I think we can all agree that nearly all of our supposed ‘news’ organizations these days are pretty leftwing in their approach to presenting what they laughably still refer to as being genuine ‘news.’  Now I agree that I should have no say in what it is that they say, I do, however, feel I should have a say in what comes from those organizations that receive my tax money.  I’ve never been able to figure out why any of my tax dollars should be going to fund two, National Public Radio (NPR) and Public Broadcasting System (PBS), supposed ‘news’ outlets that together form what is really nothing more than a government sponsored/taxpayer funded propaganda apparatus.

Now I’m sure everyone has now heard how it was that The Washington Post had some very kind words for the ISIS terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was recently escorted off to meet up with his 72 virgins, dying courtesy of the suicide vest he detonated when he became trapped in a tunnel in northwest Syria by U.S. troops.  But it was not alone when it came to offering such kind remembrances of this thug.  You see, it was during special coverage of President Trump’s announcement on Sunday of the successful mission that NPR actually chose to praise the man who was responsible for beheading three Americans and enslaving and killing an American woman.

Host Lulu Garcia-Navarro led a roundtable discussion with NPR reporters Greg Myre, Tamara Keith and Daniel Estrin about al Baghdadi’s death and asked them to tell listeners about the terrorist.  And it was Mr. Myre who said, “He led a movement that we’ve never seen before.”  And he said, “ISIS had tens of thousands of members, fighters, coming in from all over the world.” He went on to say, “They controlled massive amounts of territory — in Eastern Syria and Western and Northern Iraq.”  And then said, adding ISIS had “millions of people under their control.”  And Myer said, “They administered cities, they collected taxes.”  Wow, a real prince of a guy.

And it was from there Mr. Myer said, “They had this incredible online recruit presence in terms of spreading propaganda; recruiting followers.”  And then he added, “This is a guy that sort of emerged on the scene.”  He said, “And led this group that had done something we’d never seen before.”  And then in striking a rather ominous tone Myre warned, “This isn’t the end of ISIS, but he was a real leader.”  He said, “It’s not somebody that they can just appoint somebody else; take over, and the movement continues.”  And he said, “His leadership was critical,” before finally admitted that the terrorist’s death was “definitely a major blow to the Islamic State.”  No shit!!

And it was Mr. Estrin who chose to describe the very successful mission as being little more than a “symbolic victory.”  Meanwhile, Ms. Keith, who is billed as being a White House ‘correspondent’ for NPR, claimed that President Trump makes up U.S. foreign policy “on the fly” and the president’s announcement took the “focus away from the muddle and confusion” of his administration.  Yup, NPR has some real geniuses in their employ.  I knew there was a reason I never bother to listen to any of these boobs.  And apparently few others do as well or you would think that NPR would have long ago been able to give up the need to be subsidized by we the taxpayers.

This thug, al Baghdadi, kidnapped, tortured, and raped Kayla Mueller, an American Christian aid worker.  NPR is a repugnant, anti-American propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.  And to describe this murderous thug as a “great leader” one would have to possess a rather twisted definition of exactly what that means.  After all, were men like Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Ho Chi Minh or Castro “great leaders?”  Or, how about Yasser Arafat, Hugo Chavez or Saddam Hussein, were they “great leaders?”  In truth this guy, al Baghdadi, was just the latest in a long line of murderous tyrants and is one that deserves zero sympathy or post mortem positive makeover.

Virtually every leftwing media outlet, both print and broadcast, seemed somehow compelled in their effort to portray al Baghdadi in what were nearly saintly terms, and as being something other than what he so very obviously was, but is thankfully no longer.  But the resulting, and quite massive, backlash from people mocking and calling them out over their biased, as well as patently dishonest, ‘reporting’ had many of them, but not all, soon changing their tune.  But look, we really shouldn’t be surprised by any of their increasingly bizarre behavior.  After all, this has become the modus operandi for so very many of those in the media over that last decade or so.

I am very curious, though, about when it was that these loons on the left became so infatuated with this monster, al Baghdadi.  Was it when he decapitated human beings and then stacked their heads like bowling balls and then tweeted pictures out to his many followers?  Or was it when he kidnapped, raped and tortured women and girls and kept many of them as sex slaves, after first killing all of the male members of their families?  Or perhaps it was when he crucified Christians and/or mutilated them in various gruesome way.  If not, then it had to have been when he burned human beings alive in cages and chucked gays from the rooftops of tall buildings.

This creep, al Baghdadi, was the absolute embodiment of all that is this supposed ‘religion of peace,’ and made clear that it is nothing more than a cult based on violence, hatred and death.  And for anyone to portray it as being anything other than that is to ignore the obvious.  I mean how is it that any reasonable human being can continue to believe such nonsense?  And yet those in both the Democrat Party as well as our ‘fake news’ media have no difficulty whatsoever in describing practitioners of this ‘religion’ as simply people of faith.  That, my friends, is nothing short of pure insanity.  To willfully ignore what these people truly are, could prove deadly.

President Trump has set forth a clear policy of destroying ISIS and liberating the Iraqi territory they controlled.  He has been steadfast in his opposition to endless wars. President Trump was called a coward by many for not launching an attack against Iran with the potential of killing over a hundred Iranians over the loss of a single unmanned drone.  Now he is likened to a madman for actually eliminating a true madman. The media apparently wants a president who listens only to them and does only what they want and speaks only in the way they demand or they will make clear how anyone who dares to disagree with them will relentlessly attacked.

I’m sure everyone will recall how it was that every Democrat, right down to the very last one, thought Barry O-Bummer was the second coming, and were confident that his election was going to usher in 40 years of solid Democrat rule, and obviously they were all quite wrong. Now they seem to be just as confident that President Trump will be removed from office, and it’s again that they will be proven to be wrong.  And even in the end if they are proven wrong, they will also be very sure that President Trump can’t possibly get himself re-elected, but again I’m quite sure that they will be wrong again. All of which will prove that their theatrics have all been for naught!

And have you ever noticed how truly psychotic these people seem to be?  Or how they have been trying to steamroll President Trump since even BEFORE he was elected?   No one in history has been excoriated by those in the press the way that Donald Trump has been. All of these “investigations” keep leading back to the very same cast of characters, all of whom are on the left.  I do think they have reason to act the way they do. Fear!  Fear of the things that are now slowly being uncovered and hopefully will be acted upon. The time has come for those involved in what was nothing more than an attempted coup to be tracked down and put where they belong, in prison!

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