Cohen 2

It’s almost as if Democrats are in the grip of a most extreme type of insanity that has now reached near epidemic levels.  And there are now many in the Democrat Party of whom it can be said have now completely lost their minds.  They seem to have totally abandoned everything that made this country great, instead now choosing to support a governing and economic philosophy that has failed everywhere it has been attempted.  I mean even the ‘Tin Man” had a brain.  But I can’t help but wonder if there is anyone within the Democrat Party today who is capable of thinking much beyond the third grade level.  And it would seem by every indication that there is not!

Which brings me to last Friday’s bizarre episode of MSNBC’s “The Beat,” during which Steve Cohen, Democrat from Tennessee, and yet another clown who has been living off the taxpayers, between the Tennessee Senate and the U.S. House, for 36 years, said impeachment proceedings against President Trump need to begin.  It was while discussing Congress working on getting witnesses that Cohen said, “We know what they are going to say because it’s in the Mueller report and those facts are that the president obstructed justice. There’s no question on the Emoluments Clause every time he takes in dollars from foreign governments at Trump hotels or Trump Towers.”

And it was from there that this dolt, Cohen, went on to say, “And now he’s so blatant he wants foreign governments to pay him at the Doral. This has just gone too far.”  He said, “We need to just impeach the guy.”  And then he added, “The Constitution has been violated.”  Have you ever noticed that the only time Democrats pay any amount of attention to our Constitution is when they perceive it as having been violated by the opposition?  Their own far more egregious, as well as far more numerous, violations of our founding document are either simply ignored or claimed to be purely inconsequential.  Because their intent is to be seen as so pure.

And it is after 22 Months, 19 Lawyers, 40 FBI, 2,800 Subpoenas, 500 Search Warrants and 500 Witnesses that it’s still only 50 percent of Democrats who want to impeach the President.  Not exactly a ringing endorsement for impeaching a duly elected president. But that seems to matter very little to deranged ideologues like Cohen.  And yet Democrats like this boob Cohen have absolutely no interest in charging Hitlery for any of the many crimes that we KNOW she committed!  And ask yourself had Hitlery actually won would we KNOW today just how truly corrupt and dishonest so many of our elected officials, like Cohen, truly are?  Most likely, we would not.

And also has ‘the Squad’ perhaps now made a Trump win in 2020 a virtual certainty?  And can it be said that these Socialists are destroying the Democrat Party?  And is that their intent?  And can it be because the Democrats now see themselves as going down to certain defeat in 2020 that they have become so very desperate in their drive to impeach President Trump?  But in truth, desperation is not a qualification to lead a nation.  If the Democrats had evidence, they’d do it now, but they don’t have squat!  I’m betting they will drag this nonsense out until the election. Party over country, the Democrat way.  But you can’t impeach a President simply because you don’t like him.

It was a huge number of jobs that were lost in the energy industries because of morons who think humans are responsible for ‘climate change.’  And it was another huge number that, because of over taxation and ridiculous union rules, ended up going to China.  President Trump is guilty of trying to bring those jobs back.  He’s also trying desperately to secure our southern border with Democrats, like Cohen, doing all that they can, aided by many in ‘fake news’ as well as leftwing activist judges, to construct all manner of roadblocks in his way, the sole purpose of which is to prevent the president from making good on the promise that got him elected.

And that Democrats, like Cohen, can so enthusiastically support impeachment while at the same time having turned a totally blind eye to the corruption that took place during that very dark time in American history known as the Obama presidency makes all the more obvious the hypocrisy of the Democrats.  President Trump has been in office for roughly two and a half years.  There are members of Congress who have been in office for decades, and have become very wealthy WHILE in office.  And if it’s ANYONE should be investigated for corruption, it is those politicians who continue to use their office to legislate laws that help their families and themselves get very rich.

Cohen shows a distinct lack of understanding of what the Constitution actually says, which should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody.  For the Emoluments Clause to be violated, there must be a direct payment from the foreign government to the President. Any money that President Trump may receive from a foreign government using a Trump Hotel must pass through several layers before it even gets close to the President.  Cohen is unable to prove a violation of the clause, nor does he have any evidence of obstruction.  And had Mueller found ANY evidence of obstruction, he would have moved to indict the president.  But he didn’t, so case closed.

And you know, despite all of their hype, these Democrats should thank the good Lord that President Trump in reality is none of those things that they claim him to be.  Because if he truly were another Hitler or Stalin he would have long ago had each and every one of them either knocked off or locked up in some faraway prison.  And another thing, President Trump, in his relatively short time in office and when compared to those seeking his impeachment, has done far more for brown and black people than the black, Democrat, president who preceded him.  These corrupt politicians should all rot in hell for their lies, lack of support and lack of gratitude.

And finally, one can only hope that the good people of his district back home in Tennessee will finally come to their senses and correct their 12 year-long error and throw this worthless ass, Cohen, out of office when next presented with the opportunity. If he’s going to refuse to do that which he was elected to do, and instead continue to take part in what is in reality nothing more than a ridiculous witch hunt, those in his district are well within their right to remove him from office. He was elected to do a job, a job that he has, for 12 years, chosen to ignore.  And I can’t believe that there are enough people in his district willing to give him a pass.

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