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Let me start by just saying that while I have no doubt that there are in America those white folks of whom it can be said are racist, it is without a doubt that the vast majority of those who exhibit racist behavior come from within the black community.  Now as I have mentioned before when writing on this same topic, I have been told for the better part of my life, which now spans over 6 decades, that it is simply impossible for blacks to be racist.  But not only can they be racist, they most certainly ARE racist, and yet it’s something that seems to be both condoned and even excused.

Take for example Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Democrat, who very boldly declared, just this past Tuesday, that “racism” has become “a national security threat” and urged President Trump’s administration to invest more of our tax dollars to “get into the lives” and “minds” of young white males who are “drawn to white militia, white supremacy, white nationalism because they have nothing else to do.”  But again, to make such a blatantly idiotic statement is to completely ignore the real problem, something that Democrats, such as herself, are so very good at.

Anyway, it was during a House Homeland Security Committee hearing that our esteemed Ms. Jackson Lee said, “I believe that racism… should be declared a national security threat.”  And it was from there that she went on to say, “Racism is a national security threat. Before, we would say, ‘you have a right to your racist views. You have a right to believe that slavery was right. That segregation was right.’ We live in an era where that can no longer be allowed.”  It just goes to show how far gone she really is that she can so confidently spew that which is politically motivated bullshit!

Before insisting again that “racism is a national security threat,” Jackson Lee added that she is a “huge believer in civil liberties and the Bill of Rights, and particularly the First Amendment of the Constitution.”  But in truth Ms. Jackson Lee is NOT a believer, huge or otherwise, in anything related to our Constitution!  She also made the rather bizarre claim that FBI statistics ‘prove’ “an acceleration” of hate crimes since President Trump became president and asked: “Who is the predominant actor? Young, disaffected white males… what is a major factor? Youth.”

She continued saying, “We must find a way to invest huge sums of money intervening in these white minds that are drawn to white militia, white supremacy, white nationalism because they have nothing else to do — no intervention, no recreation, no libraries, no training of communities.” And she warned that without these investments that will enable organizations, like faith-based groups, “to be able to get into the lives of these individuals,” America will wind up with more dead parishioners and more people “whose lives are turned upside down” by white supremacists.

Jackson Lee said the federal government must find “real remedies” because “racism is killing us.”  Right, but before remedies can be enacted, it’s the source of most racism in America that MUST first be correctly identified.  And that is something that we’re unlikely to see because, or course, as I said earlier, most racism today is not being directed at blacks by whites, but at whites by blacks.  And one of the main reasons that such racism persists is because it is actually encouraged by such racist frauds as Jackson Lee as well as every other liberal black Democrat in Congress.

While I hate to disagree with the incredibly racist Ms. Jackson Lee, she so very obviously has it all completely backwards which for her, regardless of topic, is usually always the case.  The REAL racism we see going on 24/7/365 in just about every corner of this great country is…BLACK racism. What we see in reality is white people being harassed, assaulted, raped and murdered by BLACK people, not the other way around.  Blacks are the most racist people in America, hands down. And yet it’s something few people want to talk about!  And it needs to be talked about!

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Black members of Congress such Jackson Lee, Cummings, Lewis, Waters, Johnson, along with any number of others, care nothing about improving the lives of black folks in America.  If they did they wouldn’t support the butchers of Planned Parenthood slaughtering their children by the tens of thousands every single year.  More black babies die each year courtesy of the butchers at Planned Parenthood, than were killed during the entire history of the Ku Klux Klan, another well-known Democrat sponsored, and very racist organization.

And while Jackson-Lee and the rest of the black posse in Congress are enjoying the good life, it’s the majority of their constituents who sadly continue to live in squalor and crime infested neighborhoods.  And may I add that it’s having people as dumb as Jackson-Lee, Hank Johnson, Elijah Cummings and John Lewis, as sitting members of Congress that embodies the real national security threat.  And it is stellar individuals such as these, and whose collective IQ would likely be roughly the equivalent of their shoe size, who are making our laws and governing the country.  Scary stuff!!

Jackson Lee apparently believes that freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and freedom of thought “can no longer be allowed” while expressing her “huge” belief in our First Amendment. Too bad she doesn’t support it.  She claims that young white men “have nothing else to do — no intervention, no recreation, no libraries, no training of communities” and therefore simply have no choice but to become racists. Except most young white men work with no time for the other things she mentioned.  Jackson Lee is a typical modern day Democrat: ignorant, delusional, and very RACIST.

Let’s face it, only a racist imbecile like Jackson Lee would believe that white supremacists exist in any numbers in this country.  But it is true that racism is a national threat, especially when decent hardworking white folks can’t walk through a black neighborhood without being verbally or physically assaulted, or robbed, or raped, or even murdered.  Meanwhile it’s those in the employ of our ‘fake news’ media and racist politicians like Jackson Lee who continue their effort to hide it and act as if it doesn’t exist.  Yes, racism is getting worse, and it’s all thanks to them.

And what it is, quite frankly, that strikes me as being rather sad, is the fact that politicians like Jackson Lee seem to be nothing short of completely disinterested in the plight of so many in the black community.  And what is it that should be considered as being the bigger problem, the fact that there are some whites who feel that blacks bring many of their problems upon themselves, or the fact that black politicians, in general, couldn’t seem to care less about the issues those within their own community are made to face nearly every day. I would suggest it’s the latter.

I am a little confused when it comes to those in the black community who, if they truly wanted to, could easily make a recognizable difference in the lives of their fellow blacks.  But for whatever reason it’s left to those outside of the black community to do so, and their only thanks is to be called racist.  Case in point is the fact that black unemployment is now the lowest it has EVER been, and it’s all thanks to the policies of President Trump.  And what is it that he gets in return?  Endless calls of being a racist and a white supremacist.  Makes perfect sense to me.  NOT!!


And while it is in no way racist on my part to point this out, it’s a cold hard ‘fact’ that only 13% of our population here in America is black, and yet it’s that 13% that is responsible for:

85% of all violent interracial crimes are committed by blacks.

80% of all shootings are committed by blacks.

79% of all robberies are committed by blacks.

59% of all murders are committed by blacks.

52% of all violent juvenile crimes are committed by blacks.

49% of ALL murder victims are BLACK.

45% of all drug offenses are committed by blacks.

42% of all cop killers are black.

8% of America’s population are black men, and yet they account for 40% of America’s total prison population.

99% of all major riots involving property damage, looting and civil disobedience are committed by blacks as opposed to ANY OTHER minority in America.

Blacks commit 25X more violent assaults against Whites than Whites commit against Blacks.

And the most amazing statistic of all:

33% of all crimes in America are committed by just 3% of the population and that would black males between the ages of 16 and 36.

42% of blacks are on welfare (According to the Dept. of Commerce)

Only 59% of blacks graduate high school (only 20% in Detroit)

Over 60% of black households have no father present

72% of black mothers are unwed.

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