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It’s the longer this insanity continues that the more I find myself wondering if ‘Creepy, Sleepy, Crooked Joe’ Biden might now be having some second thoughts about his decision to run for president.  I mean does he seriously think he can beat President Trump?  Because while I most certainly am no expert on such matters, it’s to the untrained eye that the time to stick a fork in him may have finally arrived, because he most certainly at least appears to be quite done.  He should quit while he’s ahead and go live out his remaining days enjoying he ill-gotten gains.

I personally have not been able to bring myself to watch any of these exercises in stupidity, oddly referred to by so many as being ‘debates.’  I simply have better ways to use my time.  But having said that, it’s from all that I have read and heard thus far about the most recent ‘debate’ that it was ‘Crooked Joe’ who once again turned in what has been described as being a less than stellar performance during which he exhibited bouts of confusion and became tongue-tied several times when trying to explain his answers.  And yet his gaffe-ridden campaign for president continues.

A few examples of ‘Crooked Joe’s’ obvious difficulties from last night’s debate are as follows:

1: “Expodential:” It was apparently at one point during the evening that ‘Crooked Joe’ mistakenly pronounced one of the Democrats’ favorite adjectives, exponential, as “expodentially.”  And it was at another point that ‘Crooked Joe’ appeared confused when he talked about people “clipping coupons in the stock market” when talking about the capital gains tax.

  1. And it was another point in the evening that ‘Crooked joe’ also unexpectedly gestured at Bernie Sanders when referring to Vladimir Putin. Bernie interrupted saying “Excuse me, Vladimir Putin, here?”
  2. And then it was when ‘Crooked Joe’ defended his son Hunter Biden serving on the board of a Ukrainian energy company but failed to differentiate him from his deceased son Beau Biden, who was the Attorney General of Delaware. ‘Crooked Joe’ said, “Even when my son was the attorney general of the state of Delaware, we never discussed anything so that there would be no potential conflict.”
  3. And it was on the subject of ending Roe vs. Wade ‘Crooked Joe’ also stumbled when saying he was “put in the position of ending Roe vs. Wade” before correcting himself to talk about gun sales.
  4. Old Joe was vague himself on the issue of being vague. ‘Crooked Joe’ criticized his Democrat rival Elizabeth Warren for being vague, but ended up sounding even more vague in the process. ‘Crooked Joe’ said, “Part of that requires you not being vague.” When asked to explain what he meant, he meandered on for several seconds talking about the different costs of healthcare.
  5. And it was when asked about his age that ‘Crooked Joe’ said that his advanced age provided him with the necessary “wisdom” to be president. He said, “One of the reasons I’m running is because of my age and my experience.” And then he went on to add, “With it comes wisdom. We need someone to take office this time around who on day one can stand on the world stage, command the respect of world leaders.”  I’m sorry, but I just don’t see any of these Democrats as being that person.

And again it’s relying on the opinions of others that I can say that old Joe struggled to make the point that his advanced age made him more qualified to be president than any of the younger candidates.  So I guess things being what they are, and not how I assume he would like them to be, is it any wonder that ‘Crooked Joe’ has now dropped to third place in this little contest, behind of all people Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, at least according to a George Washington University Politics Poll released ahead of Tuesday’s Democrat debate in Westerville, Ohio.

And it was this very same survey that also found that Warren now seems to be the overwhelming second choice of supporters of other candidates.  Per the release: “Ms. Warren is making inroads with other candidates’ supporters too. The same group of Democratic and leaning voters were asked for their second choice, should their main pick drop out. Ms. Warren was the second choice of 34% of Democratic and leaning voters who support another candidate. Of Mr. Biden’s supporters, 45.1% chose Ms. Warren second. Of Mr. Sanders’, 31.2% chose her.”

So after four questionable performances in what has now been four ‘debates’, plus numerous gaffes, and that rather bold declaration regarding the withholding of a rather sizable amount of cash unless the then President of Ukraine did as he was told, how is it that this doofus, ‘Crooked Joe’, is even still in the running to be our next president? People who still want ‘Crooked Joe’ to be the Democrat Party’s standard bearer insist that the guy is a ‘moderate,’ when he has proven numerous times that he is not.  The ‘Moderate Democrat’ is a species that long ago went extinct!

As it was, I think, pointed out by the president that ‘Crooked Joe’ has never been considered by anyone to be all that smart or even anything approaching it. He was the consummate egotistical showman and grandstander during all his years in the Senate. And putting all the butt-kissing aside, he gave O-Bummer a little credibility and stability among the racist Democrats who were, and rightly so, worried that O-Bummer would take this country off the deep end.  So all these gaffes age, and the early stages of dementia aside, are par for the course for ‘Crooked Joe.’

So I’m wondering if Democrats maybe be beginning to panic because ‘Crooked Joe’ was to be elected front man along with his specially handpicked vice president.  You see, the master plan was always for Joe’s vice president to take over a few months after the election and working quietly behind the scenes conducting the actual running of the country.  Because it became common knowledge long ago that “Crooked Joe’ no longer possesses the necessary mental capabilities required to be president.  But I would argue that their master plan may be beginning to crumble.

And of course ‘Crooked Joe’ would be always be there standing at the ready to provide whatever rubberstamp that may be required just in case the Democrats are able to move forward with any of their personal favorites from their platform of: Open borders, sanctuary cities, aborting live babies, slavery reparations, Green New Deal, impeachment, wealth tax, Medicare for all, free health care for illegals, transgender bathrooms, legalizing drugs, gun confiscation, or job-killing regulations. And we know they hate cops and supporting violent groups like BLM, Antifa.

So I’m beginning to think that the ‘Crooked Joe’ show is now pretty much toast, or at the very least on the downhill slide.  It was popular in the beginning because the old elites in the Democrat Party saw him as being a replacement for Hitlery.  But the longer this goes on, the more obvious it becomes that it was all nothing more than wishful thinking on their part.  Now with Hunter being used to expose Joe’s old style political tactics, the stuff that was common when he was a kid, old Joe ain’t looking quite so good. My guess is that Warren will move up with Bernie behind her.

I must admit that I would absolutely love to see a Trump/Biden debate, but I just don’t think it’s in the cards.  And sorry Joe, but age does not bring with it any amount of wisdom. If you were a dumbass when young, you’re probably going to be a dumbass when old.  Compared to President Trump (73), Joe (76) and Bernie (78) are clearly over the hill and deep into the valley.  Only a little older than the president, both should be sitting on a park bench somewhere feeding the pigeons. Warren (70) reminds me of a grandma pitching advice that nobody much wants to hear.

Finally, the Democrats are defeating themselves. Instead of presenting a unified vision on how they plan to bring the country forward, all they do is bicker with each other. How on Earth would anybody expect this to be a party of good leadership skills, when they can’t even bring themselves to discuss those things that are actually important to voters?  And trust me when I say, this continuing impeachment nonsense matters to no one but the hardcore leftwing fringe of their party.  President Trump has clearly demonstrated he is a leader.  All of these Democrats have yet to do that.

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