Wallace 7

So can we just all please stop pretending that Chris Wallace is anything other than a leftwing hack and faux journalist just like his old man was?  Because there is simply no evidence that he is in any way the objective, serious or responsible ‘journalist’ that he professes himself to be.  Nor is he the expert on all matters having to do, no matter how remotely, with politics that he fancies himself to be.  Of course in Wallace’s case the definition of ‘expert’, is more like being a drip under pressure.

But the truth of the matter is that Wallace has essentially made a career out of being nothing more than a very reliable propagandist for the Democrat Party.  Oh, and he also just so happens to be one of the many Trump-haters who now populate Fox News, joined by others with names like Smith, Rivera, Williams, Baier, Napolitano and McCallum just to name a few who appear regularly on the network that still touts itself as being ‘Fair and Balanced.’  I watch much less ‘Fox News’ than I once did.

Wallace recently once again showed his true colors when on Friday, during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” he said the “spin” by President Trump’s defenders was “deeply misleading.”  Wallace said, “The spinning that has been done by the president’s defenders over the last 24 hours since this very damaging whistleblower complaint came out, the spinning is is not surprising but it is astonishing, and I think deeply misleading.”  So, to tell the truth is now misleading?

Wallace continued by saying “Let’s look at what the whistleblower says. The whistleblower says it was a troubling call in which the president asked the Ukrainian president to investigate and to look at the allegation of this wrongdoing by Vice President Biden and by his son. We now have a rough transcript of that phone call and that’s exactly what happened.”  No, that’s not exactly what happened.  I guess when you’re a ‘journalist’ of Wallace’s supposed stature you see what you want to see?

He said, “What is clear from reading the complaint that it is a serious allegation, that a lot of it has proven to be borne out already. The whistle-blower lays out a blueprint from talking to various officials in the White House, various officials in the State Department. And to dismiss this as a political hack seems to me to be an effort by the president defenders to try to make nothing out of something and there is something there.”  Merely saying there’s something there, doesn’t mean that there actually is.

So it’s also according to Wallace, the faux ‘journalist,’ that hearsay is now more viable evidence than what was in the actual transcript.  And so using his own rather nutty rationale all I have to do to be considered immune from any and all investigation for committing a crime is to run against President Trump and, according Wallace’ argument, it’s now an impeachable crime for the president to even ask about it, cause it might be of value in defeating me in the upcoming election.  Duh?

Wallace is an acerbic partisan pretending to be a ‘journalist.’  In truth he is a rotten apple that didn’t fall far from the tree.  The Democrats employ a familiar tactic used extensively across history by accusing their impending accuser of the very behavior of which they themselves are guilty, and they do it before anyone has the chance to accuse them of it.  This gives them the advantage of being on the offensive, and of being the first to accuse.  And ‘journalists’ like Wallace provide them with cover.

This is especially effective when the entire media is on the side of Democrats, the truth notwithstanding.  Wallace tries hard to be relevant but instead comes off sounding more ignorant than knowledgeable by trying to convince his viewers that what they see taking place right before their eyes doesn’t exist. He has no clue as to what an actual criminal investigation looks like, but he’s still arrogant enough to make his ignorant ‘opinions’ known across the airwaves.  He’s nothing but a fraud!

Wallace’s idiotic comments were so off one wonders if he actually read the document on which he was offering what was really nothing more than his ‘opinion.’  The major contention is the fact that President Trump was not the one who brought up ‘Creepy.’ He brought up Crossfire, the company paying for foreign intel on a U.S. citizen on behalf of Hitlery and the DNC. The President of Ukraine brought up ‘Creepy’ and one wonders what the guy might know since President Trump never brought him up.

So in what kind of fantasy bubble must Wallace live?  We have ‘Creepy’ on videotape bragging about having strong-armed Ukraine into abandoning its investigation into the company that hired his unqualified son at $83,000 per month, which is $1 million per year, because he threatened to withhold a billion dollars in U.S. loan guarantees if they didn’t fire the prosecutor. Not getting those loans would have thrown Ukraine into insolvency.  Mr. Wallace, is that not the epitome of corruption?  No?  Really?

And it’s ‘journalists’ just like Wallace who are somehow able to call this a crime yet ignore O-Bummer and Hitlery’s then crimes when asking the Ukraine for dirt on then candidate Trump.  They also ignore the fact that three Democrat Senators, Menendez, Durbin and Leahy sent a letter to Ukraine in an attempt to get dirt on Trump.  And they also ignore how O-Bummer, also on videotape, openly telling the outgoing Russian president to wait after the elections and he could help them more directly.

Or, Mr. Wallace, what about the fact of how then president O-Bummer asked Ukraine to investigate Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, in 2016.  So apparently Wallace has absolutely no problem with Democrats wanting to impeach President Trump for doing exactly what O-Bummer did, and which they have been telling the world for years was necessary to protect American national security.  I would argue that Wallace long ago lost any credibility on absolutely ANY issue.

Wallace’s ‘unique’ skillset would seem to make him a far better fit at somewhere like the Communist News Network (CNN) or perhaps even that other network that bills itself as a ‘news’ network but is really anything but, MSNBC.  But I must say that it has been in recent years that ‘Fox News’ itself has strayed more than just a little from being what it once was. There was once a time when my TV would be on ‘Fox News’ from the time I got home from work to when I went to bed.  But no longer.

I mean this is so silly it’s absolutely nauseating. Democrats are making the claim that the President of the United States cannot make an inquiry regarding ‘Creepy Joe’s’ son’s questionable activities in the Ukraine to the Ukrainian President simply because ‘Creepy’ happens to be running for office. So that means that no one can ever be investigated as long as they are running for office somewhere, at some time.  Or it is just anyone running against President Trump or who happens to be a Democrat?

Now how idiotic is that? And Wallace is actually supporting this position?  Not only does the President have the right to make such inquiries about government corruption, but a treaty between the U.S. and Ukraine, signed by ex-president ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton, no less, EXPLICITLY establishes that there is an existing agreement to investigate ALL forms of corruptions, including ‘Creepy Joe’s’ corruption.  Perhaps our enterprising journalist, Mr. Wallace, is unfamiliar with that document?

Finally, are we to assume that Wallace is now in favor of banana republic tactics of throwing out of office legitimately elected members of the government, including the President, simply because of political disagreements or because they won an election they were not expected to?  Or does that new rule apply to only Republicans and, more specifically, only to Donald Trump?  This is very dangerous precedent that Wallace now seems to be in favor of, and could come to affect ALL future presidents.

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