It was back at the very beginning of that point in our history known as the Trump presidency that I actually found myself liking a fella by the name of Anthony Scaramucci.  Yes he was brash and used language that was, shall we say, a bit colorful, but after having spent 24 years in the Navy I didn’t find it all that shocking.  I remember hearing how he had sold his business with the intent of becoming a member of the new administration and did serve as the White House Director of Communications from July 21 to July 31, 2017.  And it wasn’t too long after being fired from that very position that something inside him seemed to snap.

And it was as recently as Monday of this week that ‘The Mooch’ made a trip over to ‘fake news’ HQ, the Communist News Network, aka CNN, where he issued a rather bold prediction, even for him.  You see, it was during an appearance on CNN’s ‘New Day’ that ‘The Mooch’ actually predicted that President Trump would not be the nominee of the Republican Party for the 2020 presidential election.  He said, “President Trump will not be the nominee come November. He’ll be either out of office or make a declaration that he’s not running for re-election. Now you’re going to have an open system in terms of who’s going to be that nominee.”

He added, “Two months from now, there’ll be an impeachment inquiry. He’ll be the third person to be impeached. Then you’re also seeing cracks in the foundation of the Republican establishment which generally dislike the guy. They’ll say good things about him right now because his supposed approval ratings in the Republican Party are high. But I think those are superficial numbers.”  He said, “As more of that information comes out, there’ll be a Goldwater, Howard Baker moment where they’re going to go to him saying, look, you’ve got to leave.”  He said, “Or maybe they can negotiate something with Speaker Pelosi where he can stay until the end of his term.”

And he continued by saying, “He’s either leaving before the end of the term or not running for re-election. Okay? The level of illegality is so far and beyond what could be normal. This is still a country that’s a rule of law country.”  All of which causes me to wonder, does ‘The Mooch’ EVER say anything that’s true or, for that matter, even thought provoking?  I guess people know what they’re getting when a guy goes by the moniker of ‘The Mooch.’  In truth he’s nothing more than another of those that we seem to be hearing from far too often these days.  A guy who likes the sound of his own voice, much like another fella once referred to as the ‘Creepy Porn Lawyer.

We have record low unemployment across-the-board, the economy is humming like never before, pay raises for the majority of working Americans via the tax cut, fewer people on food stamps and more job openings than workers to fill them.  And yet ‘The Mooch’ makes what would at least appear to be a rather insane prediction.  But if we are to believe him we would need to accept the fact that he is right, that Americans are very dissatisfied with the way his presidency is going and would much rather have someone like O-Bummer, on steroids, was back in the White House so everything would crash back to the glory years of Democrat control. Yes, those were the days.

But even with that said we cannot ignore the fact that the Democrats need only 20 RINOs to turn their dream of impeaching Donald Trump into reality.  And if you don’t think the likes of Lee, Romney, Collins, Murkowski, Sasse, Lankford, Toomey, Burr, Graham, Alexander and Corbyn would like nothing better than to vote to convict, then you truly haven’t been paying attention. That means they would only need seven additional Senators to convict.  So despite the fact that the only ‘crime’ committed on the part of the president was winning the 2016 election, the Democrats could very well be on the cusp of pulling off this travesty.  And that is truly frightening.

But ‘The Mooch’s’ prediction notwithstanding, here’s a little prediction of my own, of which you are free to take or leave.  All of this impeachment nonsense will prove to have been for naught.  The president is going to win by an even bigger margin than he did in 2016. Once he wins, he is a lame duck, so short of ‘offing’ the Pope on live TV with a claw hammer, he’ll be pretty much untouchable. He will then focus the next four years working to expose Democrats and backstabbing RINOs for what they really are. Americans will be left with no choice but to confront the corruption that has fully engulfed our political system. The revelations of the next four years will be shocking.

And it is precisely because a majority of the American people do still believe in the rule of law that President Trump cannot be defeated by unproven accusations, false rumors and all manner of innuendo.  Democrats, and their silent partners in Congress, the RINOs, will have to actually prove his guilt with hard, irrefutable evidence and not base calls for impeachment on what losers like Romney may suggest. They are suggesting that ‘bad character’ and all the terrible, horrible things that spring from it, will come crashing down on President Trump’s head and he will finally say “enough” and surrender to all of the lies.  But that’s simply not going to happen.

And I have no doubt whatsoever that if enough RINOs do choose to join with the treasonous Democrats in voting for impeachment it will surely be the end of the Republican Party for what would likely be generations.  And more immediately it will most certainly be the end of those Republicans who willingly take part in this kangaroo court.  RINOs such as those mentioned are no longer deserving of respect as they are no better than the Democrats they ally themselves with behind closed doors.  If the Republican Party desires to never again win a national election then it will join in this blatantly dishonest effort to remove from office our duly elected president.

One response to “SCREW ‘THE MOOCH’!!!

  1. So the mooch started dating a girl from his office while he was still married

    Divorced the 1st wife to marry the girl from his office

    When the mooch became a Trump supporter the 2nd wife was being black balled from the Hamptons and NYC parties

    2nd wife was having none of that and left the mooch while she was pregnant

    The mooch came crawling back but had to obey the new rules set down by wife # 2

    No more Trump!


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