Democrats 91

What is it about our modern day Democrats that has them thinking that what will present to them their best chance to defeat President Trump and to also seize complete control of Congress, is by proudly declaring their deep and abiding hatred of the entire concept of America?  I mean, what sense does it make to want to be in charge of a country that you have absolutely NO love for?  Is it just to satisfy some twisted need to be in charge of something?  And a question for voters should be, do you really want someone who hates your country to be responsible for both its economic wellbeing as well as for its national security?  For me, that’s a big NO!

It has become a rather sad routine to watch leftwing politicians literally salivating over the violent carnage in America, viewing it, I assume, as being something that will make it far easier for them to advance their toxic agenda of depriving citizens of their right to protect themselves, their families and their neighbors, from exactly the violent carnage they claim to be seeking to bring an end to.  In truth, they have no solutions, or at least any that make sense.  Take for instance “Big Toe” O’Rourke who in an attempt to breathe life into a failing presidential campaign has vowed to send armed government agents door to door rounding up the guns of law-abiding citizens.

As someone on the outside looking in, It’s hard to understand how a politician, any politician regardless of political affiliation, could be so self-absorbed, as well as so driven by their desire to possess at least some level of political power, that they would willingly stoop to exploiting any tragedy for their own personal and political gain, especially when the tragedy involves schoolchildren who have been slaughtered.  The general philosophy among so many on the left is to “never let a good crisis go to waste.”  And it’s something that has become increasingly easy for Democrats if for no other reason that they’re detached in that they don’t personally know any of the dead.

And then we have everyone’s favorite two time loser, Hitlery, who actually knew Rep. E-lie-jah Cummings personally and yet still chose to exploit his funeral, using it as an opportunity to score what must be seen as being the very cheapest of political points, and on national television no less.  Apparently she simply couldn’t help herself when it came to delivering what was an utterly classless “eulogy” during which Hitlery made a thinly veiled reference to President Trump as the wicked King Ahab from the Bible.  I mean who is it that thinks in this manner and that wasting an opportunity the purpose of which is to celebrate a life on purely partisan politics is a good idea?

And it was during her ‘eulogy’ that Hitlery said, “Like that Old Testament prophet, [Rep. Cummings] stood against corrupt leadership of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel and looked out for the vulnerable among us. He lifted up the next generation of leaders. He even worked a few miracles. And he kept reminding us life is no dress rehearsal. The American people want to live their lives without fear of their leaders.”  I’m not sure who Queen Jezebel is in this strange passage, but nobody had any doubts about who King Ahab was.  It’s in Hitlery that we have someone who seems to think that she has been prevented from achieving that which was somehow owed to her.

But to be honest, it is perhaps no display of political exploitation that has been more disgusting than the recent reaction of House Democrats to the thrilling news that ISIS founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi blew himself up after U.S. special operations forces cornered him in Syria.  This was a man who was, simply put, a heinous butcher who raped women and girls, ripped out fingernails, burned people alive and preached beheadings for nonbelievers.  His final act before plunging into the fiery pits of Hell was to murder three of his own children.  And yet we heard all manner of kind words referencing this thug from both the Democrats and their many minions in ‘fake news.’

The reaction of top Democrats in Congress?  Well, that was their outrage over the fact that President Trump had not told them about the raid beforehand.  President Trump, and understandably so, explained that the mission was simply too sensitive to risk looping in hopelessly partisan Democrats in Congress who might then go blabbing about the raid and endanger the lives of U.S. troops.  Proving the president’s point exactly, Speaker Pelosi specifically complained that President Trump had notified Russian officials. Get it?  Because it sounds like more Russia “collusion.”  With every passing day, these people become more and more impossible to take seriously.

So the only remaining mystery here is trying to determine just how far the Democrat Party might be willing to go?  When this latest ‘witch hunt’ fails and it becomes certain that President Trump will win re-election and the Democrats, despite their best efforts, will lose the House, will they then try to convince their followers to take to the streets and overthrow the election by force?  After all, these people seek only absolute power and have no human decency left within them. They sold their souls a very long time ago and will not give up their unholy quest without a fight to the finish. That’s the reason they continue to fight tooth and nail against President Trump.

The Democrat Party ceased being a political party and more a group of insidious malcontents with the election of Barry O’Bummer.  It’s a death cult.  Its sacraments are the blood of anyone they can destroy with an especially high premium now on the blood of our children.  Those who now comprise the Democrat Party are at their most vibrant and enthusiastic when presiding at a funeral.  A funeral is a time of macabre sinister celebration for the Democrat, and Hitlery is certainly no exception, and is veritably orgasmic with the gleaming rictus grin of death animating her every word at any celebration of death she can manage to obtain an invite to.

However, even with all of that being said, we must take them very seriously.  What they continue to do here is to undertake a coup.  And if they end up being unsuccessful in their effort to remove President Trump from office does anyone seriously doubt that the Democrats would then resort to what they would then likely view as being their only remaining viable option, that of course being the inciting of violence the level which could easily be described as a civil war.  As for myself I have personally decided to nix rabid evangelizing liberals from my life. How can I break bread with people who hate or are against everything that I love?

And on the subject of Democrats and funerals, they do have quite the tradition of turning ‘funerals’ into ‘fun-erals.’ During the 2002 memorial service for Paul Wellstone, ‘Slick Willy’,Hitlery and Walter Mondale, along with many other Democrats in attendance, were caught on camera laughing at one another’s comments.  And when ‘Slick Willy’ noticed the cameras were on him he went from guffaw mode to grief mode in a nanosecond.  And then there were those memorable pictures of Barry ‘O’ having a good time at the Nelson Mandela funeral. The best were with him leaning into some blonde Nordic chick while taking selfies as the funeral went on.

Hitlery is, and really always has been, a rather despicable degenerate and a very corrupt individual possessing an inbred sense of hatred for white conservative Americans, you know those that she once referred to ‘Deplorables,’ and refuses to acknowledge any black person who has the audacity to declare themselves to be a conservative or who expresses any level of support for conservatives and Republicans.  She is despised by millions who would love nothing more than to see weekly updated photos of her behind bars.  That we came so close to having this disgusting reprobate as our president sends a cold chill down my spine every time I think about it.

Having never been a Democrat at any point in my 60+ years on this Earth, I find it rather difficult to comprehend how it is that anyone of my age, who has been a lifelong Democrat could, today, still see the wisdom in voting for those in a political party now represented by those who possess a deep loathing not only for the country and for those most responsible for giving it life, but also for a Constitution that has served us so well for over 230 years.  It’s quite literally every day that Democrats continue to offer proof that they, as a party, are no longer worthy of that which they are so desperate to achieve.  The power to run things as they see fit!

The left’s descent into depravity and downright lunacy has taken on the appearance of a political process which has now morphed into a psychological one.  They call themselves progressive when in fact it’s only regression that we see coming from them and many of the policies that they wish to foist on the rest of us.  They are actually doing President Trump’s re-election job for him by reminding everyone how utterly meaningless they are to any hard-working person’s existence!  The Democrat Party is a cancer on America and it’s the Clintons who are a cancer on the Democrat Party.  And I only hope that both stay around long enough to finish each other off.

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