Never in my life, or at least for as long as I can remember, have I witnessed such a concerted attempt conducted by so many to remove a duly elected president whose only ‘crimes’ are that he won an election and then proceeded to make good on much of what he promised to do if elected.  There has been a constant barrage of attacks from not only the opposing political party but from within his own political party as well.   And when compounded with the near endless onslaught of ‘fake news,’ all of it negative, I find it amazing that he has gotten anything accomplished.  A lesser man would have simply abandoned those who voted for him and returned to private life.

Now I will admit that when Donald Trump first announced he was running for President I didn’t take him all that seriously, and gave him very little chance of actually winning.  While I also am no fan of Jeb Bush I figured that it would be he who I would likely be forced into voting for as my only alternative to Hitlery.  And even as the campaign progressed I tended to lean more toward Ted Cruz than anyone else in the contest.  And to this day I’m still not quite sure when it was that I decided to be a passenger on the ‘Trump Train,’ all I know for sure is that I did eventually come to view him as someone I could genuinely, and even enthusiastically, support.

And so here we are nearly three years later and while I cannot say that I have agreed with everything that he has done, I can, and very confidently so, say I am very much in favor of MOST of what he has been able to accomplish despite his being forced to go against what has been a rather significant headwind.  A headwind that I would argue shows little sign of decreasing and a headwind that few within the president’s own party have done much of anything to quell.  Sadly, it would seem that many within the Republican Party have been quite content to simply sit quietly on the sidelines while still others have actually played a much more contributory role.

For instance, might the sudden wave retirements of House Republicans, now at 16 and counting, that have now taken place be yet another attempt by the many Trump haters in Congress to pave the way for making the Democrat fantasy of impeachment all the more likely?  Probably!  And it’s such behavior that reveals much about these supposed public servants in that they never really possessed any real interest in serving the people, but only in serving themselves.  And now when the country and, quite frankly, the president need them what do they do?  They cut and run, like the gutless cowards that they are, and likely always have been.  They make me sick.

Also then we also now have three ‘Republicans’ in the person of William Weld, Joe Walsh, and Mark Sanford who have now apparently felt the need to issue primary challenges against President Trump in 2020.  And there is no way on God’s green Earth that you will ever be able to convince me that they are doing so ‘for the good of the country.’  And it is not one of these supposed alternatives to President Trump who would stand a snowball’s chance in Hell of defeating any of the current batch of Democrats now running, but then winning isn’t what they would be trying to do.  Their sole objective here is nothing less than the defeat of President Trump.

Let’s face it, Weld is so liberal that he was able to get himself elected, and re-elected, governor in one of the most liberal states in the country, Massachusetts.  And for him to refer to himself as a conservative is nothing short of ludicrous.  And it was this clown Sanford who was running around on his wife with some Argentinian babe.  And then there’s Walsh, who, from what I hear, has made more than a few racially ‘insensitive’ comments.  I only bring this up in order to demonstrate that not one of these boobs can be considered as anything other than your basic saboteur.  Not one is someone who could ever be called, by anyone’s definition, a serious candidate.

And I’m always confused whenever I hear any of these less than serious rivals of the president actually accuse him of taking the country in the wrong direction.  What is it that these morons see as being the RIGHT direction?  Is it higher unemployment?  Is it more folks on food stamps?  Is it higher unemployment for minorities?  I mean they’re going to have to explain to me exactly what they mean by that.  Is it continuing to allow China to screw us over with one-sided trade agreements?  Obviously all of these clowns are a little confused when it comes to the whole right/wrong direction thing.  And frankly, who are they to decide which direction is right OR wrong anyway?

That decision rests solely with ‘We the people,’ not some hack politicians who, if we’re being honest, don’t really give a squat about anything other than what direction it is that’s best for them.  And let’s face it, more often than not what’s the RIGHT direction for them is very much the WRONG direction for the rest of us.  And it bothers them not to tell us that which they think we want to hear only to do just the opposite when they get in office.  President Trump, on the other hand, told us from the beginning what he would do if elected and has made good on much of it.  So the choice between these three stooges and President Trump is a very easy one.

So over the course of the next 12 months what is it that we who love this country must be focused on?  Well for one thing we need to simply tune out all of the noise from those who are determined to turn us against this president, and to know enough to recognize their motives for doing so.  And we must not allow ourselves to fall victim to that which is nothing more than propaganda of the very worst kind.  The president is bucking a system that has now been in place for decades, and it is the supporters of that system who will now say or do whatever they feel is necessary to bring about his defeat.  If we allow that to happen we will pay a very dear price.

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