I’m sure many will be shocked to find out that Susan Rice, that well-known liar and ex-Obummer National Security Advisor, during a recent appearance on the Communist Broadcasting System, aka CBS, on Thursday in another snoozer episode of “CBS This Morning,” apparently considers the presidency of Donald Trump to be “far worse” than she could have ever imagined, and she’s “not hopeful” about him or his policies.   But if we stack the their first three years of the Trump Presidency up against the entire eight years of O-Bummer we can very clearly see that the presidency of Donald Trump has already been far more beneficial to America, both at home and abroad.

Rice was asked whether Trump’s presidency has been worse than expected and she responded saying, “Far worse than I ever could have imagined. Far worse.”  And when asked whether she’s hopeful, Rice said, “I’m not hopeful about this president or his policies. I’m desperately concerned to be as frank as I can. What I’m hopeful about is America’s capacity to grow and change and to renew itself.”  Rice also said that she regrets making the rounds on the Sunday morning talk shows to give what turned out to be an inaccurate assessment of what led up to the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.  Regrets?  Look, this bitch KNEW she was lying when she…LIED!!!

She said, “I regret it mostly because … what happened as a result of that is something I was always taught never to let happen, which is to have other people define me for me.”  Rice said during that time her daughter, Maris, who was nine years old at the time began hallucinating as a result of the stress Rice was experiencing.   She said, “She was scared. She was seeing images of men coming out of the walls at her. We didn’t know what else to characterize these as than hallucinations. We took her to all kind of doctors and were left with the conclusion that in all likelihood this was a stress reaction to what I was going through.”  What a bunch of BS!

And she went onto say, “And we as parents, I regret, I think, failed to understand that, you know, a TV in the background that we are tuning out, a little kid may not.”  Oddly enough it was CBS who reported that her children are apparently at opposite ends of the political spectrum with her daughter Maris being described as a progressive, while her son Jake is considered to be a Trump-loving Republican.  And I can’t help but wonder if it’s nothing more than some weird coincidence that the kid who ends up having the hallucinations is the progressive daughter and not the Trump-loving Republican.  I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but it would explain a lot.

So to me sounds as if her regrets are essentially all about her, not about the fact that she lied countless times about how it was that the guy she still seems to think was such a great president left four Americans, including our ambassador, to die at the hands of what was nothing less than a mob of Moslem ragheads?  This woman provides us with a whole new definition of pathetic, and I sincerely hope that when her time comes to leave this Earth, that she spends all of eternity rotting in Hell.  Because that truly is all that she deserves after all of the lies she has told and continues to tell. And it’s not just that she lied, but that she lied with a purpose and on purpose!

And why is it, exactly, that any of us who voted for this president, and who continue to support him should care what this lying loser thinks of him or, for that matter, those of us who voted for him and will do so again.  She, like every other scumbag Democrat, is determined to do all that she can in an effort to convince anyone dumb enough to believe her that somehow Donald J. Trump simply is not worthy of being president.  And for no other reason than because, with the bunch of leftwing nutjobs they now have now running for president, they are none too confident about being able to defeat him in anything that might resemble a fair and square election.

But I guess it’s in one sense, although likely not the reason for her saying so, that the Trump presidency can be said to be “far worse than she could ever have imagined.” Because I’m quite sure that neither she, nor any of her many lying cohorts, ever thought President Trump would be so successful in bringing to light the level of corruption that has, for decades, been taking place in Washington and in which Ms. Rice was most certainly played a very prominent role.  So if she isn’t already looking over her shoulder, it’s for that very reason that she most certainly should be. Because someone who has told as many lies as she has, must be held to account.

But with that said, it’s highly unlikely that this lying piece of human excrement will ever be made to face justice.  She no doubt has her get out of jail free card, aka the race card, at the ready.  Because to make her pay for her blatant dishonesty would be nothing less than an act of pure racism, don’t ya know.  Therefore she continues to be provided with platforms like ‘This Morning,’ on CBS, from which she can freely spew more of that which she has become famous, or infamous, for having done, and continuing to do.  Like all who were part of O-Bummer & Co., there is, quietly literally, nothing that she could possibly ever say that should be believed.

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