Booker 14

While I suppose it could be nothing more than a figment of my imagination, it would seem that with each passing day the 20+ Democrats hoping to be our next president become just a bit more unhinged, appearing to be increasingly desperate in their endeavor to unseat President Trump.  And it is in so doing that there is absolutely NOTHING that they won’t say.   And in so doing we have now pretty much run the gamut since the very beginning of the campaign.  And in their desperation to become their party’s nominee they have promised anything in exchange for votes.

And it’s no one who comes across as being more desperate than ‘Con Man Cory’ Booker, aka Spartacus.  The ‘Con Man’ sent out at Tweet just last Thursday in which he made the rather dubious claim that “right-wing extremists” have been responsible for the most of the terrorist attacks that have taken place in the United States since the 9/11 terrorist attack carried out by Moslem terrorists.  Contrary to this idiotic claim, most of the high profile domestic terrorists have been supporters of the Democrat Party, triggered by increasingly incendiary Democrat rhetoric.

But ‘Con Man’ Cory, like every other Democrat politician, isn’t going to allow himself to be bothered by pesky facts, something demonstrated by how he linked his Tweet to his supposed ‘plan’ to confront what he described as hate crimes and white supremacist violence.  It was in his Tweet that he said, “Right-wing extremists have been behind the majority of terrorist attacks in this country since 9/11—and most of them were white supremacists.”   And he went on to add, “These acts of hatred do not happen in a vacuum. We need to act to prevent more violence.”

‘Con Man’s’ plan to confront hate crimes and white supremacist violence was posted on his ‘campaign’ website.  And it was in the introduction of this plan that he quoted language from a speech he gave back on August 9.  He said, “White supremacy has always been a problem in our American story — if not always at the surface, then lurking not so far beneath it.”  And it was in that same speech that the ‘Con Man’ also said, “And, yes, racist violence has always been a part of the American story — never more so than in times of transition and times of rapid social change.”

It’s one element of this little master plan that calls for the creation of a new White House office.  It says, “Create a White House Office on Hate Crimes and White Supremacist Violence to bring together federal agencies and community organizations to improve upon and coordinate the federal response and ensure that dedicated resources are addressing hate crimes and to helping victims and impacted communities.”   And it goes on to say, “Work with international partners and internet platforms to address violent extremism on the internet around the world.”

So, let me see if I can read between the lines here.  What he’s really saying is that he’d like to put all true patriots, i.e. anyone who dares to disagree with his loony leftwing politics and who sides with our Constitution, on some sort of a terror list, while at the same time wanting to restrict their ability to communicate via the Internet.  Oh and let’s not forget that he, just like every other Democrat loon, is determined to remove from law-abiding citizens their God given right to own a gun.  Which of course it would make it all the easier for us to be controlled.

It would seem that we have now gotten to a place where just about every Democrat now believes that anyone to the right of center is simply not worthy of being listened to and should therefore be intimidated into silence.  No opposing viewpoints are now to be tolerated.  Democrats no longer believe in true Freedom of Speech, and likely have no understanding of why our First Amendment exists in the first place. This is become painfully clear over jus the last decade. The ‘Con Man’, just like every other Democrat candidate is a fraud and a liar, and not worthy of being president.

And at the risk of being obvious it would seem to me that the real domestic terrorists, those behind all of the riots and violence that we see on the nightly ‘news’ nearly every night, are those who are members of any number of groups supported by the ‘Con Man’s’ own Democrat Party, and the one group most deserving of being labeled a domestic terrorist group is the group Antifa.  But hey, apparently it’s in ‘Con Man Cory’s’ the alternative universe that any violent group, as long as it’s on the left, is just fine.  It’s any group on the right that’s to be considered a terrorists group.

And so ‘Con Man Cory’ continues in his effort to create what I’m sure he hopes will be an image of a rightwing ‘boogieman’ now lurking around every corner and hiding behind every tree.  And so the ‘Con Man’ continues to work to invent all manner of nonexistent problems for which only he is capable of coming up with solutions, no matter how idiotic.  Because somehow it’s his own nutty solutions that ALWAYS involve the spending of massive amounts of our hard earned tax dollars or, worse, the further restricting of those rights guaranteed to us by our Constitution.

Finally, words cannot begin to describe how glad I am that I am NOT a Democrat.  Because if it was this band of America-hating, leftwing loons from which I had to pick the individual whom I had to vote for as my next president, I’d likely feel pretty depressed.  But then, if I was a Democrat, perhaps I wouldn’t possess enough commonsense, or intelligence, to recognize how any of these people are seeking nothing less than the total and complete destruction of my country.  But then if I were a Democrat, I would likely be cheering them on.

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