Suppose that all of the continuing incendiary rhetoric, regarding I.C.E. as well as law enforcement in general, now spewing forth from those in the Democrat Party, particularly from those now seeking to be President Trump’s replacement had a much more sinister purpose?  Suppose, just suppose, that what they are truly trying to accomplish here is nothing more than to incite violence against these organizations in what would be an effort on the part of the Democrats to ‘kill’ two birds with one stone.  First it would be to intimidate, to the greatest extent possible, those in law enforcement, and second to encourage violence in the hope of using it to undermine our Second Amendment?  I know, I’m paranoid, right?  A conspiracy nut too, right?

I think we all know that there is literally nothing that Democrats will allow to stand in the way of them accomplishing that which they seek to accomplish.  And it’s with at least some degree of certainty that I can say that Democrats have absolutely no problem if along the way a little collateral damage, in the form a few dead cops or I.C.E. agents, or even a few dead civilians, might be necessary, or even called for, in helping them obtain the prize that they are so very desperately seeking.  They have no qualms whatsoever when it comes to inciting violence against those whom they see as the ones standing in their way.  After all, Democrats view themselves as being right and everyone else as being wrong.  And if you’re wrong, you serve no useful purpose.

Since his rather unexpected electoral victory back in 2016, President Trump has been routinely accused of inciting all manner of violence, regardless of the validity, context, or style of his rhetoric.  And it has been the Democrats and their many allies in the ‘fake news’ media who have repeatedly cherry-picked violent events based on their political narrative, with some attacks dominating the news cycle and others falling immediately into obscurity, selected with the ultimate goal of labeling President Trump as a white supremacist.  While broad and baseless accusations of racism against the political Right is unfortunately nothing new, such efforts have been kicked into overdrive since President Trump’s victory in November 2016.

Ironically, Democrats constantly claim to be fighting under the banner of inclusion, compassion, and empathy, and against any form of division or violence.  Yet it’s always in the very same breath that they then proceed to use exclusively divisive language.  If you are not with them, you are against them and you are against them if you choose to support President Trump.  They claim President Trump is a white supremacist and so, by extension, so are those who support him. They openly label entire swathes of the population as white supremacists based solely on their refusal to capitulate to their fascist ideology. Even the red “MAGA” hat has been likened to the hoods of the Ku Klux Klan, which is both illogical and genuinely dangerous.

But what really aggravates me is the fact that these pathetic Democrats are fully aware of the emotive weight their inflammatory rhetoric presents, and yet they continue to intentionally stoke emotion by falsely comparing our current society to pre-Nazi Germany.  Every time they falsely liken the Republican Party to the Nazi Party, or President Trump to Adolf Hitler, or declare that anyone who disagrees with them is a white supremacist, they are invoking the memory of the sacrifices required to destroy the demonic beast that was Nazi Germany.  Not only is this grossly and offensively inaccurate, it also demonstrates that they don’t actually believe, or care, that their rhetoric is tantamount to the incitement of violence.

And let’s not forget that it’s the Democrats who have enthusiastically embraced such groups such as ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Antifa.’  Or that it was Barry ‘O’ who used his presidency to preach hatred to America, who belittled, lied about, misquoted and misrepresented the Holy Bible that to a very, very large degree gave us our nation to us and freedom to much of the world. He deliberately signaled disrespect for law enforcement, made it fashionable to riot, and for a while, even to assassinate police officers, a point of his legacy being that we may well see more of all that.  He made it impossible, by executive order, to control our southern border.  Barry ‘O’ is the one directly responsible for the mass invasion that continues to be taking place.

Look, we have always had our problems, but it was Barry ‘O’, in his effort to “fundamentally transform” America, and the Democrats who are directly to blame for the tearing asunder of the peace and security that we used to enjoy.  And they have done this with anger, hate, and animosity toward everything decent in America.  Now the Democrats are constantly trying to blame the rise in violence on President Trump and those who support him, but the truth is, the blame lies deeply rooted within the very soul of the Democrat Party.  So are they hypocritical?  Of course they are.  The mantra of the Democrat Party has long been do as I say not as I do.  Hypocrisy is the lifeblood of the party, it’s another weapon to use against their opposition.

Democrats have no interest in having any sort of a discussion where these any possibility of arriving at anything other than their desired conclusion.  Labeling someone as racist and/or a white supremacist is merely a way for Democrats to paint their political opponents as irredeemably vile people.  By doing so they intend to completely silence any and all opposition.  After all, who wants to listen to a racist?  How can anyone agree with what a racist says?  And it matters not that the political Right is nowhere near the primary culprit in acts of bona fide racism.  Yet if you call them racist enough times, enough people will begin to believe you and join in with your side.  And having the ‘fake news’ media on your side also certainly helps.

Those within the ‘fake news’ media complex have, for years, demonized conservatives and Republicans as being the primary source of hate and of racism in America, while at the same time working to downplay both the frequency and the intensity of left-wing violence committed against conservatives.  And some have felt quite justified in advocating for the use of violence against conservatives as a way of intimidating them into silence or coercing them into abandoning their values that those on the left find so problematic.  And yet never once do we hear any elected Democrat ever condemn the violence committed against conservatives.  And there is but one way to convince them to change their ways, a massive electoral massacre!

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