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Say what you will about former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, but the one thing that you most certainly cannot say about him is that he’s a pushover or that he backs away from a fight.  I only say that because it was yesterday during an appearance before the House Judiciary Committee that he proceeded to give it to the Democrats far better than they were able to give it to him.  Corey spoke to the case of political corruption that protected Hitlery and O-Bummer, and attacked the victim…President Trump.  And in making his comments he was both succinct and to the point.   He was not there to participate in yet another speech-fest by Democrats.

And to say that he frustrated the Committees’ Democrats would I think be a bit of an understatement.  Because during a contentious hearing that they had hoped would fuel support for President Trump’s impeachment, instead devolved into pure chaos.  Democrats repeatedly tried, and failed, to get Corey to talk about his conversations with the president, and he refused. Thus the hearing quickly blue up in the collective face of the Democrats just minutes into House Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler’s questioning of Mr. Lewandowski, with Democrats demanding the clock be stopped due to his “filibustering,” and Republicans calling for an adjournment of the hearing.

Rather than give Democrats any new ammunition, Corey used the hearing as an opportunity to recall President Trump’s historic campaign, to tease his potential run for the Senate in 2020, and, of course, to mock flustered Democrats.  In one exchange, after an insanely long ‘statement’ by Sheila Jackson Lee, Nadler said her allotted time was up but that Mr. Lewandowski could respond to her question. Mr. Lewandowski quipped, “I don’t believe there was a question, Congressman.”  After she retorted, “Yes there was,” he responded, “Could you repeat the question? I didn’t hear it. It was just a rant.”  Good for Corey!!

Corey also took the opportunity to mock Eric Swalwell for his failed presidency bid by referring to him as “President Swalwell”.  And it was at one point during this bizarre exercise that Hank Johnson, you’ll remember him for his Guam capsizing fame, commented, “Mr. Lewandowski, you are…like a fish being cleaned with a spoon — it’s very hard to get an answer out of you.”  Well, perhaps if there was a question that had actually been asked, and not simply an endless stream of pompous bloviating, Corey most likely would have then been able to provide an answer.  But he wasn’t there to be asked questions, he was there simply there to be lectured at.

Rep. Doug Collins, the top Republican on the committee, blasted Democrats for holding a hearing to talk about how the president should be impeached without actually taking an impeachment vote on the House floor, where there is not enough support.  He said, “You don’t have the votes … you don’t have the numbers, and even if you got it out of this committee you don’t have it on the floor, that’s your problem. So the thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to drag this committee through oversight hearings … we’re going to try to imply that this president shouldn’t be president.”   And he was exactly right!

Collins also mocked Democrats for billing the hearing as part of an impeachment inquiry, and not a regular oversight hearing.  He said, “They can’t sell the product, so they just keep packaging it differently.”  And went on to say, “I think we should call this for what it is, it’s just another simple oversight hearing …it’s become ‘Let’s read the Mueller report for audio book.’”  Collins also noted that Lewandowski had testified in front of Congress three separate times, as well as to former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and he blamed Democrats for not working with him and other witnesses to make the hearings more fruitful.”  Democrats only want the circus to continue.

The hearing was the committee’s first on this issue since coming back from summer recess earlier this month.  It was also the first hearing under the new rules the committee voted on last week which were intended to make the hearings appear more like a formal impeachment inquiry.  As part of those new rules, Democrats had an outside attorney, Barry Berke, continue to question Corey after lawmakers finished their questioning.  Corey also found plenty of opportunities to troll Berke.  When Berke asked about a comment he had made in the book, Corey responded, “Yes, I wrote Let Trump Be Trump, available at fine bookstores everywhere.”

And it was after Berke queried him about another comment that Corey had made in his book, about how he felt like a little kid in the Little League getting to play in the World Series, Corey got in a personal dig at Berke.  Corey said, “Yes, having the privilege to be inside the Oval Office speaking to the president of the United States after growing up poor in Lowell, Massachusetts, not attending Harvard or graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Duke — yeah it’s a pretty amazing opportunity.”   Score another one for Corey.  I loved it that he made it so abundantly clear that he wasn’t going to be intimidated by this band of hypocritical losers.

Berke also questioned whether he took the Mueller report “lightly,” asking if Corey had indeed recently gone to an event where he signed copies of the report. Corey acknowledged doing so, but pushed back that he did not take it seriously.  He said, “I’m outraged at the characterization of your statements.”  Berke also played clips of Corey giving television interviews in an attempt to contrast what he said then to what was in the Mueller report.  Corey told him point blank: “I have no obligation to be honest to the media because they’re just as dishonest as anybody else.”  And Corey was right yet again.  Why waste time being honest to a band of liars?

Seriously, why are we Deplorables always acting like we’re afraid of Democrats?  We really shouldn’t be. They’re stupid. They’re idiots. They’re immoral.  Oh, and they’re absolutely dumb as dirt.  Sheila Jackson-Lee is certifiably nuts. Jerry Nadler has more issues than the magazine rack at the Library of Congress.  And don’t even get me started on that dude who thought Guam would tip over, Hank Johnson. Joe Biden is red faced from answering the steam iron when the phone rings.  We don’t need to be afraid these losers anymore. Corey Lewandowski was right to treat them like pesky mosquitos or dog poo on the bottom of his shoe. They are scum.

Democrats are dystopian filth, and Corey did exactly the right thing. From now on, every innocent person dragged in front of this Nadler clown show should treat the Democrats on the panel with as much contempt as they can get away with. And Republican members of the committee should help them stall, hassle and undermine the Democrats at every move, because the Democrats are lawless, disgusting morons who deserve zero respect from anyone who loves this country and the rule of law. The same mentality in these people is what brought humanity The Inquisition, The Reign of Terror, The National Socialist Party, The Bolsheviks, and so many other tyrannies.

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