I’m sure everyone will be interested to hear that it now seems to be the opinion of some on the left that those of us who happen not to be a “person of color”, and who are also supporters of the president, are no longer considered qualified when it comes to determining whether or not President Trump is actually a racist.  So if we use this same leftist logic, might it be a valid argument to say that those who are ‘people of color’ are not qualified when it comes to determining if ‘people of color’ are racist in how they might choose to interact with those of us who are not ‘people of color?’  As much as these leftwing morons would like it to be, they can’t have it both ways, they are not to be the sole arbiters of who is, or is not, a racist.

So why do I bring this up?  Well, it was just this past Sunday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” that ‘The Beat DC’ managing editor, some buffoon by the name of Tiffany Cross, said if you are not “a person of color,” it’s not “your place” to determine if President Trump is a racist.  Cross said, “It’s accurate, you have to call a thing a thing. I think that’s part of the reason why we got here because in 2015, when he kicked off his campaign with a bunch of racist rhetoric, there was a hesitancy to call it out. The first two years of his presidency when he introduced ridiculous white supremacist policies and would follow that up with additional racist rhetoric and we have an echo chamber of people repeating these things, we didn’t call a thing a thing.”

And she then went on to say, “So I feel like now finally we are here. I understand there are maybe some people who get tired hearing about it. You know, kind of tough luck. There are a lot of people who live it and endure it every day for decades and centuries who get tired of experiencing it.”  And, she added, “I think a good rule of thumb is, if you are not a person of color and millions of people of color across this country are saying a thing is racist, it’s not your place to say that it isn’t. Once we make that point, we can address it with the president. Nobody tried to convince his base. He won based on hostile views of race. Right now you are trying to point out to people that you are fighting for the soul of the country.”

I guess I would like to know how it is that Ms. Cross, of ‘The Beat DC’ fame, managed to become the ultimate authority on matters of race, at least as they relate to President Trump.  I mean, is there some form of training that was required, or is the only requirement that one hate this president?  And might it be because she is also of the opinion that since whites can never be seen as being victims of racism, their opinion on the subject is irrelevant?  Because if that’s her argument then I would have say that Ms. Cross is definitely full of racist crap.  I can only assume that Ms. Cross is yet another one of those ‘people of color’ who run around saying that there is simply no way that ‘people of color’ are even capable of being racist.

Can we all agree that there is, quite literally, nothing that President Trump can say, or do, that will discourage morons like Ms. Cross from accusing him of being a racist?  He has already condemned racism, as well as white supremacy, in the strongest possible terms, and yet it never quite seems to be enough.  And I’m curious, just what it is that he has said or done that has leftist’s, like Ms. Cross, panties in such a bunch?  After all, it is specifically because of his policies that the current unemployment rate for blacks is the lowest in our history and he also signed into law, although I was not a supporter of his doing so, significant prison reform.  But to those like Ms. Cross he’s a racist and there is nothing he can do to alter that ‘fact’.

While I could argue that perhaps Ms. Cross, in making such a statement, might herself be considered to be a bit of a racist, it’s accusations of racism that long ago lost any real meaning. They have been thrown around to the point where they are now meaningless.  And still there are those who attempt to use accusations of racism as a political weapon but doing so says far more about the accuser than it does the accused.  Because when everyone is said to be racist, how is it that anyone is?  But that is where we are today. When Democrats have nothing to offer as a reason to vote FOR them, all they can do is to try to convince people to vote AGAINST Republicans.  Hence accusations of racism, and why they’re meaningless.

Finally, I’m white, my parents were white and their parents were white.  My entire family is white. Most of my friends are white. Most of my co-workers are white. Most of my schoolmates were white. And yet with all that whiteness, I never once met a white supremacist.  I’m truly tired of baseless accusations of “racism” being thrown around for no other reason than intimidation. There are never actual instances of said “racism” included just the manipulation of a nonracial issue twisted and falsely colored, pun intended, to be about race, when it is not. Personally, I don’t care what color you are, you are required by a civilized society to follow the laws whether you like them or not!  Law and order applies to everyone, regardless of skin color.


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