Stephen King Portrait Session

There was once upon a time, back in his early days that I was actually a fan of Stephen King, but it was after his third or fourth book that I realized they were beginning to sound pretty much the same, and as if written not so much for the enjoyment of the reader but more with perhaps a movie in mind.  In short, his books got boring.  And it’s these days that he’s become less of a writer and more of just another out of touch Hollyweirdo elitist seeking the ability to dictate to folks in middle American how they must live their lives in a manner considered ‘acceptable.’

And so it was on Wednesday of this week that Steve joined the skanks of ABC’s “The View,” and in so doing naturally took the opportunity to criticize President Trump’s immigration policy by saying it imitated his horror novel.  Skank Sunny Hostin said, “You are scaring us all again in your new book, ‘The Institute.’ I only read your books when it’s light out. It’s about a group of people—these people are nodding— supernatural children who are abducted by a mysterious organization, and as you were writing, it started to parallel reality. I’m afraid to even ask, but how so?”

To which Steve responded by saying, “When I started this book, I just wanted to write a story about defenseless children who were locked up and had to kind of band together in order to fight these cruel adults that are performing tests on them. I was thinking a little bit about the CIA experiments in the early ’50s, and I was also thinking about experiments that were performed on people in the camps during World War II. And the thing is, you write, and I try to keep my politics separate from the stuff that I write, the stories because I think people like story.”

He added, “People want the story. And if they want the news, they want the stuff they can go and get on MSNBC, or they can go on Fox or whatever. But sometimes, life comes along and imitates art instead of the other way around. And as I was re-writing this book, all at once I find out we’re locking little kids up in cages on the border, and I’m thinking to myself, ‘This is like my book.”  Right, it’s all about the kids, right Steve?  What about the millions of babies who have been butchered every year by the very people that YOU support?  That’s the true horror you POS!

Hollyweirdos, like Steve, have come to think of themselves as being God-like.  And while every day black children are killed in many of our Democrat run large cities, it’s nary a peep that’s ever heard from leftwing hypocrites like old Steve.  The mere fact that one possesses a God given talent does not mean one is somehow more deserving of being listened to, nor does it mean they are particularly bright.  Add to that the fact that they are an odd assortment of atheists, alcoholics, drug addicts and perverts and it becomes very clear very quickly that the best thing to do is to just ignore them.

And too, it’s Hollyweird that is the biggest pusher of violence in the world.  The average young person grows up watching all manner of violence in movies as well as video games and on TV to the point they become desensitized to it.  And yet these Hollyweirdos dare to blame politicians who favor upholding the Second Amendment.  Hollyweirdos are consummate liars, their entire life is a lie.  And it’s these same virtue signaling Hollyweird hypocrites who rail against gun violence as they make millions on violent movies, all the while being protected by armed bodyguards.

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