Shep 2

Not that one thing has anything to do with the other, I suppose, but it seems that since he came out of the closet Shepard Smith has become increasingly unraveled, becoming even more vocal regarding his dislike for the president.  If this were a few years ago I might suggest that perhaps Shep move to the Communist News Network (CNN) or even MSNBC.  But times being what they are, with there now being little difference, these days, between Fox News and the other ‘news’ networks there’s really no need for that.  Because with few exceptions, ‘Fox News’ has turned into just another Trump hating network that spews nothing but anti-Trump propaganda.

I mean Fox seems to have quite the cast of Trump-hating players now on the payroll.  Of course there’s Wallace, Williams and Rivera who have long been obvious in their contempt of the president, but since even before he was elected the list has grown considerably to include names like Baier, MacCallum, Henry, Roberts, Cavuto and Napolitano to name but a few.  I’m sure I’m leaving out someone, which is really no surprise as the only ones I tend to watch these days on a regular basis are Carlson, Hannity and Ingraham.  And yet there are those times I find myself turning the channel during Carlson and Ingraham.  But these three are all I tune in for anymore.

Which, of course, brings me back to Fox News ‘anchor’ Shep Smith who, just yesterday, made it quite clear just how totally unhinged he has become, of late, as he actually went so far as to suggest a cockamamie theory of his, regarding a possible motivation behind President Trump’s recent decision to pull troops out of Syria.  He called it the “politics of distraction,” the purpose of which, I guess, would be to get people talking about other things before eventually deciding to bring them back.  But Smith’s Monday afternoon “Shepard Smith Reporting” guest, Brookings Institution senior fellow Michael O’Hanlon, had yet a different theory behind the withdrawal.

It was after asking O’Hanlon if troops were already on the move that Smith asked, “I ask because you wonder how much of this really is the politics of distraction.”  Shep went on to say, “There is a lot on the president today. There’s a second whistleblower. There is so much going on, a late-night announcement like this, and then all of the Republicans are turning on him, the leader in the Senate, Lindsey Graham – you name it – Republicans have come out against him on this. So you wonder if it is not one of those things to get people to talk about all day and then at some point and he’ll go, ‘eh, never mind.’”  Just another bit of wishful thinking, Shep?

O’Hanlon said, “There is that possibility.”  And then he went on to add, “But you know, even though I’m in favor of staying in Syria and I’m against the president’s recent decision, I think he speaks for a lot of people in his frustration with the seemingly interminable Middle East wars that are also very hard to understand.”  He said, “If you are President Trump and you’ve got a million issues on your plate, there’s probably a temptation to say, I don’t want any more to do with this conflict.”  And he continued, “I sense that is where he’s coming from more than anything else. I think it is bad way to make policy, but I have some degree of sympathy.”

Shep now essentially epitomizes all that ‘Fox News’ has now become.  And I find it rather laughable, hysterical really, that those on Fox are still able refer to themselves, and with a straight face no less, as being “Fair and Balanced,” when they have so very obviously become what is anything but.  It has become increasingly difficult to take nearly any of the network regulars seriously.  It’s like they’ve become a parody of their former selves.  I no longer have anywhere I can go, at least on television, to get anything other than an endless stream of pointless drivel telling me how corrupt the guy I voted for, and intend to vote for again, truly is.

And as much as Shep might fancy himself being a serious ‘journalist, he typically comes across as being something far less.  And it’s like so many others now at Fox that he’s seen as little more than a propagandist, a spewer of the requisite talking points like the obedient little robot that he is.  Therefore it’s become rather difficult to determine what the exact purpose of his program might be?  Is it simply a platform from which he can hurl accusations at the president?  I mean it most certainly is not a source of any usable ‘news’ or information despite the fact that that’s likely how Shep views it.  It’s a very rare occurrence when Shep even makes any sense.

And I can’t help but wonder if perhaps Shep might have taken the time to tune into his colleague Tucker Carlson’s show last night where Tucker ran a clip of ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton asking Tony Blair for assistance prior to the 2000 election.  Probably not!  But it’s once again that we were provided with yet another example of how Democrats always accuse others of doing exactly what they themselves are doing.  But then I’m quite sure that Shep would see virtually no similarity there, as he seems to have been sufficiently blinded by his Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).  I mean he’s morphed into a kind of cartoon character, to the point where he’s now little more than a joke.

And it’s rather insidious how these Trump haters have no problem whatsoever in holding President Trump to an entirely different standard than they do any other president including O-Bummer who was, without question, the single most corrupt individual to EVER hold the office of President.  And too, it was O-bummer who played a very critical role in first trying to sabotage the candidacy of Donald Trump, and when that failed has continued to play a role in undermining Trump’s presidency.  But again, I’m sure as far as Shep, and any number of others there at ‘Fox News,’ may be concerned, it’s all good.  After all, President Trump deserves to be impeached.

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