Waters 20

The closer we get to the next election the more desperate, or dare I say unraveled, the Democrats become in their effort to take down, in any manner they can and by any means necessary, a duly elected president whom they have deemed to be unworthy to hold the office to which he was Constitutionally elected by the American people.  And Democrats continue to get away with this kind of crap because there are few in the ‘fake news’ media willing to do anything more than to ignore it.  And it’s then that the very same ‘fake news’ media calls President Trump a liar with virtually zero evidence. And yet they wonder why so many of us have lost trust in them.

So on Tuesday’s episode of MSNBC’s “All In,” ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters actually went so far to accuse President Trump of being best friends with the now-deceased child sex trafficker, and close friend of ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein.  ‘Mad Maxine’ said, “The fact of the matter is he has disrespected all of us. He has used this president for his own advantages and his family’s advantages. And he should have been impeached. That’s what should have happened. The American people are sick and tired of this president who has a reputation not only for being a con artist but who has disrespected women.  Talked about grabbing women by their private parts.”

And it was from there that this loon went on to say, “One of his best friends who supposedly committed suicide in prison was a pedophile, and he knew it because he even said he knew that he liked young girls. Who is this awful, terrible man? It’s the president of the United States.”  And it was kind of to Chris Hayes’ credit that he said, “I don’t know if it’s been established that he was a best friend with Mr. Epstein, just to be clear.”  To which the crazy old hag said, “Oh, but he was, he was. He was one of his friends. And we’ve let him off the hook on that.”  So how is it that one can be let off the hook for something that he, or she, has never actually done?

And it was from there that ‘Mad Maxine’ went on to say, “We’re talking about Clinton and Prince Edward and everybody else. All of them need to be called to respond to this, including the president of the United States. Yes, that was his friend. Let him deny it.”  Look, the fact that Epstein is now dead, does free up, to a certain degree, scumbags like ‘Mad Maxine’ to make up all manner of accusations with, quite literally, no fear of ever actually being called out and or proven to be lying.  Because no matter how strenuously the president denies these genuinely bogus accusations morons like ‘Mad Maxine’ are free to keep on making them.

This is all nothing more than a bunch of absolute garbage and a complete lie. She knows it and this boob, Chris Hayes, knows it as well.  And, dare I say, it’s most people in possession of at least half a brain also knows it’s a bunch of garbage.  Frankly, I’m sick and tired of her, the ‘fake news’ media and the entire “resist” crowd whining about President Trump, his tweets and his continuing to call out the ‘fake news’ media for what it is, a threat to our freedom.  I’m not saying that President Trump is always right, but this is pure ‘fake news’ and pandering to the braindead morons in the Democrat base who believe everything they hear.

There is no doubt that ‘Mad Maxine’ is obviously confusing ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton with the much hated by the left, President Trump.  It is all too clear that ‘Mad Maxine’ is an evil, conniving liar.  And what makes her even more disgusting is the fact that she KNOWS she’s lying and she does so willfully and with a purpose.  ‘Mad Maxine’ is an amazingly stupid and an incredibly lazy, and disgustingly vile woman.  And it’s become pretty clear that she now thinks that her only job at this point in time is to bash President Trump with lies, no matter how ludicrous they may sound.  Have we heard her talk about anything else since President Trump was elected?

It has become clear that the Democrats and their many minions in ‘fake news’ will now stop at nothing. They haven’t done one good thing for our country.  All they want to do is to destroy the President who was duly elected by the people.  We all know our government was corrupt, but it was the election of Donald Trump that revealed the shocking depth of that corruption.  Something that had Hitlery won we would still be unaware of.  We must NEVER again allow ourselves to be convinced that there is anything good that can ever come from having a Democrat in the White House. They are evil liars intent upon destroying those people who dare to oppose them.

Obviously ‘Mad Maxine’ seems far more interested in continuing to slander the president than doing anything to address the many issues affecting those who live back in her district, despite the fact that she herself doesn’t even live there.  A district that is without a doubt one of the filthiest slums in all of America. In fact observers have suggested the slums are in worse condition than those found in most third world countries anywhere on the globe.  And it was even according to an NBC documentary that vast areas of her district are sinking in human feces and used needles, not to mention the fact that scores of people have been murdered.

The Democrats have now become so consumed with hatred, the source of which is likely due to their serious affliction of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), that they have now become borderline psychotic and very much in need of being safely locked away somewhere not only for their own safety, but for the safety of the entire country.  First it was ‘Mad Maxine’ who called on anyone who would listen to go and to harass Trump supporters.  And now this?  That the president was friends with the now deceased Epstein?  So what was ‘Slick Willy??’  There are many reasons to be concerned about the well-being of our country, and ‘Mad Maxine’ is a huge one of those reasons.

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