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In what is the ongoing, and quite expected, battle of one-ups-manship among the participants of the Democrat campaign to be our next president there seems to be no hesitation to promise just about anything whether or not it makes much sense or is even fiscally possible.  From Medicare for all, free college or the whipping out of all medical debt, the cost of those things being promised are rarely ever even considered by either the candidates or those to whom these nutty promises are being made.

The latest entry into the nutty promises sweepstakes, and one of those that doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense, if any, is the one that comes from none other than the supposed Democrat frontrunner himself, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden.  You see, it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ who is now promising to ban and/or confiscate all guns with magazines that “hold multiple bullets.”  So again we have another idiotic idea that will come nowhere near to actually accomplishing the supposed desired outcome.

It was in Iowa while on a campaign stop, just this past Monday, that ‘Creepy’ told reporters, “Having assault weapons on the street and magazines carrying multiple bullets is irrational. There is no need for it, and your Second Amendment rights are in no way violated.”  And it was upon hearing of ‘Creepy Joe’s latest promise I couldn’t but wonder if this was just another on what has become a long list of slips of the tongue for addle-brained old ‘Creepy Joe.’  Because that is what he does!

But that really doesn’t appear to be the case, at least in this particular instance, because it was after a reporter asked him if there was any “compromise on this,” that ‘Creepy Joe’ rather boldly declared, “None on this. I think there is no compromise. This is one we just have to push, push, push, push and push.”  So I would think that that could be considered as being ‘major news.’  Because, after all, here we have the Democrat ‘frontrunner’ admitting that he wants to ban almost all guns.

Look, the whole point of a magazine is to hold “multiple bullets,” that’s what magazines do.  And outside of shotguns and revolvers, pretty much every gun manufactured uses a magazine.  And since there is no gun that comes with a magazine that does NOT hold multiple bullets, all of those guns are going to be banned.  In a way I can’t help but wonder if ‘Creepy Joe’ realizes this or if he was just ‘shooting from the hip,’ pun intended, in making yet another stupid ‘promise.’

So it must be in ‘Creepy Joe’s world that all we’re going to be left with will be shotguns and revolvers.  We who comprise every day, law abiding Americans will essentially be living in the Old West while criminals, like the mass-shooter in Odessa, Texas, are armed to the freakin’ teeth.  And let’s not forget to connect the dots regarding exactly what ‘Creepy Joe’ is saying here.  He’s not just talking about banning guns he outlaws, he’s talking about confiscating guns he outlaws.

During the first Democrat debate in August, ‘Creepy Joe’ promised he would use the power of the federal government to confiscate firearms.  With emphasis added, here is his direct quote:  “Folks, look, and I would buy back [assault] weapons. We already started talking about that. We tried to get it done. I think it can be done. And it should be demanded that we do it. And that’s a good expenditure of money.”  But if you “demand” people turn in their guns, that is not a “buyback program.”

And what’s more, it was in a later interview that ‘Creepy Joe’ was pressed on the issue of outright confiscation and all ‘Creepy’ would say is that “right now there is not legal way to” confiscate guns.  Granted, he never said that he would not confiscate them, only that there is no law in place “right now” that would allow him to take away people’s guns.  He could have said I would never confiscate anyone’s guns, but he didn’t.  He simply chose to do what politicians always do, play world games.

Of course it’s ‘Creepy Joe’s’ promise to ban “assault rifles,” that completely fails to take into account the very obvious fact that there actually is no such thing as an ‘assault’ rifle.  Democrats continue to use their favorite nomenclature as a misnomer, a catch-all, a scary little buzz phrase that can mean anything that the current batch of government gun-grabbers want it to mean.  For instance, it’s Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s own silly “assault weapons” ban that covers 205 different firearms.

In reality ‘Creepy Joe, is the poster-boy for pandering, flip flopping politicians everywhere.  And regardless of the many claims that he is the most moderate candidate among those in the race, there is not a dimes worth of difference between him or any of the other candidates who are pushing what is nothing less than a pure socialist agenda.  Every time he opens his mouth whether speaking about abortion, taxes or on gun rights, he makes clear the foolishness of calling him a ‘moderate.’

I suppose there is always the possibility that patriotic American Citizens will finally come to wake up and recognize what it is that’s happening to our country right before their very eyes and put an abrupt stop to it.  We currently have a president who has been trying, almost singlehandedly, to restore order and commonsense to our government but has been confronted with all manner of resistance from entrenched enemies both foreign and domestic, as well as both Democrat and Republican.

‘Creepy Joe’ is right when he says there can be no compromise.  He and his sort must be defeated and thoroughly eradicated, politically speaking of course. This has nothing to do with crime or, for that matter, public safety, regardless of the lies used to advance their agenda.  Democrats seek to disarm the general public, so they can then force us to submit to a sort of rule that an armed populace would never tolerate.  Once the threat of armed resistance is gone, all other rights will soon follow.

After all, it’s much easier to roll over a disarmed population.  It tends to be much less attractive, and a lot messier, when the attempt to do so will be met with the threat of armed resistance. The left needs to stop being intellectually lazy and blaming guns to put us in a vulnerable and dangerous position and start addressing the root causes of these mass shootings.  But they will have absolutely no interest in doing so as long as there are deaths to be exploited and political points to be scored.

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