Trump 44

So let me see if I have this right. Does President Trump represent the greatest threat that our Republic has ever faced, or does he not?  I mean IF that were actually the case would the House Democrats now be preparing, and at what is nearly breakneck speed, to go on yet another two week vacation, also known as a ‘recess?’  Time, or so they claim, that will allow them an opportunity to get out amongst their constituents.

Immediately after announcing the President Trump represents what is, by Democrat definition, an existential threat to everything that the American people hold dear, Democrats started packing their bags in preparation to get the Hell outta Dodge.  And if we really do need to remove this unstable, treasonous president immediately, what better time to do that than right after a two week vacation?

You see, Democrats need the American people to be on board with impeachment and so far we are not.  So what are Democrats to do?  Obviously, to spend some time with the folks back home with the specific purpose of ‘educating’ them on the need to impeach President Trump, and to convince them that he’s guilty of doing something that he didn’t do while ignoring everything that Hitlery and ‘Creepy’ did do.

It was this past Thursday that some bonehead California Democrat, Ro Khanna, said, “Congress is about to leave for a two-week recess.”  And this dolt went on to add that he believes Congress “should not do that” and should remain in Washington, DC, “to do the work to hold this president accountable.”  He said, “The stakes are so high. We have just announced an impeachment inquiry against the president.”

Yet while Khanna argued that the two-week recess should be canceled, it was Adam ‘Pencil Neck’ Schiff who, on the other hand, insisted that the vacation will not be a problem for House members.  It was during a press conference on Thursday that ‘Pencil Neck’ said, “We’ll be working through the recess,” indicating that vacation will not be canceled.  But when is it, exactly, that these clowns EVER actually work?

I have absolutely no doubt that timing of this call for an “impeachment inquiry” was timed to coincide with this ‘recess’ all along.  These scumbags leave town conveniently allowing their minions in the ‘fake news’ media to beat their propaganda drum in an effort to brainwash as many brain dead Americans as they possibly can before then returning to ‘The Swamp”  to move forward with their witch hunt.

Just be aware, my fellow ‘Deplorable’s,’ there will be an endless stream of fake news, fake outrages, fake whistle blower stories, fake doctored video’s as the election draws closer. The deep state doesn’t understand though, that most of us are savvy enough to see through their tricks.  Do NOT let it deter you, let’s work our asses off to get the president re-elected, that is the solution to our problems.

If the Democrats do truly believe that the president a threat to our country, then what’s the hold up?  They need to go for it and move to impeach!  Either that or just shut the Hell up.  They know they can’t defeat him in 2020 so they really have no other option that to get rid of President Trump before the election.  So they need to strap on a pair and just do it.  We, the American people, dare them!

Look, the Democrats have long been searching for anything on which they could base their calls for impeachment.  Make no mistake, at this specific moment in time it is only President Trump that stands in the way of those who are seeking nothing more than to rob from us everything that our Constitution guarantees.  The American people cannot, must not, abandon him.  To do so would be to cut our own throats.

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