.  However when President Trump failed to agree, it would seem that old ‘Napi’ slipped a rather sizable cog and has been residing in la-la land ever since.

And it was just yesterday that old ‘Judge Napi’ once again left little doubt that he is most definitely in need of a rather thorough psychiatric evaluation.  During his most recent rant, via his recent “Judge Napolitano’s Chambers” video, ‘Napi’ accused Republican lawmakers of smearing witnesses in the House impeachment inquiry.  ‘Napi’ said, “A group of Republicans in the House of Representatives were unhappy with hearings being held behind closed doors, even though those hearings are perfectly consistent with House rules that were written by Republicans when they controlled the House.”  I’m thinking ‘Napi’ is pushing a little revisionist history here.

Anyway, ‘Napi’ continued, “The proofs have been admitted to by the president. He had the phone call with the president of Ukraine. He did hold up nearly 400 million dollars in aid. Ukraine is in a war with Russia. Russia seized a province of Ukraine and is occupying it. They desperately need the military equipment the president held up until the Ukrainian president could do a favor for him, and the favor was to investigate an American citizen who happened to be the leading candidate for the Democratic nomination to oppose President Trump’s re-election. None of that is in dispute.”  You know, the more ‘Napi’ talks, the less sense he actually makes.

And ‘Napi’ said, “The question is, does that behavior on part of the president constitute an impeachable offense. The Republicans’ best objective would be to argue it doesn’t. Instead, their arguments are to smear the witnesses being interrogated in secret and to smear the process.”  Anyone who has spent any amount of time watching all of the screwy goings on would know that ‘Napi’ is doing little more than talking out is ass.  What ‘witnesses’ have been smeared?  Look, what we have here are people who, because they disagree with the policies of this president, feel somehow justified in telling all manner of lies in their attempt to bring him down.

‘Napi’ makes the claim that merely by mentioning the fact that all of these ‘witnesses’ also happen to be previous Democrat operatives, or have worked in Democrat administrations and on Democrat campaigns, they have somehow been “smeared.” Smeared with what, the truth?  They are ALL, every single one of them, political enemies of President Trump. This is all political, not criminal.  And it’s every time that ‘Napi’ now opens his mouth that he proves himself to be less of a ‘political analyst, and more of your average run-of-the-mill partisan leftwing political hack.  I’m not sure who it is that ‘Napi’ thinks is still paying him any amount of attention.

And I have no doubt that ‘Judge Napi’ will have absolutely no problem whatsoever regarding the fact that the ‘impeachment inquiry resolution’ passed by House Democrats today, interestingly enough just so happens to include a “loophole” that would provide to the Democrats, on the Judiciary Committee, veto power over ANY witness requested by the White House.  In other words, the provision gives Nadler and fellow Democrats on the committee power to reject White House witnesses as a form of retribution.  When asked about the provision, Nadler remained tight-lipped, describing it simply as a “precaution” and adding, “I hope we don’t need to use it.”

And it’s according to ‘Napi’ that the Republicans have absolutely no recourse but to stand idly by while Democrats continue to produce a steady stream of liars against President Trump for the purpose of impeaching him by innuendo.  Yup, sounds perfectly fair to me, NOT!  And let’s be honest, ‘Judge Napi’ is one to complain about the Republicans “smearing” anyone since “smearing” the President is all this dope has been doing, 24/7, ever since he got turned down for the Supreme Court.  And all of the issues he claims on his video that are “beyond dispute” are, in fact, very much in dispute.  ‘Napi’ has proven himself to be both a disgrace and an embarrassment.

In truth we are all witnesses!  Witnesses to the fact that the drive to impeach President Trump has been present since even before he was elected.  Democrats have been relentless in their effort to come up with any excuse or any crime, real or imagined, that can then be used to remove from office our duly elected president and finally succeed in overturning the 2016 election.  The Russian collusion conspiracy came to nothing, so they moved on to the next issue without embarrassment and proceed to act out the entire fiasco again. Any issue will serve as a vehicle for their obsession and their predetermined outcome, with the ultimate goal always being impeachment.


  1. I read today that the 2 whistleblowers (who heard it from someone ~ who heard it from someone ~ who heard it from someone else)

    Don’t want to testify!


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