Trump 44

With Democrats rapidly running out of options, and apparently quality candidates, in their determined effort to defeat President Trump, they may end up having to resort to using a tactic that would clearly make very apparent their obvious desperation, yet one that you would think would be too diabolical even for them.  But it is also one which many on the left already seem to be rather enthusiastically supportive of.  And so, just what is it that they now feel that may have to resort to in order to succeed in the endeavor of removing President Trump?  Why, destroying our economy, of course!

And so it’s as we get closer to the next election the American people are going to be forced to consider something that they have never before thought possible, that we now have a political party so desperate to defeat a president that there is absolutely NOTHING that will not do, or say, to succeed at their goal.  And make no mistake they have plenty of allies, both foreign and domestic, more than willing to assist them in any way that they can.  So we must understand that this new and growing threat is in fact a very real one and we should not be foolish enough to think they won’t try it.

Now as a way of judging the level of insanity of this supposed ‘plan’ is to go in search of those who are actually in favor of it.  And it should come as no surprise to hear that one of the louder voices heard championing this ‘scorched earth’ plan is none other than that proverbial left wing clown and habitual loudmouth, Bill Maher.  And it was Maher who doubled down this past Friday on his support for a plan to ‘force’ the U.S. economy into a recession in hopes of blocking a second term for President Trump telling his panel of guests any hardship that results would be very much worth it.

Democrats like Maher are literally praying for a recession, they don’t care that average people would lose jobs, income and homes.   The only important thing to these Democrats is regaining power because it’s not about America or her people, it’s only about them.  Personally I wouldn’t put it past corrupt, wealthy liberals to band together in an effort to sabotage the market in concert with incendiary rhetoric from Democrats and ‘fake news’ media propaganda all designed to scare investors. They may lose some money in the short term but they want President Trump gone!

Now I’m quite sure that there are those on the right who have convinced themselves that the Democrats would never stoop so low just to win an election.  And I am just as sure that there is likely a growing number on the left who are hoping that they do.  I for one would put nothing past the Democrats.  And what is worrisome, at least to me, and even a bit scary, is there seems to be nothing of which it can be said that crosses the line of reason or civility.  So why shouldn’t we think that if they thought trashing the economy would increase their odds of winning, they wouldn’t try it?

It was also a Democrat inspired economic collapse that ushered Barry ’O’ into office, although the resulting collapse took approximately 30 years to materialize.  You see, it was back in 1977 that Jimmy Carter signed into law something called the ‘Community Reinvestment Act’ (CRA).  The intent of the law was to encourage lending institutions to help meet the credit needs of low-and moderate-income home buyers.  What it did was to force these lending institution to relax lending practices to an insane level, lending money to people who had no hope of EVER paying it back.

As I said, it was Jimmy Carter who signed this abomination into law, but it was ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton who managed to make it even worse, going so far as to sue those banks who refused to make idiotic loans.  So contrary to what you are likely to hear from those on the left the evidence is overwhelming that the CRA played a very significant, even prominent, role in creating lax lending standards that fueled the crash of 2008. And I think it also worth noting that President George W. Bush did at least attempt to apply some level of sanity to the law, all of which were rebuffed by Democrats.

So, to get back on the original topic here, I’m pretty sure that the Democrats are willing to wait another 30 years in order to bring about their next economic collapse.  They need to make something happen before the next election, and as close to that election as possible in order for it to have the best possible effect.  And might the most recent stock market plunge have been something of a dry run, and are we likely to see more such ‘plunges’ in the coming months?  Of that I have absolutely no doubt.  To think otherwise would be nothing less than terminally foolish.

We the American people must be cognizant of the sinister forces now united against us and our president.  They are many, they are rich and they are powerful.  And they have but one mission, the defeat of President Trump.  So what is it that we must do?  First of all, we must learn to call into question everything we are told by anyone even remotely connected to the political left.  And with there now a shrinking number of people who we can genuinely trust we will be left with little more than relying on our own instincts.  Hopefully that be enough because our country is depending upon us.


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