You know, there’s an old saying that goes something like this: “Even a crazy person will run out of a burning building,” and yet when it comes to the Democrats’ own little version of a burning building, that being the concerted effort now being undertaken by them to impeach a duly elected president, and for no other reason than because he dared to win an election, it would seem that few may be willing to exit the building.  And believe it or not, it’s their so-called leadership that actually seems to prefer going up in flames, if for no other reason than at least they’ll all go up in flames together.  They seem quite content to move forward with this lunacy.

It was on Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” that we heard one of these supposed ‘leaders’, Steny Hoyer, say that he wasn’t sure if every House Democrat would choose to vote for what’s being called an “impeachment inquiry resolution” scheduled for today, Thursday.   And it was in discussing if there was actually a need for a formal vote on the impeachment inquiry that host Chuck Todd, a very enthusiastic supporter of impeaching the president, said, “There are some members, he’s not alone, he voiced it, that not everybody’s convinced you need this vote tomorrow.  Make the case.”  Oh yes, Steny, by all means make the case!

To which Hoyer said, “They’re correct. We don’t need the vote tomorrow. The court has indicated that we can proceed as we have been proceeding. However, what Jerry didn’t mention is we are contemplating changing from what is essentially the investigatory phase of this matter into the open hearing—public hearing—phase of the consideration of whether or not there is evidence to believe that the president has committed high crimes and misdemeanors.”  Let’s face it, it is only in the alternate universe where the Democrats now seem to reside that there is any actual proof that the president has committed any ‘crime’ that would warrant being impeached.

Hoyer went on to say, “And in that public hearing, we want to make sure that everybody understands this is going to be due process.”  And he added, “This is going to be fair. It’s not going to be like the trial in the Senate, but it will be a forum in which the president is given the opportunity to call witnesses, to cross-examine, to have his representatives present. And for the president himself to be present. So this is … in the fact that this is a procedural matter, it’s not necessary to carry out our constitutional duties, but we think appropriate.”  What Democrats think is “appropriate?”  Seriously?  This is nothing but the railroading of a president!

When asked if he expected all House Democrats to vote for the impeachment inquiry, Hoyer said, “I hope we don’t lose any Democrats.”  He added, “Jim Clyburn and I have talked, and I don’t know whether we’re going to get every Democrat.”  And as it turned out, there were two Democrats who actually saw the wisdom in running out of that burning building that the Democrats themselves have managed to set ablaze.  At the risk of repeating myself, it has been on a number of previous occasions that I have made the argument that the sole motivation behind this partisan attempt to remove President Trump from office is because he simply was not supposed to win.

I think most folks, even many Democrats, have to admit that Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat House will go down as being the single best example of the worst squandering of a House majority and as the least productive House in history!  When President Trump mentioned “endless investigations” in his most recent State of the Union address, I must admit I chuckled. But he was absolutely right!  From Russian collusion, to obstruction of justice and now this Ukraine nonsense, Democrats have moved from one ‘investigation’ to the next and in so doing have succeeded only in portraying themselves as the party with ZERO ideas to offer the American.

‘Pencil Neck’ Schiff, ‘Pumpkin-Head’ Nadler, ‘Botox’ Nancy, ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters, to name but a few of those lunatics involved in what is nothing more than a ‘witch hunt!’  And it’s in the process, and this is just my own personal opinion, that they have succeeded in doing little more than to put those Democrats considered to be vulnerable in what is, for any politician, the worst possible situation.  If they don’t vote in favor of impeachment, they will get primaried by some left-wing nut who could likely win because the Democrat base has lost its collective mind.  If they do vote for it, they’ll likely lose their next election to any Republican with a pulse.

And I find it rather telling that despite all of the claims of supposed wrongdoing made against this president, Democrats still have yet to make a case, and at the same time seem to be quietly admitting that not all of those on their side have been convinced, as evidenced by the fact that two Democrats chose to vote against this resolution. The fact is, if Democrats had any proof of an actual crime, they would make their case to the American people publicly.  Instead, they’ve launched into yet another fishing expedition with a few Democrats now admitting they don’t actually have anything to impeach him over. The longer this goes on, the worse things look for the Democrats.

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