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If ever there was any doubt that we are now busily raising a generation of what are little more than brainwashed little zombies that should have been officially put to rest after what was a classic exercise in ‘climate buffoonery’ which took place in the U.S. House just yesterday.  In what I can only assume was an attempt by Democrat believers to convince the rest of us that they are not talking out of their asses when it comes to their cockamamie religion of ‘man-made climate change’, they thought it appropriate to invite a couple of kids who I fear may just personify those who are the generation to whom we will be passing the baton for the safeguarding of America.

Ms.Jamie Margolin is someone described as being a teen climate activist and it was she who ‘testified,’ on Wednesday, before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, alongside fellow ‘activist’ Greta Thunberg, that the climate “crisis” is directly linked to colonialism and slavery.  Now the fact that Ms. Margolin is a native of Seattle, Washington may likely explaining her naïve willingness for buying into something as ludicrous as ‘climate change.’  And I guess I would be curious to know on just what it is that she bases her rather silly conclusions.  Perhaps they come from her very liberal wackjob parents?

Ms. Margolin was joined by Ms. Thunberg, that famed European climate activist who recently received stunning accolades from ex-president O-bummer, and proceeded to tell U.S. lawmakers that her generation lives with constant “fear and despair” due to the climate crisis and added that ‘climate change’ is directly linked to colonialism, slavery, and natural resource extraction.  She said, “I want the entirety of Congress — in fact, the whole U.S. government — to remember the fear and despair that my generation lives with every day, and I want you to hold on to it.”  Gag me with a spoon!  I’m sorry, but why are we even listening to this child?  Shades of David Hogg!

She asked, “How do I even begin to convey to you what it feels like to know that within my lifetime the destruction that we have already seen from the climate crisis will only get worse?”  What “destruction” is it that she is referring too?  And she went on to suggest that her dreams really do not matter because her generation “has been committed to a planet that is collapsing.”  Collapsing?  Really?  Wow, talk about some pretty heavy doom and gloom.  And then she actually went so far as to scold lawmakers, telling them they should be ashamed of themselves because “youth climate activists should not have to exist” in the first place.  This was such a farce.

While she took on a more optimistic tone when talking about potential solutions, she then veered sharply to the left by painting a darker and more sinister picture of America.  Ms. Margolin said, “Solving the climate crisis goes against everything that our country was unfortunately built on — colonialism, slavery, and natural resource extraction.”  And she added, “This is why the youth are calling for a new era altogether.”  She said, “As Greta mentioned, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report that we only have a few months left to create the massive political shift needed to transition our world to an entirely renewable energy economy.”

And it was in citing the commonly touted ten-year deadline that she said, “This needs to happen within the next ten years, which is our deadline to save life as we know it,” adding that she would like her generation to be known as “Generation GND” for the “Green New Deal” rather than Generation Z.  Margolin revisited her argument on colonialism later on and urged the U.S. to listen to “indigenous protectors” in Latin America. However, she warned America to “not perpetuate the same systems of oppression that have been pushing them down.”  You simply cannot make this shit up!  Why is she even worth listening to?  Because she’s NOT!

And then she went on to accuse America of “trying to colonize” its way out of the climate crisis.  She said, “And right now something that has been disturbing me a lot is seeing the way that we are trying to colonize and buy and sell our way out of a problem caused by colonization and buying and selling.”  I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised by the level of drivel spewed by this teenage ‘zealot’ as she represents the caliber of citizen now being churned out by our government run public education system.  And it’s with each new graduating class that America, as a whole, becomes just a bit dumber, placing the survival of our country all the more in doubt.

The lying communist propagandists have been heralding the end of the world for close to a century. I wish little Greta and her ilk would go live on a deserted island with zero resource extraction and zero combustible engines and see how much fun it is digging for roots to eat and living in a mud hut.  Unfortunately the Democrats have succeeded in turning our public education system into a liberal indoctrination system which is producing millions of American children with no judgement or critical thinking skills and no knowledge of basic science. They are easily programmed to believe almost anything their teachers or the mass media put into their heads.

Democrats are using children as human shields against criticism of their outlandish climate hope and change agenda. It’s the same strategy they used when O-Bummer was president saying, “You can’t criticize Obama’s policies, because that would be racist,” or “You can’t criticize what children say about man-made climate change, because that would prove that you hate children.”  It was during WWII that Germany indoctrinated its children and made them into perfect Hitler Youth. The left has infiltrated our schools and is doing the same thing on multiple agendas.  Sad to say, but propaganda works and now the left has its little programmed foot soldiers.

This teenager tells Congress how horrible it is to be young with so much looming uncertainty ahead.  Guess what, Chickie, when I was your age they were saying chlorofluorocarbons were going to block out the sun and we were going to have another ice age and either freeze or starve to death. If you’re that concerned, maybe instead of whining to Congress you should go to places who are the worst offenders and complain to them.  Get THEM to do something about it. What a generation of wussies. Every generation in history has grown up with uncertainties, whether it was the atom bomb or wondering if you were going to catch the plague.

But at least she can memorize the talking points her handlers provided to her. She wouldn’t know about or understand colonialism or slavery, other than the version of history her ‘teachers’ have been feeding her since kindergarten. She doesn’t have the age, the background, or the experience to have seen it in action in any of the Arab or African countries where it’s still practiced, or the various versions practiced in India and other South East Asian countries where being of a lower caste is the same as being a slave because you aren’t allowed to move up. She’s a fake and a fraud, and the Democrats will bow to her all the way to our destruction if we let them.

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